Saturday 4 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 January  2020


The most troubling question in the caring Sri Lankan Tamil mind is ‘How did we end up producing suicide bombers?’ The lead came from the current President of Sri Lanka under whose leadership the following was issued:

We watched the clip that recorded this ‘swearing in’ ceremony at Jaffna Court. After the preliminaries which were pleasant looking – came the manifestation of Truth. The lady read out from the circular – the oath and the others including judges repeated. I was shocked when I heard the phrase ‘do hereby swear / affirm’  was repeated by the Court staff and Judges . Mr Arun Gopi Ratnam - the author of the Colombo Telegraph article ‘Public Administration Circular 38/2019:
Stamping Us Into One Race Of Sri Lankans highlighted the following variation between the Languages:

[The Oath: In English: One country, one nation under one flag;
In Tamil: One country, one race under the shadow of one flag

But to me it was disrespectful of the law when the words were read out parrot-like by the judicial leaders in Jaffna. One cannot swear AND affirm at the same time. The slash stands for ‘/’ OR. Later in the day my husband spoke to the Mallakam Court Registrar who kept saying that he could draw the money through Court Process. But he avoided the question whether the Certificate of Heirship had been issued ? That was the stated purpose of the Application  by our Family Opposition. But the Registrar just did not connect to the purpose but read the withdrawal of the money as the purpose. One of the Judges at the above ceremony dismissed our Appeal in relation to the Mallakam Court’s decision – which as per the Application was approval of Issuance of Certificates  of Heirship on Equal Basis to brothers and sisters of the diseased.

Knowing the level of comprehension of juniors / internal customers is   essential to carry the stated purpose from beginning to end. At that level – all religious books out to be available to those who swear and the Code of Court  Administration ought to have been made available to those who Affirm. The higher minds would not need the visible book – but take the oath as per its existing form in their conscious mind.

My commitment to my ancestors from whom I inherited the mind of law led me to the parallel manifestation in Parliament yesterday – about which I learnt through the Daily Mirror article ‘I stand for the Kurahan Satakaya philosophy: Prez’

I do not know what Kurahan Satakaya is. Kurakkan in Tamils is Ragi Flour which is considered healthy by Jaffna Tamils. The only time my parents made Kurakkan Puttu (pasta) was during the festival at our family temple in Vaddukoddai. So I took it as the parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution. The President is reported to have declared as follows:

[Even though I do not wear this shawl, I stand for the same profound philosophy of constant dedication to the poor that is symbolized by the maroon shawl,” he said in his policy statement in Parliament yesterday. “From the first day the honourable D.M. Rajapaksa, known as the Lion of Ruhuna, appeared in the State Council, he wore a maroon shawl. What he symbolized through this maroon shawl were the millet farmers of Giruvapaththuwa. Following D. M. Rajapaksa, my father D.A. Rajapaksa and each member of the Rajapaksa family who was elected to Parliament wore the maroon shawl,” he said. “It is this same philosophy that is embodied in the Policy Statement I presented during my presidential election campaign. I served this nation as an Army Officer for twenty years and as Secretary of Defence for another ten years. Even though I was not actively engaged in politics, I have experienced what service to the people is from an early age.”  ]
Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa does wear the shawl . In his article ‘In search of the kurahan saatakaya’ published in December 2005 – soon after  Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa became President – Mr Malinda Seneviratne wrote as follows:


[What this kurahan saatakaya is, what it means and where it is found, are of course open to all kinds of readings as per the political predilections of the given reader, but an exploratory comment would not be out of place, I believe.
The kurahan saatakaya is and was essentially defined by what it is not, namely the tie-coat world as one would put it in “Sinhala”. It was the perfect “other” to everything represented by the (adopted) children of the colonial project,

 As per the above Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is NOT kurahan saatakaya by sight but by words only. Strangely that is the Truth. The way I read it - Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is a temporary occupier of the seat of President for his nephew Namal Rajapaksa.  
The lack of commitment to Colombo Telegraph article of 12 November, headed ‘New Gaffes As Ali Sabry And Co Scramble To Do Damage Control On Gota’s Citizenship Issues

The above article highlighted as to how Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s legal representative manifested Affidavits allegedly signed by  Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa – one without his signature but with the attesting officer’s signature and the other with both signatures.
To my mind  the miracle is that this kept flashing  in my alert box when I was reading the article regarding Jaffna Court Swearing in. The deeper the mind the closer we are to the Nuclear Energy of that system. Then that system leads us.

Military following leads to blind following of the Master’s Voice. This kind of following as confirmed by Jaffna Court staff whose leaders are strongly led by LTTE leader who trained  suicide bombers. Sinhalese and Tamils who use ancestral powers without belief copy each other. Tamils were trained by Indians to whom self-immolation is a regular way when their mind is depressed.

Being conscious of the Opposition prevents such dropping of mind to the bottom where one hears only the master’s voice.   

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