Thursday 26 July 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 July 2018

The Crippled Front Legs of Hambantota


Most of us accept that all individuals are born Sovereign. Every naturally ‘free’ unit/group is also Sovereign. One who identifies with this Sovereignty  as an individual and/or as part of a group, would tend to be driven by the laws of that Sovereignty. Vishwamithra1984 has indicated this through  the caption of her/his Daily Mirror article - ‘Rule of Law or the Law of Rule Our dilemma of Governing dichotomy
To my simple mind, it is about living within our Truth – which regulates us to be orderly. Often however, we are distracted by the benefits of claiming Sovereignty rather than living as per that Sovereignty. Law of Sovereignty is confirmed by that  perfect order. Some laws, we know consciously;  while others drive us intuitively – for example laws of karma.
As per that Order, I felt a connection between the messages – the following headlines invoked in me:
Rajitha says Mattala to India and Hambantota to China is a balancing act -
Darkness of Black July; nothing has changed after 35 years – Daily Mirror
Mattala baby elephant is genetically deformed: Wildlife Dept. – Daily Mirror

The report  about the baby elephant goes as follows:

[The disabled baby elephant found in Hambantota Suriyawewa had been diagnosed as congenitally deformed, Wildlife Health Director Dr. Tharaka Prasad said.
Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said a group of Wildlife officers had found the one-year-old disabled calf this Sunday during a wildlife mission in Suriyawewa Hambantota.
“The baby jumbo was seen hobbling with the assistance of its trunk because its front legs were deformed,” Dr Prasad said.
Dr.Prasad said although the baby elephant was found with minor injuries, the calf’s deformity was not a result of any external attack.
“It is impossible to cure such genetically deformed animals. However, we will do our best to apply necessary remedies,” Dr. Prasad added.   ]

To most readers this deformity may not mean anything connected to Hambantota politics. But to believers in the connection between animals and humans – it would mean something. It did to me, a worshipper of Lord Ganesh. It would to those Thais in whose culture ‘ Husband is elephant’s front legs, wife is elephant’s hind legs. In Sri Lankan politics one could say that Majority are the elephant’s front legs and minority are the elephant’s hind legs.

In other words – Hambantota’s Truth  confirms the crippling of leadership from birth itself.  India is investing in such an elephant because India is not listening to its own Truth.


Soon after  Black July in 1983, there was a high level of recruitment by Tamil rebel leadership, based in India and Resourced by India. Indian Resourcing is the elephant in the Tamil room. The victims of July 1983 riots were Tamils who dared to become multicultural in majority Sinhalese areas – especially in Colombo. Had the LTTE felt the pain of such Tamils as its own – it would not have returned the bodies of the 13 soldiers to Colombo. As per the signals I received when praying in 2009 – that was the starting point. But the  thinking of LTTE – free of Political supervision - was limited to their own genes and grooming. This included crippled front legs in male dominated Northern Province.


The Rule of Truth says that once we take revenge at the lower level – the loss cannot be escalated to ownership Energy. Northern Tamils who never left home were NOT capable of escalating the pain of multicultural Tamils to ownership level. LTTE eliminated that opposition from multicultural Tamils, many times. It is due to multicultural Tamils that Jaffna is not crippled in leadership as Hambantota.


As per the Truth of  my generation Jaffna Tamils – the passage from Jaffna to Colombo needs to be open and Natural if we are to preserve our Sovereignty as a group. Investment in Higher Education has to be strengthened towards this. One way is to analyse what happened to us – until we know the True reason as per our own makeup. It is NOT in common form between Northern Tamils who never leave home and Northern Tamils who expand their home areas beyond their birthplace – as I did. There is not one cure for both groups. Likewise in East and Hill country where Tamils are in majority.


Every person / group that identifies with the suffering of multicultural Tamils – as the Canadian Prime Minister has demonstrated this week – would be strengthened in their own multicultural wisdom.


It’s noteworthy that India did not but was busy acquiring a share in Hambantota elephant with its crippled front legs. It was no coincidence that this happened around the same time and not too far from Kathirgamam – the shrine that confirms multi religious culture with Hindu Murugan leading – through strong front legs.

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