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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 September  2020



Military Defeated Civil Service

When we are emotionally driven, we often imagine one way of the other. Hence bipolarism of  desire and its equal and opposite twin - fear. They are twins because they are born at the same time even though we do not recognize them at the same time. When emotions are managed by belief it produces wisdom in the mind and/or manifests as theory in the environment. Once manifested it stays there until its equal and opposite is produced in that environment. That is the law of creation. It is on this basis that we have Equal Opposition in Democracy but juniors and seniors in autocracy. That which was produced through democracy would not work through autocracy and v.v. Hence we need to raise it to Energy level so it would take the current form needed by the believer. This is why Hindus chant Sivapuranam when someone dies. This process of collective prayer raises the contributions made by the person who died to Energy level which is then common to all contributors. All funeral services that have withstood the test of time and / or place confirm this philosophy. Hindus rituals are towards the person not being reborn at the same level or lower in the spiritual hierarchy.

Likewise when we leave a work place, family or national relationship effective closure raises the value of our contributions – to Energy level so that it would be shared by the person so departing as well as the environment that s/he leaves behind.

It is quite common in Sri Lankan politics to refer to past achievements of community leaders. The current president took oaths at Ruwanwelisaya where Sinhala king Dutugamunu defeated  Tamil king Ellalan. In turn Mr CV Wigneswaran referred to Tamils being the first inhabitants of the country. The way truth worked in the case of Mr Wigneswaran happened in the following chronological order:

1.     30 June 2018

The Northern Provincial Council’s Leader of the Opposition, S. Thavarasa, says that Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran should resign in the wake of court order issued yesterday against the latter’s decision to sack a provincial minister. 

He stated that if Wigneswaran has any shame he should step down from his position like a gentleman.

The Appeal Court issued an injunction order yesterday against the decision taken by Chief Minister to remove P. Deniswaran from the position of Northern Province Minister of Fisheries and Transport. - Adaderana


2.     24 October  2018

Wigneswaran, who completed his five-year term as the northern council's first chief minister on Tuesday, said the new alliance will be named the Tamil People's Alliance (Tamil Makkal Kootani) Times of India

3.     22 September   2019


The Ezhuka Tamil staged by Tamil People’s Council (TPC)  is a subterfuge by Wigneswaran, who is a co-chair, to shore up his sagging popularity among the war wary people. These people are pulling themselves up to stand on their feet. 

Wigneswaran and his allies formed TPC at the end of 2015 after the massive victory at the polls by TNA/ITAK. TPC is supposed to be a Civil movement and non-political, but the ACTC/TPNF, EPRLF, TELO and PLOTE joined the outfit. Unsurprisingly, ITAK was not invited.  – Ceylon Telegraph article ‘Ezhuka Tamil Is A Subterfuge By Wigneswaran To Shore Up His Sagging Fortunes!’



4.     11 January   2020

While Supporting for the return of Sri Lankan Tamils to their own country, former Chief Minister of Northern Province in Sri Lanka, C.V. Wigneswaran asked the Indian government to extend dual citizenship for them. They had stayed in India for over 30 years, he said. – The Hindu

5.     12 June   2020

The Tamil People's Council led by former Northern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran has written to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa seeking the release of Tamil political prisoners arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).- MENAFN

6.     19 September   2020

CV Vigneswaran indicated that he intended to resign from the position of Joint Head– of Tamil People's Council - Samugam News

Since I do not know Mr Wigneswaran personally, to form a subjective relationship – I take the above objectively – meaning without being part of the cause and therefore direct part of responsible group that produced the effects. I become an observer. Then I used my own truth in the issue – to interpret the above.

The first manifestation  was the recommendation by the  Northern Provincial Council’s then Leader of the Opposition, S. Thavarasa –for Mr Wigneswaran to resign. In the end, Mr Wigneswaran is proposing to resign from the leadership position of the Tamil People’s Council – which to my mind, represents the intellectual leadership of Tamils of Sri Lanka. To me, it was no accident that this happened now – after the collapse of the Judicial matter against Mr Wigneswaran through out of court settlement. This prevented us from knowing how high it would have gone intellectually.

Mr Wigneswaran himself is a Dual Citizen within Sri Lanka. His first city was Colombo and his second was Jaffna. Had he brought the truth from Colombo to Jaffna – he would have become a Higher Common citizen. But he brought instead, the status made in Colombo – as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. This meant – that he sought to impress but not develop himself in the new position at least as an Administrator.

If he respected that position as People’s leader more than he respected the position of Judge – he would have worked through the Tamil People’s Council to develop the intellectual heritage of the Tamil people – on the basis of his experience based wisdom of the needs of the Tamil People. Instead, he formed his own Tamil political party and continued to use the packaged outcomes delivered by the LTTE as nationalism.

The LTTE drew from the young and the restless who were in schools; as did the JVP in South. Minds developed in military mode will not function in an intellectual mode above that of the leader of the military and v.v. When therefore Mr Wigneswaran took the packages made by the LTTE he placed a ceiling on his own intellectual mind. The ceiling might have already been there – covered by the position of the Judge. Whichever way it was – now we all know that he lacked wisdom to Administer. Hence the mess in Ministerial dismissals and appointments.

His partner in this was Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan - the wife of Velayutham Sasitharan -  the rebel LTTE’s  political head for Trincomalee. I met Mr Sasitharan in 2005 during Tsunami Reconstruction work, when I helped prepare reports for funding. I was impressed by his ability to focus on the needs of the moment and prioritise. I had already met Ms Tamilini who was head of Women’s Political section within LTTE. I met Ms Tamilini during a meeting at Vattakachchi when I complained that the young guy distributing the notices gave them to the males on either side of me but not to me. He probably thought that I was a secretary / personal assistant to one of the men. Joy Maheswaran – an Australian who chaired the meeting asked me to discuss it with Thamilini! – as if he were allergic to gender based problems. It meant also that the LTTE leadership itself was allergic to gender based equality. It was through that direct experience that Mr Wigneswaran who elevated Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan’s position to Ministerial position was using the LTTE and was not respectful of their heritage in its own rights. If he were – he would have found the most senior LTTE female combatant for his political partnership. Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan was not Equal other half of Mr Sasitharan. Thamilini was. A woman to whom Thamilini is a role model ought to have been honoured in that position. Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan – the wife of the male leader did not earn it – any more than Mrs Bandaranaike did. Likewise the current president  who carries the benefits made by his brother.

In many ways, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Chief Minister Wigneswaran take the same pathways – i.e. living off the past. Both recommend Dual citizenship and both recommend their own juniors to senior positions in civil service – as if it is their home-service. The destination they both reach would be common.



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