Friday 9 October 2015

War hero Ratnayaka -  Mudiyanselage Sunil Ratnayaka is on death row at the age of just 38 for the crime of protecting his country from a 30 year pogrom of ruthless LTTE terror because the present Sri Lankan Government wants to appease the LTTE rump who enjoys much political succor in England, the US and Canada. -

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 09 October  2015

Buddhism and  the Lankan War

When something good happens we often do not think as to who or what caused it. But when something bad happens – most tend to blame someone and when there is no one to blame we blame God, Satan and/or just give up. When we blame a subject known to us, we are still in the Subjective system. When we blame in general / in common we are in the system of Democracy but at the elementary stages – largely as beneficiaries. It’s when we blame ourselves for the outcomes produced by us that we are leaders in the system of Democracy.

Today’s mail brought further news regarding a Sri Lankan soldier who was sentenced to death earlier this year:
[A Sri Lankan army officer was sentenced to death on Thursday for murdering eight Tamil civilians, including four children, in a verdict officials said showed the state was dealing with crimes committed during its 26-year civil war.
Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake detained the four Tamil adults, three teenagers and one five-year-old in 2000, then cut their throats and buried them in a mass grave in the northern Jaffna peninsula, the Colombo High Court heard.
"Finally, after a long process, justice is delivered ... This also shows that we definitely have the capacity to conduct a credible investigation,” prosecutor and Additional Solicitor General Sarath Jayamanna told Reuters.]

Attention  was drawn also to SPUR (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc) in Australia and the above picture

SPUR obviously blames LTTE for its side as LTTE supporters must be blaming Sri Lankan Government for their side’s suffering and losses. Neither blames God or Satan.

As per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution ‘The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).

Was Sergeant Mudiyanselage Sunil Ratnayaka’s rights as a Buddhist as per Buddha Sasana upheld when punishing him? Dr Chandrika Iriyagolle states at - :
[A young man observed the terrible destructive forces around him that desecrated Buddhist holy places and massacred innocent civilians, and took the noble and courageous decision to serve his nation by joining the army. His aim was to protect the nation, defend the unitary state of Sri Lanka and its Buddhist cultural heritage.  For him, this was an extremely difficult decision, as he was brought up to respect all life.  This brave young man was Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake, who has now been betrayed and condemned to death.   He is not a Royalist or a Thomian…………..…The necessary procedures and processes should have been followed to ensure that Sergeant Ratnayake received a fair trial.   However, Sergeant RM Sunil was in an extremely hostile environment where he had been fighting for both his country and his own life.   As a result, he suffered years of mental and physical trauma.  These factors may have caused him to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, leading to a transient imbalance in his mental state with a psychotic episode.   Without a proper psychiatric assessment and evaluation,  he cannot have received a fair trial and is a victim in all aspects.   A sentence to engage in a   programme of rehabilitation would have been appropriate and  justified]

To the mind that follows the Buddhist pathway – which is a requirement embedded in the Sri Lankan Constitution – the above would seem reasonable. But then through my belief in Buddha – I doubt that Buddha would have recommended fighting through weapons as the first option. Also through Articles 10 & 14(1)(e) of the same Constitution – any non-Buddhist offender needs to be facilitated to punish her/himself and/or through her/his religious laws where the particular legislation under which a person is being charged / punished is NOT specifically stated at that time by the charging/punishing authority. The fundamentals in this are identical to the Equal Opportunity Laws of the West. It’s an internal Devolution that preserves Diversity within Unity.

Yesterday, in response to my observations :
"The Global Tamil Forum(GTF)-Tamil National Alliance(TNA) relationship is tending towards one swallowing the other because neither is committed to its core purpose. "

A leader of the French Tamil Diaspora responded:
May I ask what is the core purpose and why are you saying they are not committed to it?

