Wednesday 18 July 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 July 2018

Armed Rebels in Jaffna and their supporters are Mistresses


Whilst we Tamils claim that majority race is guilty of unjust discrimination, there are instances when we ourselves discriminate unjustly, including through Reverse Discrimination. To my mind, when we blame others of unjust discrimination above Truth and/or the Law – we become victims of the disease of unjust discrimination.
A French Tamil who to my mind demonstrated such reverse discrimination wrote to me as follows:
FT: First of all whoever did a crime should be brought to courts but a State when it calls itself a sovereign state should be an example. It cannot act to take revenge if they want to behave like a cultured country. If the French people wanted revenge during the recent attacks here, there would have been 1000's of Muslims killed. So first when a state cannot be an example, we cannot call it a state. 
My response goes as follows:
Agree. But who amongst Sri Lankan Diaspora  is feeling the Revenge? That person in her/his mind needs to be equally French as s/he is Sri Lankan, to have legitimate expectation from both at the same level. One has to own to have the right.
 If we take the law as the person, we become the law’s heir when functioning as a junior to the person who gave us the law. One who gave us the law is the one whose experienced Truth led to the law. In this instance - this is the ancestor of neither the Sinhalese Government that has Buddhism Foremost in its Constitution nor the Tamil Separatists who earned Terrorism label from the global community that France is also part of.  European Union and therefore France has also listed the LTTE as a Terrorist Organization.  The law born out of Truth will come to support its true heirs – beyond Time and Place boundaries.
One has to resort to one’s own Truth to consolidate Universal power against those who have the support of their official titles. The fact that one has failed to express identity with the pain of  women and children  in war torn areas through current forms of  Traditional problems confirms that such persons are using the rebellion without paying their  respects to those who died in the cause – the real cause and not the apparent one. Those of us who pay our respects wholeheartedly to those who died become One Soul in regards to the aspect through which we considered ourselves to be Common. As per my knowledge Elimination of Racial Discrimination became law in most democratic nations due to the suffering of those who were denied their basic rights, illustrated as follows by the UN:
[The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed annually on 21 March. On that day, in 1960, police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa, against the apartheid "pass laws". Proclaiming the Day in 1966, the General Assembly called on the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination]
Peaceful demonstration confirms belief that that place is one’s home. When this is upheld despite violence from the official forces or unofficial armed forces – a universal law is naturally born. Peaceful Assembly with belief in the right to act – returns the other side to the true owner. I learnt this through my own peaceful assembly at the reception of the office of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW. The feeling of pain is ours but we do not show it in revenge action. Once we take revenge we become even at the visible level and hence there is no Energy to be raised as Reserve to serve others in need. When we fast – we raise our sacrifice / abstinence to Energy level. Peaceful assembly also leads to such escalation. A law thus born will always be right for us as well as to those who follows us faithfully.
Majority deaths during the Sri Lankan ethnic war was of junior strata in society. One who is more concerned about finding fault with the government at a time when these communities whose natural culture was  seriously disturbed due to its young ones being conscripted  to fight a war – confirms that that soul connection with those who truly sacrificed comforts to fight against unjust discrimination is missing.
The lawyer who participated in a discussion regarding the 6 year old who was murdered recently stated during the discussion organized by IBC Tamil at  failed to show identity with the father of the little one but like the French Tamil, found fault with the Police.  This lawyer has his law practice not too far from our cottage in Thunaivi. But he is never heard of coming into that area some of whom continue to tap toddy for a living. His mind is connected to those of his ‘class’ who ‘avoid’ that area. When my cottage was stoned – and I sought the services of a security firm  they said that I needed to pay for two men. Instead I hired internally two persons for the price of one. Even recently and NGO group that sought to conduct classes there – at the building built on land donated by us – excused themselves saying that the access would be flooded during rainy season. Instead they chose another hall in the senior caste area. The Truth about Vaddukoddai is that if the above lawyer became one of Thunaivi folks socially,  he would be alienated by his own group. The folks of Thunaivi accept this – so long as they are left to themselves. Officials fear to come there for that reason. At the workplace – integration  is more comfortable so long as they stay within their position boundaries.
The lawyer – as per his culture – found fault with the Police. The father of the little one said that he did not interact with the relatives who have been charged. He said they did drink and loiter including near wells. All those symptoms of disorderly conduct prevailed in the Thunaivi youth also. I had to repeatedly warn them – including by taking photos of their disorderly conduct while bathing in groups at our family well or when teasing young girls while they were bathing.  The sad side is that the parents of the girls as well as the boys did not discipline them. They turned a blind eye  - because they relied on the boys being around for their own comfort and security.  I have now successfully regulated the Temple activities – such that there is zero use of temple well for private purposes and also set times for opening the temple to the public. The place is lit right through the night. They stole one of the solar lights – purchased at Rs. 40,000. In another instance, I had to wait until they went to the Police when I refused to pay for incomplete work.  Finally when they cut the fence while I was in the cottage I went to the Police who DID take action. Then they stoned my roof. Those were the warnings that they were getting driven more and more by emotions with me also. The other side of Peaceful assembly with those above us – is distancing ourselves physically from those emotionally driven juniors. I am still available to those who have faith in me. Recently when the fence of a family was burnt allegedly by the youth who gave me trouble – the lady rang me – to find our whether we could give them video footage and also to get some comfort. Our cameras did  not capture that part of the area outside the temple. The true reason – was that they also did not show open support for me when I was attacked. When there is an internal fight – I stay inside the cottage. Young ones – even girls about 6 years old come running to the spot to watch the fight! They became the medium of youth who played loud music in 2016 – which prevented us celebrating the harvest festival. The young ones who were trained by me to chant Gayathri Mantra – chanted it to amuse those  youth. Their parents did not discipline them. I banned them temporarily from participating in our temple activities. Now they are more respectful of my processes.
He father of little Regina stated that he did not discipline his nephews but avoided them. There are some families in Thunaivi also who resort to such avoidance. This is because once they go outside largely for work purposes - they fear their own youth who have remained inside except for illegal activities. It’s difficult for one to belong to both groups at the same time.
This conflict is strongly indicated by the Chief Minister of Northern Province Mr. Wigneswaran who stated to the Police inquiring into Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran’s outburst to bring back the LTTE. As per the news report Mr Wigneswaran stated as follows:

Translation – They asked me about my thoughts on some  questionable  parts of the speech by Vijayakala.  I said that ‘yearning for yesterday’ is not wrongful. When the lady stated that we are fighting for the return of  the Tigers that was about the safety of the area and not return of violent ways. The lady has been loyal to her party. If action is taken against her it would effectively be to curtail our  freedom of speech.

The question we need to ask is whether as Sri Lankan, the former Judge is using common principle to rule on the basis of evidence common to the Public – so they who do not have the protection of political parties – would be careful in making public utterances – as per their individual likes and dislikes. Women who thus invoked the LTTE – during Miss Vithya Murder hearing in that Court – also negated for themselves the protection of the law common to all at that place. They certainly lost my respect and therefore the value of my investment in National laws. This is the way they isolate themselves. I see the primary value of principles and laws to be one-mindedness. If the former judge sees nothing wrong with the claim of a minister that the LTTE be brought back – then he has effectively dismissed himself as part of the Sri Lankan Judiciary to uphold separatism. That is the problem of  isolation to enjoy popularity. It’s not different to drug addiction by effect. All pleasures that come through a public position must be enjoyed through public structures and pathways. Armed Rebels are mistresses in Jaffna. So are their supporters – whatever their paper titles may show.

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