Sunday 5 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 January  2020


I expressed surprise that the Academic Head was expressing similar sentiments as the Executive Officer even though they seemed to be opposed to each other. The Academic Head did not seem to be surprised. Later I realised that this was due to the both of them respecting each other’s genuine wisdom. I identified with both because I was common to both.

On 31 December 2019, I wrote as follows under the heading ‘TSUNAMI SURFACED THE TRUTH’ – [I  was delighted to read the article Daily Mirror articleTsunami A lost opportunity by Tamils for peacemaking’ by Mr M S M Ayub. I was delighted not because of the literal value of the message but of the lateral spread of the mind structure of the author who related the Lankan experience of war and Tsunami to Indonesia’s Aceh experience at the same time. ……Truth is Universal and hence the borders of time and place are lost to the mind that is in Truth. My example of Ancient Greece in relation to Tsunami – was prepared and  published on 27 December 2019, under the heading ‘ALLI - RAANI SAYS YOU ARE WRONG MR SINHALESE PRESIDENT!’
I read Mr Ayub’s article only today even though that also was published on the 27 December 2019. This commonness holds the key to resolving our ethnic problem. Mr Ayub is a Muslim and I am a Hindu. That diversity is confirmed by the outer values of our articles – i.e. Mr Ayub used Aceh of current times and I used the war between 431BC and 404BC in Ancient Greece and the Tsunami there in 426BC. ]

Yesterday I wrote under the heading ‘MAHINDA SPEAKING THROUGH GOTABAYA’. Last night Mr Rajasingham Jayadevan  of the UK Tamil Diaspora  forwarded the Daily Mirror article  headed ‘Past under Mahinda resurfacing under Gota’ by DBS Jeyaraj. The main issues raised by me were about the taking of Oaths and respecting Affidavits as sacred documents. Mr Jeyaraj also a Tamil focused on various angles of the Separation by Language. The Commonness is that Déjà vu factor.
The only article of mine published by Daily Financial Times was the one headed ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’ Today I did a Google search to find out whether Daily FT was connected to Daily News which did on 01 November 2004,  publish my response to Justice C.G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice. This was on the same day, Prince of Wales psychiatrist – Dr. Peter Vaux – declared for Court purposes -  that I was following in the pathway of  Gandhi.
Daily News is owned by Lake House which published my book ‘Naan Australian’. Due to the apparent common looks – ‘Daily’ until today that Daily FT was part of the Lake House group. Today I learnt that  it is owned by Wijeya Newspapers headed by Ranjith Wijewardene who was chairman of Lake House group before it was taken over by Government. My question is – are the two publishings connected through me? Is the Easter Sunday article Déjà vu of the Daily News publishing headed ‘The relevance of Ahimsa - a rejoinder’ ?
If there is a scientific commonness – could that be used positively to prevent disasters?
Hindu as well as Buddhist philosophies confirm that Dharma takes care of those who nurture Dharma. Each time  Google brings me something that I need but have not searched for in particular – I think of the above philosophy.  These days I wonder whether they have also got some connection to my appreciation of Google CEO Sundar Pichai– a humble Tamil who carries his past as his fundamental value. Was my article yesterday about the Oath ceremony in Jaffna Courts déjà vu of  the current President’s lack of respect for Due Processes of Justice which was published on 12 November 2019 by Colombo Telegraph (

In terms of media power – Is Yoga Joseph who regularly publishes my work within the Tamil Diaspora circle, Déjà vu of Nilantha Ilangamuwa who published my work in Sri Lanka Guardian and has now moved on?
Are these repetitions coincidental or are they reincarnations? As per my experience – they are reincarnations.  To my mind, these happen when the a manifestation  of a group is completed to become the wholesome experience of that group. This true experience then becomes our ancestor who is invoked by a believer.
Learning about the pain of the Fire victims here in Australia and identifying with their pain as mine – took me back to Tsunami victims’ pain of Sri Lankans. I contribute from time to time  a very small amount to the Rural Fire Service whose Services during such natural disasters is Humanitarian Service. Prime Minister Scott Morrison who is expected to have felt the pain of the victims as his own has been demoted by many Australians due to his ‘artificial’ demonstration. I felt he was failing his people not when he visited the affected areas – but rather when I learnt about the fire and he was in Hawaii. As per the Guardian In a series of interviews on Monday Morrison cited family commitments as the reason for his decision to holiday in Hawaii during the crisis, comparing himself to a plumber forced to choose between a Friday afternoon job or seeing his family.
To one who becomes the Head of State – the whole State ought to be his family when there is a natural disaster.
The Sri Lankan parallel of the above was the celebration of war victory at National level by the then President Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa when Tamils were hurting.  Back then the Sri Lankan media did not do what the Australian media is doing to demote the Prime Minister.
Yesterday when we were learning about the fire victims, I said to my husband that I still remember as ‘virtual reality’ the little boy of about 10 who came running to our Ambulance vehicle I was returning from the camps in 2009. The wound on his forehead was oozing but he seemed more in pain and anxiety as if looking for a senior in the family. I was with the driver whose 13 year old daughter got killed by a bomb by the government forces and whose son lost a leg due to LTTE shooting.
This morning I learnt – again through Google search that King Dutugemunu – in front of whose monument Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa took his Presidential Oaths in November – was succeeded by King Saddha Tissa of Anuradhapura. This king was the younger brother of King Dutugemunu as Mr Gotabaya is of Mr Mahinda. Wikipedia reports as follows about the lineage of the Crown:
[Since crown prince Saliya married a Chandala girl, King Dutugamunu’s younger brother, Saddha Tissa was consecrated as King]


