Wednesday 29 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 January  2020


I was at Nallur Temple when the Printers called me. To me that was blessings from Nallur Murugan to publish my book ‘Jaffna is my Heritage Not Dowry’. I took a tuk-tuk to the printers. On the way my eyes were drawn to the painting of Kadayit Swami and I took that also as a blessing. These are like Key Performance Indicators. One who is an insider would recognize strengths and weaknesses as Indicators and not need ‘proof’.  This is a huge reason for separation of powers between the Judiciary and the Executive. The Executive should not need Proof. The Judiciary does up to a point. The Executive is part of an elected government and hence to the extent the election was through Belief – the Executive becomes the senior through whom the citizen/junior sees her/himself. The outcome produced by the Executive is on behalf of the People and no more.  The Judiciary on the other hand is appointed and not elected. Where the Judiciary is required to meet certain intellectual criteria – such as knowledge of law – the Judiciary has the duty to observe first and then if necessary use discretionary powers as if they are the Common Citizen. This however should not contradict the evidence based outcome. Affidavits by litigants are part of this. In democracy, the discretionary power of the Judge has to be Equal or less than the Affidavit power exercised by the common litigant in the matter. Affidavits by lawyers are merely part of the process. They do not go towards empowerment of the Judges to use Discretionary powers.

Kadayit Swami who is Chellappa Swami’s (Yoga Swami’s Guru) Guru blessed my great grandfather A M Pillai to go to Burma/Myanmar. I have included that heritage also in my book. Hence I took the ‘sight’ of Kadayit Swami as a blessing including from my great grandfather. I regularly pay my respects to my maternal uncle Ratnum Durai who was tortured to death in custody by the Japanese Kenpeitai on 22 January 1944. My great grandfather A M Pillai was a very successful businessman in Burma. I attribute that success to the blessings of Kadayit Swami.

It was in that strategic mind structure – that I read the South Asia Mirror article ‘Will China’s strategic embrace of Myanmar spell more trouble for Rohingyas?’ by . It is my understanding that   Rohingyas, the way I identify with that of Tamils. Hence the regional depth at which our minds become common. This took me to the Economy Next article ‘Sri Lanka ate the Chinese chicken instead of collecting eggs: Academic’ by Chanka Jayasinghe.
As a true Sri Lankan – the picture that came to my mind through my  insight was how that now I rank higher than the Chinese visitors who in August last year did not have to wait in the queue for hours to get the visa but had special status clearance. Now the situation is as follows:

[Sri Lankan students returning from Wuhan to be transferred to Army camp] Colombo Gazzette.

As per my belief - all manifestations and expressions – eventually become Energy. Negative Energy leads also to negligence, whereas positive Energy protects one from the effects of that negligence. This is why we have memorials – so as to weaken our own negative Energies and to strengthen our own positive Energies.

Chanka reports:
[The western approach, which we have seen in Africa and Sri Lanka, is like giving you the chicken and you eat the chicken as a chicken soup. That way you will be on huge debt,” he said.
He said China did not trap Sri Lanka in debt.
“Many people talk about the debt. Yes, even China bought money in the beginning, from the Asian Development Bank. A huge amount of money. There is no trap.”  Wang said.
“If it is a trap, then 137 countries should be in that trap now.”
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a global development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 involving infrastructure development and investments in 152 countries and international organizations in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the US.
Jayanath Colombage, additional secretary (foreign affairs) to the President,  too backed Wang, saying Sri Lanka is in a debt trap not because of China but due to a poor economy.]

The above is the parallel of the RAND statement that ‘ISIS Didn't Choose Sri Lanka, But Sri Lankan Group Chose ISIS’
When does that happen? When one sees oneself as a weak player because one lacks confidence due to being small. THAT is when one confirms ‘Separatism’ instead of Independence. LTTE went to India because it sought Separatism so it could be the Royal group. That is exactly what JVP also wanted. JVP copied Sinhala Politicians who ‘saw’ Separatism instead of Commonness. LTTE copied JVP. The  Sri Lankan Government led by Mr SWRD Bandaranaike was the first to claim Sinhala Only State. This was copied by LTTE through the Tamil only state. Such claims without belief deteriorate to become negative Energy ‘in waiting’. They can be diffused by submission to a Positive Energy. They cannot be ‘corrected’.

As per Wikipedia:

[Burmese special economic zone being developed on KyaukphyuRamree IslandRakhine State. Kyaukphyu SEZ was first announced in September 2013. The project initially began as a joint venture between the Chinese and Burmese governments, but has since transitioned to private developers. Kyaukphyu SEZ will be accessible to the Shwe gas field in the Bay of Bengal. The oil and gas terminal was financed by the China National Petroleum Corporation which built two pipelines for natural gas and oil]

Like Trincomalee in Sri Lanka Kyauk Phyu has Natural Harbour which according to Wikipedia ‘connects the rice trade between Calcutta and Yangon.If China had chosen Trincomalee instead of Hambantota – that would have confirmed ‘invasion’. Trincomalee which is the home electorate of the current leader of Tamil National Alliance – the Hon Rajavarothayam Sampanthan – is home territory of Hindus through their belief in Lord Shiva at Thiru Koneswaram temple . It is Natural that through Buddhism – China would consider Hambantota which is the home territory of the Rajapaksas – to be a junior part of itself – especially where relativity through Buddhism is part of the Sri Lankan Constitution through Article 9 which gives Buddhism not Absolute Status as Buddha’s Nirvana – but relative ‘foremost’ status. Using the same rule – China has 244,130,000 Buddhists relative to Sri Lanka’s 14,450,000 Buddhists. Hence, using the First Past the Post system – China has ruling power over Buddhist Sri Lanka. That explains why Hambantota was preferred over Trincomalee which is foreign area to China.

Kyauk Phyu like Hambantota was ‘handed over’ to  China by Myanmar government which lacked the confidence to be senior to the folks to rebelling community in Arakan / Rakhine State. Like the Sri Lankan Buddhists they are also Theravada Buddhists. Theravada Buddhism is very much a cultural thread in the Belt and Road Initiative that the Chinese Government began in 2013. Countries where  non-Buddhist minorities are  discriminated against until they become foreigners to the rulers – naturally become willing donors of those communities to nations where their own religious followers are in Majority. That was how Sri Lankan Tamils were effectively repatriated to India – and Arakan Muslims were repatriated / evicted to countries like Bangladesh.  Those minorities who are in pain lack the confidence to think for themselves. So we run away. Eventually, if we do not feel for our folks who had no place to run to or who had the courage to face the difficulties – we become mercenaries.

All incomplete experiences remain separated as positive Energy and negative Energy. Our respective heirs by character are empowered by the Energy we generate. If their experience is negative ours also becomes negative in a different form due to time and place changes. Thus Arakan Muslims who were unjustly persecuted would have empowered Sri Lankan Muslims who gave up on their Sovereignty. Even if the only space we have custody over is the space we are standing on – we must develop the consciousness that we own it through use of it without disturbing another human being who also has Sovereign power even though s/he may not identify with it. Déjà vu happens due to those incomplete Energies. 

One who discriminates without showing Equality  – separates. One who accepts such discrimination accepts separation and therefore status as foreigner.

So did we Sri Lankans eat the Chinese Chicken due to our lack of confidence that we can lay golden eggs too?

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