Monday 6 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 January  2020


To me,  Jaffna International Airport is part of my contribution to conclude war and restructure Jaffna.  I believe that those of us who have the experience without ‘seeing’ particular outcomes naturally add our Energies to the Common experience. This is the essence of Programs as opposed to Projects.  The higher we escalate the experience the less conscious we are of visible outcomes. We thus carry the Experience as Energy. Mr Parthasarathi who interpreted  the Hindu  bible – Bagawath Geetha  stated that the Geetha is a chain of experiences – Anubava Thaara.  To my mind, this is also E in Einstein’s formula E = mc2

The lighter the mass the higher the experience. The higher the experience the more universal the mind. My last job in Sri Lanka was with Air Lanka. I carry the essence of that experience with me at global level . This means that I carry all my mentors as well as my heirs who motivated me to be in managing position. Here in Australia – that experience sustained me to be self-sufficient with the lesser outcomes I received in work environment. The ‘gap’ became ownership in Australia itself. During the war years when I served the needy in Sri Lanka – I shared my ownership Energy to lift the spirits of the victims of War and Tsunami. I thus merged my experiences to become global and to groom my heirs to also be global.

True ownership is experienced. We then share experiences wherever we go.

When the UNP government delivered the Jaffna International Airport as part of its program – to me it was confirmation of Reconciliation. Reconciliation is confirmed through Common experience. I was therefore alarmed to read the following report by Easwaran Rutnam:

[Minister Douglas Devananda had sought Cabinet approval to investigate the high air ticket cost for international flights operating between Jaffna and Chennai, The Sunday Morning learnt.
The Jaffna to Chennai commercial flights which commenced in November, were hit by high taxes, The Sunday Morning reported at the time.
Alliance Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air India, commenced commercial flight operations from the Jaffna International Airport to the Chennai International Airport.
Jaffna to Chennai fares range from $ 45 plus applicable government taxes/levies which would be an additional $ 53.]
Sri Lankan Airlines was made political when the brother of Mrs Rajapaksa (wife of then President of Sri Lanka)  was given the Chairman’s position – as if it were a political commodity. The UNP government continued to play  political volleyball with Sri Lankan Airlines through the Commission of Inquiry headed by Mr Weliamuna who was rewarded ultimately with the position of High Commissioner to Australia. This confirmed that the report was outcome driven. Had Mr Weliamuna been genuine – he would have engaged with me as one with common experience in Air Lanka and in Australia.  To me, it was as if he was never here. The main reason is lack of humility preceded by attachment to outcomes. Hence to Mr Weliamuna, the Sri Lankan Airlines  investigations became a quid pro quo commodity and not an experience . True service is confirmed by pure experience as in ‘Thou Art That’ / Tat Tvam Asi .

Jaffna International Airport is not a commercial venture. Mr Devananda is not the Minister for Transport. As per my knowledge it is Mr Mahinda Amaraweera. Unless a problem within one Ministry becomes common to the Government through Due Processes – there is no mandate for Mr Devananda or any particular Minister other than the Minister for Transport to find fault with  particular aspects of operations.  When they do it amounts to interference.

Due Processes confirm the minds of our predecessors. The older the mind the higher the experience.
Jaffna International Airport is part of ongoing Program of Ethnic Reconciliation. Bringing it down to barter level would contribute strongly  to another war.

The governance block in Sri Lanka is the ‘attachment’ to outcomes. The more we ‘see’ the heavier we become. Anyone who is profit driven in war torn areas would fail miserably in governance. They would in fact earn the curse of war victims.

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