I responded as follows:

[The core purpose of TNA is to lead Resident Tamils through the issues particular to Resident Tamils. The core purpose of GTF on the other hand is to lead/facilitate  Diaspora Tamils of its local area – to merge with National Governance through issues local to that Nation as well as the Tamil Community in that Nation and beyond National borders towards Global Governance.
When TNA speaks to GTF members first and through them to that part of the Diaspora – they are not likely to give priority to local interpretation of what has happened and the solutions that are to be developed in their local areas.  The mind order of the different constituencies – is different due to the laws of each of those countries. The two do not merge comfortably. Truth alone merges naturally.  Finding the Truth would be through different pathways for the two groups – including culturally.]

Subjectively therefore TNA cannot lead GTF and v.v. One could have branches in the other’s territory but as distinctly separate groups their pathways are as different as Hinduism/Buddhism is to Christianity/Islam. In a Subjective system – unless religion and secular life are strictly separated, one is likely to takeover leadership through religion. A junior Buddhist Police Officer in Vaddukoddai area – who was learning English from us – tried to tell me about Vishnu. I gently reminded him that at that place he was the student and I the teacher! Positions are essential requirements to maintain relationships and structures.  Relativity happens as per our positions. Mind-order is shaped by Relativity.

The above analysis by Dr Chandrika Iriyagolle, confirms the use of Buddhist mind-order by  armed officers. The right pathway to work out whether or not this officer is guilty as charged is the Buddhist pathway and not the secular law – which flows largely from English mind-order.  The judgment  ‘He is not a Royalist or a Thomian’ (Western style schools) confirms this. The architect of the current Constitution of Sri Lanka – former President J R Jayawardene – was not only a Royalist  but was born a Christian and therefore would have had the Western mind-order. The conflict therefore was from within the Sinhalese Community. We could therefore identify the ‘forces’ to which Sergeant Mudiyanselage Sunil Ratnayaka submitted as follows:

1.      Constitutional Requirements - Forces Protecting Buddhism
2.      The Government of the Day – Benefiting from shows of adherence to Buddhism
3.      Senior Officers – who are likely to be Buddhists and who would have become senior due also to demonstrated adherence to Buddhism
4.      Mr.  Mudiyanselage Sunil Ratnayaka – as a Buddhist
5.      Sergeant Mudiyanselage Sunil Ratnayaka – as a Common Officer on Sri Lankan Payroll.

The Courts, unless they specifically referred to the Constitutional provisions relating to religion  – have the authority to limit their jurisdiction to 5. above. It is the Officer’s right to be tried under Article 9 – if he believed that he was protecting Buddhist values when acting as he did. It is reported that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe stated in Japan: ‘We also intend to enact electoral reforms and establish a new judicial structure to investigate human rights violations’. The Government needs to ensure that the provisions of Article 9 of the Constitution are upheld on behalf of Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. Foreign judges therefore need to qualify as per the respective religions of the litigants in Court.

His Honor Justice Manickavasagar Illanchelian, by stating "A lengthy jail term was given because these soldiers brought the military into disrepute,"  was using the Secular Military system and its requirements in determining the relative value of the punishment.

In Northern Sri Lanka – it is common for matters to be heard through Thesawalamai Law as well as legislations Common to all Sri Lankans. Using religious Articles of the Constitution need to be likewise Regular practice – where Subjective Powers dominate the manifestation of  outcomes – based on which a matter comes to Court. The older the law the greater the Subjective influence – as confirmed by Case Laws. By failing to uphold this Separation of Powers, Mallakam Courts in Northern Sri Lanka – punished me instead of rewarding me for upholding this Separation of Powers despite the insults in that Court influenced strongly by the lawyers on both sides. When this happened the real name of the case was Mallakam Courts (therefore Republic of Sri Lanka) v Gajalakshmi Paramasivam.

