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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 September  2020



Indo China & Tamil Sinhalese LAC

Recently a member of my immediate family urged me to overlook protocols in relation to someone who has become family. I said that to him they may be mere Associates but that to me they were relations. The difference is in the sacrifices we make without enjoying immediate benefits. These include senior-junior relationships in which seniors share their benefits and juniors pay respect in return. Usually, such relations are formed on the basis of common belief. The common belief happens when someone or some group disciplines itself towards regulated forming and/or maintaining  a pathway. The higher this pathway, the stronger the relationship. The stronger the relationship the greater the natural sharing of commonwealth.

The Sri Lankan ethnic issue is no longer a local issue. It has become regional and global largely through positive migration and hence the dynamics have changed. In terms of India,  I believe that this is strongly influenced by a relationship through Hindus in Sri Lanka who are almost a 100% Tamils. Most Hindu Spiritual leaders are of Indian origin as is Lord Buddha. That is the way of Creation which balances the Universal manifestions of truth through birth and death.

Lanka’s interaction with China has largely been for business purposes and there is no relationship where cash becomes the medium of interaction. The Common Sri Lankan does not consider Chinese as relations. The Common Sri Lankan is related to Indians through common Spiritual Leadership. When problems are submitted to Buddha or Shiva – India has the responsibility to take the senior position. When it does, Prapancha/Universal forces empower such leaders.

When the Rajapaksas allowed Chinese to develop port facilities in their home electorate of Hambantota they failed to think of what that would mean to India and therefore to those Sri Lankans who were relations of Indians including through Buddha and Kathirgama Murugan – the Protecting Deity of Southern Lanka. In fact, subconsciously they appear to  have allowed their minds to be driven by China’s brain. This would not have happened if they had placed Relationships above Associations – including business Associations. Every Tamil who believes in Murugan is a relative of Sinhalese who also believe in Murugan as Katharagama Deity. The deeper believer is the natural senior in that relationship. Mrs Bandaranaike who introduced Buddhism foremost article  in the 1972 Constitution confirmed that Murugan was junior to Buddha in Sri Lankan law. Everyone who was empowered by Buddhism foremost government – therefore attributed lesser status to Murugan than to Buddha in their minds. The Buddha shrine that was built during the war years in front of the Hindu shrine on top of Kathirgamam Hill – confirms this. I protested when I first had the sight. No human responded. But Lord Muruga heard me and continues to activate my intuitive powers in that area. Hence my insight into the fire at the opening of Shangrila hotel – Hambantota, when I was seeking to know the root cause of the Easter bombings. Only believers have such connections to deep corporate wisdom.

What happened, happened due to the manifestations in ‘free’ environments. Then the laws natural to that manifestation become the culture of the area where the manifestation happened and the group that manifested it. Armed militants who broke away from the relationship with a lawful government thus developed their own culture which is different to the official culture. If war crimes were committed during the last battle without common witnesses and the victors celebrate victory openly – then the culture of the victors becomes the culture of their side and all those who accept that as victory. The laws applicable to that group would be as per that culture. This is the reason why the 20th Amendment is proposed – so that opposition could be confidentially suppressed and secretly eliminated. That is something that one would expect of the Chinese government as per their culture. The immediate past government needed the 19th Amendment due to its culture being different to that of the current government. The 20th is being proposed largely for the same reason – that this government cannot work a democratic structure.

Some claim that this government would contribute to developing more business. The question is whether such could be sustained. A lawyer, like a politician would think only of her/his side and maximise that side’s advantages. If a lawyer thought like a judge – it would be difficult to win. Recently when reconciling between two parties to a marriage – I took the side of the wife who had less support including from her own relatives. I went to the truth known to me and determined the ‘common’ area which is fairly strong due to community values that both have invested in. That I knew would happen naturally when they were on their own. Beyond that I actively took the side known to me more and who also would be more naturally influenced by my leadership. I am satisfied that they would maintain the common structure and as individuals would be free to live as per their own likings. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the India China border is the boundary of the Common Area in the above relationship

This is also my approach to the Sri Lankan ethnic problem which has impact on India, China and American relationship or Association. The current president and his family members have relationship with America but not with China. This needs to be reflected through the laws of the Nation. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution is the LAC in Sri Lankan ethnic borders.





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