Saturday 25 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 January  2020


I learnt about Business Unit approach within State Enterprises – here in Australia. I could have continued with the Private Sector but something within me was ready to be self-employed. So, I joined as a clerk and supported the Director’s unit. To me these are ‘placements’ that happen when we complete our work experience at each level as per our position requirements and support those who are senior to us fulfil their duties. That contribution becomes the ownership reserve which is the ‘gap between that which we were paid and the total value of our contribution within that structure’.  I believe that this was the huge contribution to my feelings as Common Australian – which were stronger than those who were supported by me but failed to expressly share that credit with me. There were many Mothers in the traditional family system who carried this ownership Energy as per cultural structures. Hence they are known as Shakthi / Energy in Hindu culture.

It is when a country has this invisible reserve value that it becomes a Mother Nation – as in Sri Lanka Maatha.

As per Colombo Page article ‘Main challenge for state enterprises is economic growth and profit generation – President’:
[President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says that rapid economic growth is the prime responsibility of all state enterprises and not for profit State institutions should provide an efficient service to the people.
He points out that it is the responsibility of the heads of state institutions to eliminate inefficiency and increase efficiency earning profits and not to be a burden to the government.]

For the Tamil side – Mr Wigneswaran has highlighted Ageism in Tamil Political Leadership  suggesting that Medical Professionals Dr Lakshman & Dr Sivan Suthan are better suited to lead Tamils than lawyers within the Tamil Polity  have used ‘Cleverness’ as the weapon to promote themselves.   Mr Wigneswaran highlights that from the time of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan to current time – leading Tamil Politicians have been lawyers. Mr Wigneswaran has doubts that they would bring the People under one umbrella.

I have no doubt that they would NOT. Nor would Mr Wigneswaran who continues to overtly carry his attachment to  Judicial Leadership. Mr Wigneswaran keeps referring to ‘National Leader’ – meaning LTTE leader Prabhakaran. If indeed that were true – then the Jaffna that I am part of is not included in that Nation. LTTE leadership was larger than the actual sacrifices made by the LTTE group that sought Separation and NOT Independence. The Tamil Right to self-governance within One Sri Lanka was developed by Sri Lankans including Mr Wigneswaran and not by those who limited their world to their local area.

The above example is also the challenge facing Sri Lankan Public Service. State Enterprises are made up of both of the above components in the Tamil Political Leadership – (1) the Mother group that works quietly and develops ownership power that naturally keeps the whole  together and (2) the Father group that shows the status of the whole through itself. During active fighting – LTTE wore the surname as did the Sri Lankan Armed Leadership on the part of the Government. If this were made permanent leadership – then we would tend towards generating new wars. During civil Administration – the armed forces have to become Mother Power.

Jaffna Tamils who according to me are the leading group within Sri Lankan Tamils – is the group most resistant to takeovers due to our Jaffna-Kingdom  genes . So long as we believe this to be the case, we would access these genes and would invoke its power exponentially. The requirement however is NOT to consciously calculate. When we believe – the Belief leads us. That is the way of the system of Karma.

The President talks of economic growth within State Enterprises as well as Efficient service to the People. The former is visible and the other is felt through common ownership. The two need to be distinctly  separate.  Recently, the Colombo Telegraph highlighted ‘Gota’s Viyathmaga Governor Seetha Arambepola Violates Constitution To Make Bucks’ which identifies with the need to separate the two systems. Article 154B (7) of the Constitution requires as follows:
[(7) Upon such assumption of office a Governor shall cease to hold any other office created or recognized by the Constitution, and if he is a Member of Parliament, shall vacate his seat in Parliament. The Governor shall not hold any other office or place of profit.]
Hence those who are Policy makers in Public Service are prohibited from  holding  any other office or place of profit.
Within Public Service there are those who provide ‘Essential Services’ who are part of the core government and therefore should not make profit for themselves and/or their part of the government. This is based on the principle that owners do not make profits out of their group. Within such core parts of governance – Subjective connections are strong as in family and they are Program based and therefore do not have the need to ‘show’ efficiency nor profit. They need to demonstrate strongest union with the People who are the parallels of children in the family. If they make and show profit – it means that this union is weak.

At the other end are services that would make profits and have profit-making as part of their purpose. They are the Business Units of the Government. Where a government is elected with a big margin – it would need to go into this kind of Business Unit structure. The Accountability Requirement  of such a Government is satisfied when they show a Profit. Sri Lankan Airlines is such an example. The fact that it is making huge losses means that it is being pampered by the Government out of People’s money and hence there would be less for essential services such as Health care for the poor.

Mr Wigneswaran who is the only Chief Minister that Northern Province has had – failed to make use of Diaspora Intelligence – including mine – to structure such a system in Northern Sri Lanka. Instead, he limited himself to the LTTE system which lacks the basic structures needed by a developing global community. Hence his suggestion of Medical doctors to lead the Tamil Community in Politics – which is like recruiting himself.

Each one of us needs to complete her/his experience as professional to ensure that we have replaced ourselves in society. Until then we are indebted to that society that motivated us, related to us as seniors and funded us – in that order of priority. Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan for example is motivating power to Tamil politicians who believe in him. The outcomes shown by the LTTE are the parallels of Funds and rank much lower in the Resource Hierarchy.

 Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would tend to show outcomes and hence his drive for Economic Profits – which are the parallels of War Victory. At the moment there are no mothers in the government to keep Union between the People and the Government strong and self-balancing. If indeed the current risk is ‘security’ and therefore requires unaccountable resourcing – then Sri Lankan Airlines would be like Air Force.

In the current positioning – Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa is the mother of the Government. Whenever there is a need to show – he needs to show it through the President and directly as if he made a profit. That is what went wrong with the UNP-Sirisena partnership – where Mr Sirisena driven by local politics ought to have taken the ‘Mother’ position. If we fail to learn our lesson from that – we would have another mess through the current leadership not only at National level – but also at Tamil Provincial level – where Mr Wigneswaran has the duty to take Mother position in Politics. He would have if he had completed his judicial experience instead of breaking it by taking current benefits out of the past in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers as well as the philosophy of rebirth.

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