Wednesday 21 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 October  2015

Message from Goddess of Education
Sri Lanka for Sri Lankans First

How do we become ‘Higher Pigeons?’ from ground level where - Hindus are now shouting ‘War-crimes & Genocide’; Buddhists are chanting ‘Terrorism’ ; Christians are mumbling ‘Reconciliation’ and Muslims are thinking ‘all of the above’. Whatever the UN may say – Sri Lankans within Sri Lankan borders have the Duty to work as per Sri Lankan Borders/Structures. We cannot become Singapore nor America – Sinhalese nor Tamil. The current government rejected the Hybrid Court. It promised that ‘foreign’ experts would be included. On 20 September 2015, I drew attention to the Paranagama Report through the Nation article ‘Citizens petition President over ‘Paranagama Report’. Yesterday – 20 October 2015 – the Nation reports that the ‘Udalagama and Paranagama Commission reports have been tabled in Parliament’

The above mentioned  Petition was headed by – (as per the published version) “Hon.   Veerasingham Anandasangaree,  Sri Lanka Former member of Parliament of Sri Lanka, and current  Leader,  Tamil United  Liberation Front (TULF)”.

As per today latest news – the son of Mr. Anandasangaree – Mr. Gary Anandasangaree has been elected to Federal Parliament of Canada as part of the Liberal Party. Last year the question asked was: LTTE’s Gary Anandasangaree To Enter Canadian Politics?

One could therefore conclude that being an LTTE supporter is not against the law in Canada. Inclusion of  Karuna – the Eastern leader of the LTTE - as part of the then Government was confirmation that it was not in Sri Lanka either. Under a subjective system – the top Executive’s word is the law, until proven otherwise through the Judicial process. From that point onwards – only that CEO is answerable to higher authorities – including the UN. To my knowledge, no Sri Lankan successfully challenged the above decision in Court. As per Natural Justice therefore only crimes committed by LTTE–North – after this cut off point – are liable to be investigated and the perpetrators punished. Others do not fall under Terrorism but mere crimes at local level.

As per the above Petition:
[The second mandate of the Paranagama Commission was thus expected to inquire into the facts and circumstances that resulted in the principle loss of civilian life in the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka and to issue a report on or before the 15th of August 2015.   Sir Desmond De Silva Q.C. and Professor David Crane, were both chief prosecutors of an international criminal tribunal.   They were both picked personally by the Secretary General of the United Nations to discharge those roles.   In that role, they were both appointed at a level of an Under Secretary General of the United Nations.  ]

As per information available to the Public Sir Desmond De Silva Q.C.  is British as Mr. Gary Anandasangaree has become Canadian. Neither is Sri Lankan. Hence when Sir Desmond De Silva Q.C. hears ‘information’ his mind-order would receive and ‘conclude’ as British and NOT as Sri Lankan. This is the reason why ‘foreign’ minds should not be included in ‘judging locals’.

Facts stand on their own rights – confirming the forces that manifested them. In a Subjective system that Sri Lanka is – only those who believe they are Sri Lankans – have access to the minds of those who  manifested the outcome. For structural purpose these judges have to renounce their other citizenship to have the moral authority to ‘judge’. Hence Dual Citizens cannot be members of Parliament. In the Anandasangaree family – father’s mind-order and son’s mind-order would be different even though they are both of the one family.

The petitioners led by the senior Anandasangaree stated in their petition to the President:

[It is imperative, that this first official report from the Government of Sri Lanka,  prepared with assistance from independent international legal and military professionals,   is tabled forthwith to the ongoing Human Rights Council in Geneva,  so that it makes a meaningful impact.   It is only right that the 47 voting member countries of the Human Rights Council have an opportunity to read and digest Sri Lanka’s own independent report in order that they might make an informed judgement prior to the conclusions of the final deliberations on Sri Lanka by the HRC. 
We are deeply concerned to learn from media reports and the statements issued by the Minister of External Affairs, that this vital report dealing with the 2nd mandate of the Paranagama Commission, which has been made available to your office over a month ago,   has not as yet been presented to the members of the  UN Human Rights Council, which commenced its sessions on the 14th September 2015. ]

