Tuesday 21 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 January  2020


Our home unit here in Coogee was developed by Prima. I worked for Prima in Sri Lanka during the development period. I believe, I completed my experience with that first global group I worked for. Completing our experience means that we become One Energy. It is like becoming family through a relationship. When the visible outcomes in the relationship are strong it takes longer to complete the relationship. Hence, in families, quid pro quo exchanges are prohibited. Every benefit needs to be earned through current work and/or respect for the custodian of that benefit and/or the position – whichever is higher.  I believe that my genuine completion of my Prima experience came with me to Air Lanka under the Management of Singapore International Airlines – SIA. Once we raise our earned benefits to Highest Common level we become the Energy  that works that structure/relationship. Chairman Cheng of Prima confirmed my status to the staff in Singapore who also demonstrated respect for my professionalism. The Energy from completing the Prima experience, continued to boost my confidence and I was grateful for the experience. This sustained me when holding low positions here in Australia. On the day of the auction, I noticed Chairman Cheng of Prima, went over to him and informed him that I was so and so and I felt that I had his blessings – as if he were my senior in that relationship. There was no pretence nor calculation – but natural oneness. Chairman Cheng of Prima did not actively participate in the auction but he was there in all the concluded sales. We got this unit at the maximum we could afford. This confirms our status in Australia more than any other ‘possession’ of ours.

I was therefore naturally concerned about the following contents of the Island article ‘Minister Johnston promises to review agreements with Prima and Tokyo Cement’:

[The minister added that Prima had signed a contract that was extremely beneficial to it during the Chandrika Bandaranaike administration. The company virtually uses the port free of charge.
"The people who should be punished are those who approved those agreements. We will review those pacts. I have already instructed the Secretary to the Ministry to show them to me. We need to look at the costs and benefits of these agreements. I personally don’t think we benefited at all."
The yahapalana administration was also planning to hand over the Trincomalee Port to the US, the Minister said, adding that the Gotabaya Rajapaksa administration was not happy with any of the agreements signed under the previous government.
"As a start we will look at the Tokyo Cement and Prima agreements and do whatever we can to make them beneficial to the country," he said.]

Prima entered Sri Lanka in 1977 during the time UNP was in power and Tamil United Liberation Front became the leading Opposition in National Parliament. In Singapore when I went for my familiarization tour – I  was treated like a VIP – especially by the Chairman. I appreciated it and completed my experience at that level. Now I realise that it is also part of my global heritage that I share with fellow Sri Lankans seeking global experiences in Sri Lanka.

Minister Johnston’s thinking is very Sinhalese which blocks his insight into the greater values of agreement with Prima and Tokyo Cement. Prima is from Singapore and brings with it Singapore’s reliability. The way a Sri Lankan operates in Sri Lanka would be different to the way s/he operates in Singapore and v.v. Those who seek the Singapore experience have the opportunity to have it in Prima Ceylon Ltd. I say in this regard that our home in Coogee where we facilitate international tourists through Airbnb – it feels as if we are touring all those places. This happens with deep sharing.

Trincomalee is sacred to Hindus due to Thirukoneswaram temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Lingam form. Tamil Emperor Ellalan – once king of Anuradhapura -  is believed to have worshipped here. Emperor Ellalan is recognized as Just King by common Sri Lankans. Whoever upholds that would themselves be just. I believe that Emperor Ellalan completed his relationship with Sri Lanka and thus became a permanent owner of Sri Lanka. Whoever believes in him will also be his heirs.

Like Emperor Ashoka who embraced Buddhism after his victory in the destructive war of Kalingam – (Odisha), Duttugemunu also seems to have renounced  armed fight to embrace Buddhism and Ruwanwelisaya where the current President of Sri Lanka took his oaths in 2019 – is one such confirmation. But unlike Ellalan who is believed to have punished himself by having his son slain for killing a calf and for which the cow rang the palace bell asking for justice – Dutugemunu was disobedient to his father from whom he inherited the throne. As per Wikipedia – ‘Kavantissa repeatedly makes Dutugemunu and Tissa swear that they would never fight one another and that they would always respect and listen to the advice of the priests. He also makes the ten giants swear never to pick sides in a war between the brothers.

The following presentation by Wikipedia tells us what happened due to such disobedience:

[King Dutugemunu did not live to see his beloved Ruwanweliseya completed, dying before the plaster work was finished…….
A common folk tale surrounding the death of King Dutugemunu is that as he was dying he was told that Ruwanweliseya was completed in order to keep him happy. The well-intentioned plan went awry, however, when Dutugemunu asked to be shown the finished building. His brother Tissa had the entire building draped in white cloth to present the illusion of whitewash, and due to his failing eyesight Dutugemunu did not spot the difference, dying convinced that the building was finished.
Following his death Dutugemunu was succeeded by his brother Saddhatissa, rather than his disinherited son Saliya.]
The 19th Amendment to the Constitution was UNP’s parallel of the Sword that is reported to have been given by Lord Muruga of Kathirgamam to King Duttugemnu. King Duttugemnu would have known that only a Divine Power could defeat such a king. I believe that the UNP had this Divine Power to pass the 19th Amendment which in many ways addressed the weaknesses in the Rajapaksa regime.
The one relevant to this particular issue is the following Article about the son karma:
92.(a) Every person who is qualified to be an elector shall be qualified to be elected to the office of President unless he is subject to any of the following disqualifications – (a) if he has not attained the age of [thirty five] years ;

Mr Namal Rajapaksa – the son of then President Mahinda Rajapaksa – the parallel of King Duttugemnu - was 33 years old during the latest Presidential Elections. King Duttugemnu’s son Saliya was disqualified due to marrying outside their caste. (http://island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=198414)

If we invoke the inactive  past  - we invoke the whole. If we merely observe and make the connections we would be wiser. Not taking any direct benefits from our research is essential to make that connection without being adversely affected by it. Once we take past as benefits – then we are no longer entitled to current benefits. One engine would not work in a different make/model.

Prima came to Trincomalee with common Hindu power. Whatever agreements were made between past governments and Prima worked well for them at that time. Hence Prima continues. Every government has the right to add to it but not untangle the past whose working Energies were different to the current one. One who depends on the past to make current benefits is dead already. The positive  past should be respected and the negative past should be a lesson learnt. This is why Democracy requires zero base.

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