Thursday 8 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 08 October  2015

Truth Never Forgets

As per BBC News – his Honor Justice Manickavasagar Illanchelian is already influencing the manifestation of the Hybrid Court’s philosophy:

[In an unusual move, a court in Sri Lanka has sentenced four government soldiers to 25 years in prison for the gang rape of a Tamil woman in northern Sri Lanka……. "A lengthy jail term was given because these soldiers brought the military into disrepute," judge Manickavasagar Illancheliyan was quoted as saying.]

In my article ‘Equal Minorities or Separation?’, I wrote ‘Yesterday, in High Court of Jaffna, I listened with appreciation to the advice shared by a Judge with some young men who I understood were collecting money from the Public under false pretenses. The Judge was able to recognize such collections to be for political purposes and hence the disciplinary advice.’

The above mentioned  ‘Service’ was provided by Justice Manickavasagar Illanchelian. His Honor is known to be a strong disciplinarian and is known to have been posted  to Jaffna after the damage caused by unruly protestors,  to the Jaffna Court Building during the period when the matter regarding the Pungudutheevu Student Vithya’s rape and murder was active. Where a place is strongly infested with violence – one needs a strongly non-violent force to diffuse the violence. We can all add our shares to such forces through our Truth and Truth alone.

Saint Yoga Swami of Jaffna said ‘Summa Iru’ / ‘Be Still’.  Swami stated in another context – that he had to work hard to become wise – that it was like carving a mountain. To me, Summa Iru means – Meditation – during which the mind is still. When the mind is still we identify  with the Truth within. This is an experience. One who seeks such Experience – above all other levels of activity – including winning in court through ‘facts’, is the ultimate winner.

Rape/Sexual abuse is not limited to Sinhalese army. Neither is child-soldier abuse limited to Tamil armed rebels. Where the official system of Law and Order is weak – such rulings would not go far – to remove violence from Jaffna. Mothers who sent their underage children to fight with the LTTE and mothers who did not fight against such recruitment by LTTE weaken their Motherhood Energy. Likewise parents who find more fault with the other side than is needed for them to develop such protection. 

When we are in a structured system – we need to practice the laws and policies of that system as per OUR interpretation based on our Truth, before we declare our ‘freedom’ to express. Premature expression of  ‘ rights’ has become common in Sri Lanka’s North also now. THAT is not the Education system we invested in.

A student has a ‘position’ in school structure. The same student has a ‘child’ position in family structure. Until the student/child completes her/his position duty – the student/child has the DUTY to express from within the structure. To my mind, this is expressed by Lord Krishna who says ‘Do your Duty without being  focused on Benefits’. Where there is a Position there is a Duty. A child who is not yet a voter – is therefore acting in breach of her/his duty when s/he publicly protests against a ‘system’.

All Mothers who sent their children to fight as part of the LTTE acted in breach of their positions as Mothers. All mothers whose children were forcibly ‘taken’ by the LTTE need to be facilitated to bring legal actions against the LTTE – so we could cleanup our backyard.

Sexual enjoyment is an enjoyment that is a natural right of even animals. Human civilization has codified this as  ‘private and confidential’ so that it would lead to Marriage and Family – without excessive enjoyment in the name of ‘freedom’. Family  relationships regulate this enjoyment through positions within the Family. Where pleasures of the flesh starting with food – are Equally taken and given – they lead to Diversity – followed by Separation. It’s when there is a Common contributor – be it through Provider and/or Beneficiary – that there is ‘bonding’. Where a mother therefore cooks more and eats less relative to other members of the family – she contributes to the Common pool from both directions.  Where a father earns money and enjoys spending less than others in the family – the father contributes to the Common pool from both sides. Such contributions often happen through cultural and legal structures and therefore positions within those structures. When enjoyment of pleasures is raised to the higher level – through such structures – beyond the highest level of practitioner in that structure – it becomes an Art. In Hinduism – this is codified as Kama Sutra in relation to enjoyment of sexual pleasure.

Where one raises the enjoyment of sexual pleasure through position structures and beyond position boundaries – such a person accumulates Energy that protects her/his group from the effects of sexual violence. To benefit from such protection – one needs to believe in such a person. Such Protecting Energy/Sexual Purity  is called ‘Katpu’ in Tamil. A family is protected by such Energy through the Net value of the pooled energies all members. An individual is limited to her/his individual credits and debits.   Likewise an institution.

His Honor’s words in relation to the armed soldiers found guilty of rape ‘these soldiers brought the military into disrepute’ – means also that they were a danger to other members within – especially female soldiers within the armed forces. Punishing them would to a degree cure the armed forces through members who believe in the Judicial system. Had such action been taken before the matter came to court – it would have been more powerful as a curing force.

According to Tamil Guardian report:

[A report by Yasmin Sooka, The Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales (BHRC) and The International Truth & Justice Project (ITJP) previously detailed the incident, which involved the soldiers sexually abusing another Tamil woman. The report said:
"When the victim, who could identify the alleged perpetrators, reported the crime to the local military camp, she was told to have a bath first. Then she was offered money by the military to go away but she insisted on lodging a complaint with the police. A judicial medical report confirmed sexual assault. At a court hearing in which the victim identified her attackers, there were reportedly a hundred military men present to intimidate the victim. The accused were arrested but released on bail after five months. Since then, one has been absconding from the hearings, while the victim has been repeatedly harassed and threatened by military and police, most recently in February and March 2014."]

 Offering money is to add insult to injury.  To the extent the complaint is genuine and the complainant has the Protecting Energy – the ultimate damage is to the perpetrator – provided – the victim remains within her/his Truth after exhausting the official pathways available to her/him in that environment.  Hence ‘Summa Iru’ wisdom by Yoga Swami. We then become Observers of our own Goodness.

Army officers who ‘took’ other pleasures by force or otherwise – outside their position entitlements are a Danger to their Institution due to loss of Protective Energy. Once beyond reasonable limits – the form of Protection changes from one to the other – be it Satan or Divinity within. This is how the Sinhalese soldiers have diminished their own fighting ability by engaging in ‘relationships’ with the enemy. Truth forms Its own pathways / relationships.
If Tamils react to this Judgment – as some did in France recently after the UN Resolution to indicate they were ready for  war – then we lose the opportunity to become Observers. Once our duty is done – we need to become Observers – to enjoy Higher Life of Independence. That’s when we have ridden ourselves of the dirt. Not until then – certainly not through victory – be it in the battlefield or the court.

The ability to Reverse exponentially to the Perpetrator is the ultimate. By then – we would not be ‘waiting’ but would keep going along our own path of Truth – accumulating positive Energy exponentially – so we earn the status to Bless those who believe in us. Mere blessing by such Higher Souls – is enough to lift the mind of any believer.  Others in the ‘system’ need our Truth to strengthen and protect the system. We are unaffected by their negligence to include us. Often victims are ‘forgotten’ when there is more exciting matters in that environment. But our Truth is always there to support us, counsel us and lead us to Higher Happiness. Truth never forgets. 

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