 According to BBC report [Sri Lanka judge says war crimes claims are 'credible'] – there is no mention of the British involvement in this Commission. ‘Facts’ as published by Channel 4 are the only admissible facts in the case of global inquiry. Even statements by victims would be subjective unless they were recorded immediately after the experience. The human mind often includes its own expectations to the ‘observed’ facts when one is likely to lose or gain from making affidavits / confessions/giving evidence. According to Economy Next  - [The Maxell Paranagama commission appointed in 2013 in what many at the time feared was an attempt to white wash the security forces has surprisingly produced a shockingly frank report amounting to an indictment of the former regime. ]

Where a Commission is appointed by an Authority – in this instance President Rajapaksa – it has the responsibility to report to that Authority. It could use other sources – such as the mind of British legal experts to help structure its report to suit the world at large but the reporting is to the employer. To the extent the Commissioning was subjective – the authority of the Maxell Paranagama Commission ended when Mr. Rajapaksa stepped down from the position of Presidency. Thereafter – it had no authority to report to the President/Government of Sri Lanka.

In a Subjective system – each individual leader has the authority to use Discretionary powers after the exhaustion of  Administrative processes. Discretionary powers are earned through their True investments in that position beyond the duty of the position as defined by the structure.  Unless therefore the appointment of the Commission was within the position duty – the new President does not have the authority to enjoy the fruits of that additional ‘facility’.   Facilities in Democratic systems are of this category. When migrating from Sri Lanka to Australia, I brought that Truth – with me – as per my performance beyond the level at which I was rewarded relative to others – each as per their official positions. The same way, - ‘facts’ cannot be used to judge the causers of outcomes after lapse of their ‘natural’ lifetime – they cannot be used at a different place either. Each user is entitled to use the ‘facts’ as per their own Truth – but not ‘judge’ the causers of outcomes of another time and/or another place.

The Paranagama Commission is a clear example of  disorder of the mind at that level – a punishment through the system of Natural Justice. Unless we are part of a group, unit or institution where at least one member has the positive aspect and we have belief in that member – we evolve with the negatives as our karma – which are reflected in our horoscopes as ‘Paavam’ / Sins. These cannot be corrected in current life. We can include ourselves with those who have the positive aspects and hence matching of horoscopes when arranging marriages. The need for Sri Lanka is to seek and find those who have positive leadership karma in the subjective system – to offset the negatives of the Rajapaksa regime. This is most likely to be a Sri Lankan of Tamil origin driven by Truth above her/his position requirements. Investment in Democracy will work only once this block is cleared by seeking redemption. It cannot be cleared through visible outcomes of Reconstruction – such as buildings and Bank Balances.

Experts talk about damage to the minds of victims of war. They do not talk about damage to the minds of the perpetrators of war. But Truth continues to manifest Itself – once even one person True to her/himself needs such manifestation. Until then the karma would continue. In this instance who is that person with positive karma – President Sirisena who was part of the Rajapaksa regime ? Prime Minister Wickremesinghe who is bringing in Singaporeans to impress the West ? TNA Leader Sampanthan who is still looking for the reasons why we chose the path of violence in politics? Any member of the Diaspora? UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein?

Until Sri Lankan leaders seek and identify this person – there would be no room for functional Democracy in Sri Lanka because  after all the opportunities Sri Lanka had to correct its excesses through Autocracy, it failed to do so. The only option now is to cure itself through itself – starting with saying ‘sorry’ – as we Australians said to Indigenous Australians.

As in the case of Sri Lankan Airlines’ investigators, the ‘experts’ in the Paranagama Commission – are reported to have been paid – at a high level.  .  Sri Lanka is owed an Objectively Measurable Independent Report of Global standards for the money paid. This is essential in the case of Zero Base Budgeting.  Otherwise that also would be Parana (Obsolete) as the Paranagama report. Zero base means – no Subjective brought forwards or carry forwards.