I learnt through my Australian Experiences to identify with the Judgments by the system of Karma / Natural Justice – the  force that is least identified with by the active mind. To know that we have been part of the cause of an outcome – through the path of Truth we need to:

1.      Have genuinely invested in a system as per our ‘position’ – as we interpreted our position through our duties at the time we accepted the job/the duties and therefore the relationship. The job and the relationship would evolve as per this ongoing ‘acceptance’/ ‘internal agreement’
2.      We ought to have received / drawn less benefits than our contributions as per the above job – relative to others in that Structure at that time – doing similar WORK and/or we ought to have contributed more than others in identical positions. All such calculations need to be independent of others and purely by us. Hence the saying ‘All is fair in Love and War.
3.      Once we complete our duty – we must not expect returns above the level – as specified in 2. , but continue to provide the service. This becomes Energy that works that system and if that system does not respond it climbs higher or spreads wider. This happens through its own intrinsic force – without external influence.
4.      When we thus become Observers – we identify with outcomes with a still mind – without excitement or anxiety. This renders the Experience – by matching with our investment in the system and its driving force. We become the whole at Experience stage.

When our Former Prime Minister John Howard was present with the American President – during 9/11 attack – I so identified with my own contribution to this due to the fulfilment of the above requirements. Likewise, the dismissal of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW – who had me arrested for Peaceful Assembly. The real judgment came through the Chancellors who did recognize my higher contribution – without having met me. Chancellors are the Governors of our Universities. It was at the Church of Our Lady of  Schoenstatt at the Sydney suburb of Mulgoa, that I received the indicator that Sir Anthony Mason would add his contribution. It was on the anniversary of the date when the Church was established that I received the communication that the Chancellor Sir Anthony Mason had ordered an investigation into my complaints on the basis of Racial Discrimination. To my mind therefore Our Lady worked through Sir Anthony Mason to bless me in the pathway I had chosen. Being a non-Catholic believing in Catholic formation / mind-order – my earnings were stronger relative to a Catholic with apparently the same level of praying.

In the case of Sri Lanka – when we follow the above steps and identify with OUR contribution – we would have the real and deep experience and feel secure that we are being heard and looked after by the Almighty.  The structure of Natural Justice is His. The contribution into it is ours. When we have contributed enough to be part of the structure – we have the wholesome experience. Even one such leader becoming Buddha would have prevented injustice in Sri Lanka through its majority force – Buddhist Sri Lankans. In the saying ‘nothing without You, nothing without us’ – ‘You’ refers to the Vessel / Mind Order that receives and keeps our contributions and from which we are able to draw reliably – any time anywhere. Once our net contributions fill the vessel / structure / mind-order – we become that vessel / structure / mind-order. Hence the Hindu saying ‘Tat Vam Asi/Thou Art That’. This is also the basis of Subjective power – through which we invest directly in the mind order and bypass producing our own outcomes at the lower level.

The Vessel / Mind Order – when it is Buddhist by law – if  set aside for International Hybrid Court – would be in breach of  Sri Lanka’s Sovereign Status as earned through the  UN. Likewise, no Hindu or Christian or Muslim, could be directly punished by a Buddhist with the higher duty of facilitating freedom to use religion to discipline and punish. When a Buddhist so punishes – despite the Constitutional requirements – it would turn Universal forces against the punisher.

Article 9 upholding ‘Buddhist first’ status – can elevate or destroy Buddhist leaders by its very existence. Those who produce political outcomes in Administrative positions – are thus punishing themselves.  

In terms of Natural Justice – a non-Buddhist who genuinely believes her/himself to be Sri Lankan and practices her/his religion genuinely – has the power to reverse – when punished by one who thinks and/or claims s/he is a Buddhist. It’s like Our Lady blessing me – a non-Catholic without Catholic status in a Catholic institute.

By keeping article 9 – which renders Sri Lanka  Buddhist Institutional status  – Buddhist leaders make it more difficult for themselves – especially in relation to minorities who strongly practice their religion and believe they are part of the whole. I believe I have this power –in Australia as well as in Sri Lanka – where I have contributed beyond my position duties. Likewise every genuine member of minority in majority area strongly practicing majority culture. 

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