Tuesday 14 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 January  2020


Yesterday when I wrote my second article ‘THE CONSTITUION AND FOREIGN RELATIONSHIPS’ and sent it out under the email heading ‘Sajith with SLPP?’ I had no direct knowledge of Ceylon Today article ‘A UNP faction to support Govt – Mano’ by Lakshmi Jayakodi. It came to my attention today because it was on the front page of infolanka.com. As per this article:
[A group of United National Party (UNP) members are secretly planning to support the Government to obtain a two thirds majority in Parliament, claimed Tamil Progressive Alliance leader, Mano Ganesan.
He revealed this while commenting on the leadership crisis in the UNP.
Recalling a statement made by MP Navin Dissanayake, that minor political Parties in the United National Front (UNF) and the UNP should contest the forthcoming General Election separately, Ganesan said that if they were to do so, the Government would win.
I wrote as follows:
[As per the latest report  the UNP seems to have formed a mental coalition with SLPP :

[I’m ready to work with President – Sajith] Adaderana

 The People are entitled to a strong Opposition to any democratic government. One who lives in the future fails to live in the present. When a someone  curries favour with a senior s/he not only confirms lack of strength to oppose but also lack of belief based relationship with a senior.

If Sajith seeks to please Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa, then he has the duty to resign from the UNP and join the SLPP. What a mess! Otherwise like Mr Sirisena he risks demonstrating bipolar disorder which is a strong possibility in Sri Lankan leaders who polarized communities and/or idly accepted others doing so. ]

The reason I see for the remark by Mr Navin Dissanayake is competition with Mr Mano Ganesan who has natural mind connection with Hill Country Tamils who are part of the former’s electorate . A competitor is entitled to be an Opposition but not is not entitled  to suggest as if s/he were an insider. Mr Navin Dissanayake has made juniors of ‘minor’ political parties and Mr Sajith Premadasa has made himself junior of Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. All because Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe did not ‘show’ his leadership. When he did not ‘show’ the juniors ‘took’.
This is a risk when we are in transition from Autocracy to Democracy. Coming to Australia, with the mindset of Sri Lankan Woman – I had difficulty in stating the return I expected for my work. But this did not mean that I ‘lost’ the ‘gap’ between my entitlement and the actual I received. The ‘gap’ became ‘ownership’ which is essential for confidential mind connection.

Sri Lankan politicians are going through difficulties that others went through and those who seek would find that they  happened before and that there were solutions to them. For example:

[Trasformismo refers to the method of making a flexible centrist coalition of government which isolated the extremes of the left and the right in Italian politics after the unification……..
In the Constitution of the Roman Republic, religious freedom was guaranteed by article 7, the independence of the pope as head of the Catholic Church was guaranteed by article 8 of the Principi fondamentali……….
The Italian Navy flag carries in its 1st quarter: on red, a golden winged lion (the Lion of St. Mark) wielding a sword (Republic of Venice) ] – Wikipedia
The Right extremism in UNP is reported to have been highlighted by Mr Ganesan:
[He further added that UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe did not bother to correct Dissanayake's statement.
He added that certain members in the UNP had secretly conspired with the Government and it would create the environment for the minor political Parties to have open discussions with the Government.
He also said that if the UNP would not take a decision on these matters before 16 January, the results could be disastrous.]
Mr Wickremesinghe demonstrated similar attitude when the current government took over Opposition Leadership position on 15 December 2018  despite the People’s mandate manifesting Tamil National Alliance as the Opposition Leadership in National Parliament when the government was given birth to in 2015.
The Trasformismo pathway of the young and the restless such as Sajith and Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa who is young in politics carries the serious risk of disconnecting the Politicians from their constituents. This is presented as follows by Wikipedia, in the case of Italians strongly driven by the Church as Sri Lankan Politicians are by the Buddhist Clergy:
[At this time, middle class politicians were concerned more with making deals with one another rather than with political philosophies and principles. Large coalitions were formed with members being bribed to join them. The Liberals, the main political group, was tied together by informal gentleman's agreements, but these were always in matters of enriching themselves. Actual governing did not seem to be happening at all, but limited franchise led to politicians not having to concern themselves with the interests of their constituents.
One of the most successful politicians was Giovanni Giolitti, who succeeded in becoming Prime Minister on five different occasions over twenty years. Under his influence the Liberals did not develop as a structured party, instead being a series of informal personal groupings with no formal links to political constituencies. However, trasformismo fed into the debates that the Italian parliamentary system was weak and actually failing and it ultimately became associated with corruption. It was perceived as a sacrifice of principles and policies for short term gain. The system of trasformismo was little loved and seemed to be creating a huge gap between politicians and their constituents. This system brought almost no advantages, as illiteracy remained the same in 1912 as before the unification era, and backward economic policies combined with poor sanitary conditions continued to prevent the country's rural areas from improving.]

Most of the above could be identified with in the 2018 Constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka. The results would be higher levels of ignorance due to lack of belief based connections with the educated and the principled.  But as my dear friend Dr David Garlick of the University of NSW said – ‘we are ignorant that we are ignorant’.
Our minds are developed through structures established by our ancestors and seniors. These structures are the vessels in which Energies of the developers of the system are stored. A true believer develops mindfulness due to those Energies that are shared naturally. The ignorant mind on the other hand  promotes the idle-mind which become the workshop of our desires. When we escape reality of our present we do not recognize the other side of desire which is – fear. That fear then condenses as depression.

Those who are driven by quick benefits are at high risk of developing this bipolar disorder. A society driven by belief would be mentally healthy. When  Bribery replaces Belief we invite bipolarism into our idle minds.

The way out is to contribute to governance in which we can belief – even if it is through ourselves as individuals. The rest happens through the system of Truth which makes the Universal connection to render us insight into global life.

For our part we Tamils are confirming similar development of ignorance – reported as follows by the Hindu:

[Sri Lanka’s Northern Province former Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran met actor Rajinikanth at his Poes Garden residence on Saturday.
Sources close to the actor said Mr. Wigneswaran expressed interest in meeting him during a visit to Chennai for an event. “Mr. Wigneswaran wanted to meet him and it was arranged. They discussed issues related to ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka and in Tamil Nadu,” said sources close to actor. Mr. Wigneswaran reportedly invited Rajinikanth to visit Sri Lanka.]

The genes have come from LTTE leader who made a relation of  Mr MG Ramachandran – then the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who came to power due to his popularity by acting in heroic roles. 

Tamil Eelam and Tamil Nadu merge naturally – through mindfulness realised through Tamil pathway.  Combining the two at lower level – is de facto mix driven by cheap outcomes. This is serious disrespect for those who died in the war that was fought on the claim of Tamil Nationalism.

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