The University of New South Wales invested in Singapore without first having cleared its Racial Karma, carried forward from previous structures. The investment/expenditure was called ‘UNSW Asia’:

[The University of New South Wales Asia(Abbreviation: UNSW Asia; Chinese: 亚洲新南威尔斯大学) was the first international university campus for the University of New South Wales in Singapore which opened on 12 March 2007. UNSW Asia was the first foreign university, fifth university and the third to be privately funded and operated after the Singapore Management University(2000) and SIM University (2005).
On 23 May 2007, UNSW Asia Singapore campus announced its planned closure on 28 June 2007, at the end of the first semester due to financial issues and lower than expected student numbers. As a result of the sudden closure, rifts within the UNSW management were publicised, and accusations were exchanged between the University and the Economic Development Board. Questions were raised over the Economic Development Board's role in bringing in potentially over-ambitious business plans. The Singapore government's total loans to the university amounting to S$32 million was also revealed. The University is expected to repay all loans, and will have to restore the land for its campus to its original state, potentially incurring further costs.] Wikipedia

I wrote to the Deputy Premier NSW – the Hon John Watkins about the above as follows - :

[Dear Mr. Watkins,

Your Contribution to the Closure of UNSW Asia 

I refer to the news-report by Reporter Brendan O`Keefe, in the Australian of 27 June, under the title `UNSW Singapore campus doomed to fail` . I read this report yesterday, on the internet.
As your government ought to know, I have been regularly  advising  the University & your government that UNSW Asia would fail. On 01 October 2006, I wrote to Mr. Fred Hilmer, current Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW :
‘Not one UNSW staff has owned that they are guilty of racial discrimination. It could happen due to White Superiority and / or Asian inferiority. Common Principles are like the father who connects the family to the external world. You need Objective Evidence of this - such as the common surname. All those who directly participated in my matters needed to show the records that are the evidence that the Common Principles of Equal Opportunity were actually practiced. Between faculties and Central Administration also these Objective records must be automatically produced through Due Process. But if the producers cling to the outcomes on the way - such as the signatures - then they do not qualify to connect to the outside world as ONE family / institution.
A mother keeps the family together through Common values / Truth. She does not need to produce proof because the family that is connected together would come to her directly, independently and individually and / or through the person closest to the mother. The mother has the luxury of not needing proof. Her Truth will do the work for her. Father needs proof because he uses Common Principles which are external until they are realized to become Common Values.
Today is Saraswathi Poojah in the Hindu calendar. Saraswathi is the Goodess of Education. Saraswathi brings out the knowledge within us towards Common Value for us and Common Principles for our children (vertical followers) and remote family (lateral users). Our children give different form and remote family observe, identify and use. Former is vertical progress and latter is lateral progress.
May Goddess Saraswathi Bless UNSW. ?’

Mr. Watkins, yes, Goddess Saraswathi did bless the real UNSW and hence the closure. I am a genuine owner of the UNSW and hence I know intuitively whether a project will succeed or not. It`s the discretionary powers of a genuine owner. ]

Later to  Prime Minister Rudd after I became the victim of Jaffna’s breakdown in law and order:

[Yesterday, when I realized that my voice was blocked by the thug, I pushed my elbow into the guy and I screamed `Muruga` the name of the Lord at Nallur temple towards which I was walking. The guy let go, turned around and started running away from me. I bent down, picked up a stone and threw it at him and said `you thieving dog, Muruga will punish you.` I did not say likewise to the UNSW Administrators, but they were punished through the Hall matter and later through the crash of UNSW Asia which was foreshadowed by me. Truth manifests Itself in the presence of genuine investors/owners. ]

One who sacrifices earned benefits to connect to the Truth as per the system of Perpetrators – has the power to cure them. Let’s not jump from Sinhalese/Tamil  Only  - to Singapore and America – Free for All – bypassing Sri Lankans. Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans first. Any solution to our problem for Sri Lankan purposes – must include the Truth of Sri Lankans and NOT the theory of foreigners practicing their own Western laws.

On 22 October 2004 – which like today, was Saraswathi Pooja Day - I was arrested when I went to see the Vice Chancellor of University of NSW – Professor Mark Wainwright at that time. I was dressed up to speak to a gathering of Hindus in Sydney about Goddess of Education. But on that day I was dragged roughly by Police Officers from the office of the Vice Chancellor to the gates of UNSW and later taken into custody. To me the karma came back in 2007 – when the same Professor Wainwright was sent to clean up the UNSW Asia mess.  Sri Lankan Government has a duty to learn from the likes of  this Sri Lankan who have continued to be blessed by Goddess Saraswathi and not get carried away by ‘foreign’ looks – be it American or Singaporean. 

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