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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 July 2018

Death Penalty Warriors or Mental Disorder Healers?


The most caring response expressed to my yesterday’s article came in the following form:


Hello Ma'am,
Sorry to say this but reading some of your articles and the question comes do you need also go through a mental counselling as several times whenever there is a 'writing you bring the 2 party Tamils into it. 
But if you do not cure the root cause which is the state system which has failed in Sri Lanka even before they were given independence, you need to cure that. 
When you want to heal a wound, you need not just clean it and go. 
So the Ministers the monks who live in the mythology story of Mahawamsa and Buddhist supremacy that should be cured first
Then after that you can talk about Tamil politicians. Armed militants, vikki, Vijayakala etc etc. 
I think you need counselling or is it your Karma.

The above indicates that the writer is caring  about me as a Tamil. The deeper need that the response reveals is to be accepted as ‘right’ as per who he is as per HIS level of analysis. It’s that caring that he demonstrates that entitles him to share in my healing process.
At the Medical Faculty of the University of NSW one of the senior academics shared with me his comfort when   he was praised by a more senior academic who declared that the former was healer and not a warrior. When reading about the Death Penalty that the President of Sri Lanka recently proposed to actively implement in the case of  drug traffickers – I was reminded of the above experience.  Is the President threatening to kill because he does not know how to heal?
To the above person – Mrs Maheswaran’s matter may be of secondary importance. But to me it is important to current Tamil women who are of similar grooming – i.e. – those who came into politics due to the demise of the men in their life. Mrs Bandaranaike is the Sinhalese first lady who led Sri Lankan women along this pathway. The Quota system to University entrance happened during this lady’s reign.
According to in regards to Mrs Maheswaran’s matter:
The Organized Crimes Prevention Division (OCPD) has informed the Colombo Magistrate’s Court that further investigations will be carried out regarding the statement of former State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran regarding the LTTE.
Now that it is a Judicial matter – the Judge has to apply the rule of law. The Warrior pathway has been taken due to lack of  Healers in Government positions. This confirms failure to follow the Buddha Sasana as required by Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. That is the litmus test in relation to Sri Lanka being a Buddhist nation due to Government practice.
From a mental order point of view – the question needs to be asked as to whether or not Mrs Maheswaran invoked the warrior in the President through her own ‘show’.
There was a time when suicide was considered a punishable crime. But now more and more Governments recognize it as a mental disorder. The punisher and/or the one being punished – using the law to punish when out in wider world there are more humanitarian options to heal – are demonstrating their own cruel nature. As my Guru says – the knife in the surgeon’s hand heals; the same knife in the warrior’s hand kills. It’s the mind that determines our status.
Is the Death Penalty therefore the reaction to Mrs Maheswaran’s call for the return of the Tigers to deal with drug related crimes in Northern Sri Lanka? Is it the death penalty that the Tamil Tigers recommended to Tamil youth if they were ‘caught’ by the Government?
Dr Arujuna Sivananthan , Chairman of the British Tamil Conservatives and  originally of Australia – wrote as follows in this regard, in his Colombo Telegraph article ‘The Suicide Act 1961’:
[Many of us who worked hard to shine the spotlight on Sri Lanka  were appalled and shocked by pages 66 and 67 of former BBC reporter Frances Harrison’s book on Sri Lanka’s civil war, Still Counting the Dead: Survivors of Sri Lanka’s Hidden War.
It speaks volumes to the wanton callous disregard of some self-appointed representatives in the London Tamil diaspora for the sanctity of human life.

 The following paragraph makes very chilling reading.
I too received a call that weekend, from a Tamil doctor in London who wanted to tell the media that rebel medics wished to cross into army territory, bringing with them hundreds of civilians and injured people. He’d already tried UN and the Red Cross, who were unable to help. The doctor was flustered and distraught, unsure when he’d be able to speak to his colleagues on the ground again, aware their lives hung in the balance. I told him it seemed odd to negotiate surrender through the media – direct negotiations with the government might be better given that time was running out so fast. He consulted colleagues in a Tiger front organization in London, who insisted the medics should take their cyanide capsules because surrender was not an option. I was left wondering if they just wanted to score a propaganda point in the media, rather than actually save lives.”
Dr Arjuna goes on to state:
[In England, the Crown Prosecution Service’s policy on such a very serious act is clear.
A person commits an offence under section 2 of the Suicide Act 1961 if he or she does an act capable of encouraging or assisting the suicide or attempted suicide of another person, and that act was intended to encourage or assist suicide or an attempt at suicide. This offence is referred to in this policy as “encouraging or assisting suicide”. The consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is required before an individual may be prosecuted.
The offence of encouraging or assisting suicide carries a maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment. This reflects the seriousness of the offence.
Inciting, encouraging, assisting suicide or attempted suicide is an offence in the UK. The Police’s guidance is that there is a moral obligation to report a crime.]
As per recent  promotional message - Tamil Activist M.I.A. is soon to release a documentary in which she claims ‘genocide’  and of pain of being called a Terrorist. The young artists claims also My Dad was the founder of the Tamil Resistance.’
As per the message the above is to be released : “IN THEATERS SEPTEMBER UK: Sept 21 || US: Sept 28 #MIADOC !!!!!!! Other countries”
As per Wikipedia report ‘Arul Pragasam (also known by the name Arular and A. R. Arudpragasam) is a Tamil activist and former revolutionary from Jaffna who had a part in forming the group Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students (EROS) [Actual Founder is Ratnasabpathy] in January 1975 in Wandsworth, England during the Tamil independence movements to secure an independent Tamil Eelam

