Thursday 2 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 January  2020


As per my discovery, a natural circle of belief is developed each time we complete an experience. At primary level this happens when costs are equal benefits. At tertiary level this happens when costs and benefits are not separately visible. So long as we operate within that circle of belief – we are protected by that Belief Itself. To my mind, this is the basis of Dharma. In Democratic government, this balance is reached at primary level - not when People vote nor when one is declared the winner due to majority vote. It is achieved when an Equal Opposition is ‘seen’. This is achieved usually by allocating Equal and Opposite status in Parliament to the group that participated in the voting process but did not get 50%  or more to form government. This group is led by the group  that has second highest votes.

The current President of Sri Lanka, who was declared the ‘winner’ has confirmed that he does not fit the system of democracy,  by expressing his desire for two thirds majority in Parliament to change the Constitution. If successful – he would change the structure to be autocratic and therefore betray Democracy.

In contrast, under the leadership of Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe, UNP which had though its broader coalition, 47% of the seats,  managed 96% Parliamentary approval for the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which the new President seeks to repeal.

Should the new President succeed, Sinhalese community  would be limited to its current levels of progress or less which would demote them to junior levels at international level. So long as we operate within our circle of belief – we would accept this – as outcome based de facto marriages or casual employment are accepted by structured families and institutions. Those structures confirm heritage and therefore belief.  But global structures would not be formed by the Sinhalese who rely strongly on current local powers. These powers do not have the capability of self-promotion  or  self-propagation.

Mr Rajeeva Jayaweera, in his Island article ‘Sampanthan: Second class or Superclass citizen?’ has raised the following in relation to Daily Mirror article 'Former Govt. Gives Luxury Residence in Colombo 7 for Sampanthan.’:

[Government houses and facilities seem to be the latest tool for political horse-trading. Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, his cabinet acolytes, and the partisan Speaker have cooked up this plan. One does not need to be an Einstein to fathom the reasons for the decision.]

Einstein would have read the message at policy level and produced the following parallel to his E=mc2  :

Sri Lankan = visible status x Practice of Common Law2
Sinhala-Buddhist = Sinhalese looks x Buddhism2   
Tamil = ( Tamil looks x Thesawalamai or Mukkuva law)2
Muslim = Muslim looks x Sharia law2
E in Einstein’s formula is the Energy that we refer to as God or commonly Ownership. M mass and its parallel is outer visible form of our power – such as Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim. C is the speed of light and its parallel is the speed with which our belief manifests itself from within. The deeper the root of this belief the quicker it empowers the believer and therefore the issue. One such believer is almost equal to the whole. Voting other than ‘first past the post’ is based on this invisible power.

If  majority voters consider the above  to be horse-trading, then they confirm they are horse-traders who are incapable of long-term Oneness with Sri Lanka.

It was NOT a bribe to switch alliances.  It was in fact  reward for maintaining Diversity and supporting Oneness through a diverse pathway. Like the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, the proposal was put through Due Processes of the Cabinet in recognition of Mr Sampanthan’s steadfastness under circumstances where his own existence in democratic politics was seriously threated by armed militants over whom the Sinhalese government lacked natural management powers.

This could have happened only under Mr Ranil Wicremesinghe’s leadership of all Sri Lankans through his belief that he is Sri Lankan.

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