In his Island article ‘Saliya-Asokamala and King Dutugemunu’s magnanimity’  Dr P G Punchihewa fails to highlight this but instead glorifies King Dutugemunu’s acceptance of his beautiful daughter in law:

[King Dutugamunu lived in the 1st Century BC. Saliya was his only son and heir to the throne. Saliya was adamant to marry the Candala woman. The King was magnanimous to accept her. He got a palace built for Saliya on the north of the city. Any other ruler would not have tolerated such desecration. This is the second time this great king showed his magnanimity. First, it was when he fell King Elara, he decreed that due respect be shown to his foe by everybody who went past his grave. This time it was to his son’s fiancée

After nearly 20 centuries, we still have parents who object to their children getting married against the parental wishes and approval


By glorifying the  individual above the position holder – we fail to identify with the lessons that the past has taught us. If indeed King Dutugemunu’s son was disqualified due to him marrying lower caste and King Dutugemunu was not upset about it  - then he became a misfit in the royal establishment of those times. This was confirmed by  King Dutugemunu’s younger brother King Saddha Tissa inheriting the Crown. This happened also to Prince Edward VIII of England.


Another déjà vu is that Mahinda’s wife Shiranthi being the parallel of  King Dutugemunu’s beautiful daughter in law. In current Sri Lanka – the parallel of low caste is being Christian minority.  Miss Shiranthi Wickremesinghe was Miss Sri Lanka in 1973 and Miss Universe in the same year.


Despite Miss Shiranthi Wickremesinghe being a Catholic – and despite the ‘Buddhism Foremost Article in the Constitution, Mahinda married a Catholic in 1983. At that time he was part of the SLFP group that experienced the landslide defeat in 1977. Mahinda was re-elected in 1989 and was in Opposition. As per Wikipedia:


[During this time he frequently attempted bring third party intervention and frequently complained about Sri Lanka in Geneva and has claimed it is neither treacherous nor unpatriotic to seek third party intervention to restore democratic ideals. He also demanded in the parliament that United Nations alongside NGOs such as amnesty international be allowed to come to Sri Lanka and investigate. He also requested foreign nations to put conditions on Sri Lanka when giving aid. On 25 October 1990 he said "If the government is going to deny human rights, we should go not only to Geneva, but to any place in the world, or to hell if necessary, and act against the government. The lamentation of this country’s innocents should be raised anywhere.”]


His true Opposition when he became President carried out the above against him. When we make statements about fundamental Human Rights – each one is an Oath. If we fail – that Oath becomes the grinding stone around our neck. That to my mind is also the essence of the relevant message in the Bible.


The parallel of  King Dutugemunu’s son being disinherited happened in Guruvayoor Krishna Temple:


[Less than three weeks after Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse prayed at the Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor, Kerala, the temple authorities have posed a question to the state government: Is the president's wife, Shiranthi Rajapakse, a Christian?
Mahinda and Shiranthi Rajapakse's visit to the famed temple has kicked up a row in Guruvayoor and Colombo.
Last week Sri Lankan newspaper Sunday Leader published a report following's special report on how the Guruvayoor temple allows Buddhists and Jains to worship but bans entry to people from other faiths.
Sri Lankan newspapers, which followed up the story, probed the Sri Lankan first lady's religious antecedents. The reports said Shiranthi, a Catholic by birth, converted to Buddhism. The reports also mentioned her religious contacts with Christian leaders in Sri Lanka, including Oswald Gomis, the archbishop of Colombo.
Rediff India Abroad Managing Editor Aziz Haniffa, a keen Sri Lanka watcher, says Shiranthi was born Christian. "She converted to Buddhism before she got married to Mahinda Rajapakse," he said.]


The nuclear Energy of each structure is its Divine power. Its outer structures protect such nuclear Energy. One needs Absolute Belief to be unaffected by its curses when one breaches . There are rituals in temples that devotees become unconscious of due to such Absolute Belief. But such a person would usually be recognized by trustees of the temples. The status of President of a country is below that of the  temple’s chief  authority when the president in in the temple. The rules of the temple are the boundaries that protect the Divine Energy from getting infected by externals.


Now President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who touches the feet of elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa would inherit the structure that the latter developed or weakened – as the case may be. The warning is in the following message from the past:


[During Saddha Tissa's reign, there was a major fire in the Lovamahapaya. The king subsequently reconstructed the Lowa Maha Paaya at one third of the cost with seven levels, two less than before]


And about Lovamahapaya :

[Lovamahapaya is a building situated between Ruwanweliseya and Sri Mahabodiya in the ancient city of AnuradhapuraSri Lanka. It is also known as the Brazen Palace or Lohaprasadaya because the roof was covered with bronze tiles.
In ancient times, the building included the refectory and the uposathagara (Uposatha house). There was also a Simamalake where the Sangha assembled on Poya days to recite the sutra of the confessional. The famous Lohaprasada built by King Dutugemunu, described as an edifice of nine stories, was a building of this class. One side of the building was 400 ft (120 m) in length. There are 40 rows, each row consisting of 40 stone pillars, for a total of 1600 pillars. It is believed that it took six years for the construction of the building and the plan was brought from the heavens. The building was completely destroyed during the reign of King Saddhatissa]
A true Sinhala Buddhist leader would identify with the message from ancestors. This would help prevent another war in Sri Lanka by Mahinda Rajapaksa taking over power directly or indirectly

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