My question is : Is M.I.A., the young artist guilty of inciting suicide and indeed invoking the war genes in Sri Lanka and also in the UK and the USA? What would be consequences of this in Sri Lanka’s North and East where young ones are suffering from lowered minds – and therefore are likely to be easily swayed to follow the attractive leaders?
When M.I.A. performs sensationally – there is the high risk of invoking the warriors in those who need a fight to activate their brains and skills.
Does therefore – the UK Government propose to take action to prevent M.I.A. from becoming guilty under Section 2 of the UK Suicide Act 1961? – as did Frances Harrison of the BBC?
The war experience needs to be at least liquid in the minds of those who had the direct experience one way or the other if we are not to do business out of others’ pains and losses. It needs to be Energy with those of us who share  through our  own experience in realising Independence. One who expects profits / benefits / pleasures – is not in service mode. To achieve peace - one who is in service mode should never be found fault with by the former.
The above mentioned French Tamil recommended that I seek counselling. In other words he sees me as ‘matter’ to that extent. This week I have been experiencing strong joint pains. Many in my family suggested that I see the doctor. To me that meant that I was ‘matter’ to them. Only a couple listened to me as if my pain was theirs. With one of them – Ms Rani Ratnadevi Karthigesan Sinnathamby, I shared my own experience as follows:
[…But like you do with your Mum, I thought of my Mum who developed this at an early stage. When I was nursing my Mum during her last phase – the hospital nurses asked Mum to get onto the wheel chair and in the process my Mum screamed  due to unbearable leg pain. Now that I have this pain – I think of my Mum and realise how she must have felt. It is what you call Marana Vethanai (Death Pain).  But my Mum – like yours never expressly profited from talking about it. I knew she had pain but how strong it was, is known only now when I have similar. ]
My pain and loss in realizing Independence happened largely here in Australia. I carry that Energy and share it with those who believe in me. I become their mum.
Hence I responded to the French Tamil  as follows:
1.       So you are also of the opinion that I am mentally ill?  One of the Judges here in Australia also sent me for counseling on the basis that I was mentally ill. Later that lady confessed to - herself suffering from bipolar disorder!!! That is the way Truth helps you read yourself

If you really thought I was mentally ill, you would not ask me for logical answers to your questions. But I choose to overlook your duality / bipolarity and help you see how I think!
2.     Your question of ‘2 party Tamils ‘
I believe in self – search. That is the way we become wholesome. Towards this one must have no selfish expectations from the analyses. That is the way of research
3.     Your query :  But if you do not cure the root cause which is the state system which has failed in Sri Lanka even before they were given independence, you need to cure that’
When I write as Sri Lankan I do see both sides as Sri Lankans. When I write as Tamil – I see both sides as Tamil. It depends on who needs the value of my discovery. When I am writing about a problem that we Tamils are not able to cure I have to see both sides as Tamils. Likewise in the case of Sri Lankans.
4.       ‘When you want to heal a wound, you need not just clean it and go’
You can heal a wound through your own ways – using your own wisdom about yourself. Beyond that you may take external treatment. If we rely heavily on external medication – we end up becoming victims of the Health system that lives off other people’s dependence.
The external medication has excesses that we do not need. Likewise external laws.
Like MIA, the Sri Lankan Government may also organize a performance against LTTE on the basis of Mrs Maheswaran’s outburst. In the Court of Natural Justice – the verdict would be to provide counselling to the bi-polar disorder now that we have become more global. In other words – that one is part of LTTE at one time – free and clever as the Jackal to kill even the  Prime Minister India and part of  Sri Lankan Government at another –saying all the right things to please one’s party.
The parallel of that in the case of the President is that when he registers this Energy – in Minister of Defence  mode would kill to punish or recall the time he was Minister of Health – as HE was during LTTE era and heal himself and share that medication with others as Natural Governor blessed by all healers starting with Lord Buddha.
Our thought structures as leaders, need to change with time and place. If we invoke – that which is closed / finished – then we invoke the other side of it as a virtual reality. This is why we Hindus do not invoke the Nava Grahas (Nine Planets) controlled by Lord Saneeswaran (Saturn). We do penance for our past sins but do not pray to them for current benefits.

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