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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 18 October  2015

Mental Illness shared by War Victors and Victims

Overall, if the UN covers up its own acts, like bringing cholera to Haiti and now, under Herve Ladsous, covering up and excusing rapes in the Central African Republic, how can it offer accountability to places like northern Sri Lanka? Zeid said “we” didn't find genocide, and then left the press conference. Lies Agreed To, indeed.’ - Matthew Russell Lee, - Sri Lanka Sends War Crimes Denier Medawela to UN, UNCA "Lies Agreed To" – Inner City Press

The local confirmation of the above accusation comes as follows:

[Describing the effects of such a traumatic background on the mental make up of kids, Somasundaran says:  “The hopes, trust, and feelings of security that children need to develop normally, would have been destroyed, causing permanent scarring at an impressionable age.”] Dr. Daya Somasundaram, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Jaffna - in his Anandarajan Memorial Oration delivered at Jaffna recently. Dr. Somasundaram is reported to have quoted a 2009 study by T.Ebert, M.Schauer and others to say that 57 percent of North’s children had a “functioning disorder” and 29 percent were “full” cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). | EPS

To Inner City Press – the way the UN interpreted what happened is important as per its ‘local-community’. In fact the contribution by the Inner City Press could be taken to be  ‘internal’ discipline of that group that has highest  status in terms of Global Governance.

Reading the above section of the speech by Professor Daya Somasundaram, I recalled our dear friend Ramachandran who said to me that according to one expert – majority academics at the University of Peradeniya – Rama’s Alma Mater – suffered from mental disorder! Rama said this when I was upset that I was threatened with enforced medication to ‘cure’ me of alleged mental illness when the Judicial system could not cope with my Truth. Rama identified with me through his own experience with me. It did comfort me at that time and I included that in my eulogy service to Rama a few years later. Truth and only Truth can release the soul heavenwards. 

Not only in Sri Lanka – but in Australia also – the armed forces and the judiciary – end up using the Mental Health system to cover up their own negligence:

[Dr. Hayes said that they had to calm me down. I said I was calm. I said I did have pain in the beginning but now that I have cured myself I was calm. This is a strong indicator of my practice of democracy through which I assessed myself and published my findings. When I did that – there is a mechanism  to reject what does not belong to me but is said to me about myself.  This helps my mind stay within my Truth.
 Dr. Hayes continued to say that I needed to be calmed and said that they were going to put me on medication. I said I did not want any medication and said that I refused to take any medication. Dr. Hayes said that they could force it down into me, if not orally, then through an injection. I said they did not have lawful right to give me medication against my will. Dr. Hayes said they had the power to do so under the Mental Health Act – a power that the Magistrate had given them by sending me there. I looked at the lady doctor and said it was for this reason that I did not want to be under the supervision of Probation and Parole where the officer was trying to make me blame my parents for what I was doing. I said I agreed with the Court psychiatrist for an assessment by the hospital. Dr. Hayes said they did not need my consent. I said I wanted my lawyer there with me. Dr. Hayes said they did not have to do that and that they would not. I asked that my doctor be called. Dr. Hayes said NO. I was slowly beginning to panic. Dr. Hayes must have picked this up – as I had allowed him into my mind and he repeated that they could inject me with medication if I refused to take it. Dr. Hayes asked where my husband was at that time and I said at the house-warming ceremony  (of Sumathi – our friend Peram’s daughter  - a UNSW Medical Graduate) or at home. Dr. Hayes asked for his phone number and I gave both his mobile and land line numbers.  The lady doctor asked me whether I wanted a drink, coffee, tea, water and I said no. By now I was fearful of contamination. To me my mind is my strongest vitamin and medicine.  I was left outside the interview room . I  pleaded with the Police Officers to protect me. One asked me why I had not gone to the media.
I prayed to Sai Baba to help me – so I did not have to take medication. My mind was most  important to me including in relation to my physical health. I  cured myself mostly by connecting to others who were healthy – including the doctors. The medication was only a small part of the curing process for me. Even as I prayed, the lady doctor came over and asked me again for my husband’s land line number. I gave it and pleaded with her not to prescribe medication. The lady doctor said ‘I understand that’.
I continued to sit there and fear the threat of forced injection of medication into my body. For the first time in a long time I felt fear grip me. As my daughter-in-law Jodi said to me later, I had kept my body pure (I am a teetotaler) and here they were, ready to inject their drugs into me for their own desires and pleasures. Dr. Hayes, the head of the team demonstrated absolute power without recourse to Due Process or the medical system that endorsed his skills and competency. As per the Truth I saw in his mind, the Medical system should have long retired Dr. Hayes and the Judicial system should have long retired Magistrate Pat O’ Shane. Now they will have to go in disgrace because those who need their services cannot connect to them because they cannot be trusted to do their jobs genuinely. To them and the Vice Chancellor of UNSW, I was just another number – an ugly one to be dispensed with as quickly as possible.] Gaja - Naan Australian – Chapter 25

I heard about Dr. Somasundaram in 2009 when I went to work with the victims of war in Chettikulam Camps. Dr. Somasundaram’s mentee shared his thoughts with me. Later when I heard that the mentee had come to Australia and had had high level medical ‘talks’ in which group Dr. Somasundaram was also included – I included Dr. Somasundaram in my email list. Thus far Dr. Somasundaram has not responded to a single email from me. Later the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney arranged for Dr. Somasundaram to be one of the key-note speakers at a Workshop on Reconciliation. I was invited only once to speak on the Caste system’s connection to the war – and this was based on one of my articles published by the Sri Lanka Guardian. Dr. Somasundaram was the holy cow with the bell around his neck and I was a Pariah to the Academics as per my Australian history – (thanks to the University of New South Wales Government ) – playing the role with the University – that the  Inner City Press is playing in relation to the UN. 
I now identify with the timing-connections as messages from Truth. At the time of the above Workshop - I was already scheduled to be in Sri Lanka – at Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai – where I was/am the bridge between the high caste Vaddukoddai and low caste Thunaivi. Later when we – the Reconciliation forum -  regrouped and I was elected to lead the strand responsible for Projects in Sri Lanka – during which a retired White Australian Judge also was present – that meeting’s discussion was also about Dr. Somasundaram’s work – and not my projects at grassroots level in one of Sri Lanka’s most disenfranchised areas – which is also a high risk zone due to the above mentioned mental disorders of the mind BEFORE the war. Soon after I resigned from active membership in the above group which also had handicapped itself due to Academic mind-disorder.

Those who are Academics – are taken to be of the highest order of the human mind – because their pathway leads them to the Truth. Hence the title PhD. Philosophy is of the highest order due to its formlessness/Commonness. Projects on the other hand are at primary level and need to be particularized to suit the local community. In Thunaivi – even going to the Police is a fearful operation. I have allowed myself to become a victim of Thunaivi’s roughness to show the pathway to using Police facility.  Below is this morning’s communication in regards to our complaint to the Police after one of the workers went to Police. To my mind it’s the parallel of the Tamil Diaspora going to the UN after the Sri Lankan Government went to the UN :

Dear ….,
My husband informed me that you were personally going over to check on the video footage. Thank you for that. Without that the cameras are of secondary purpose to us. Security is the big issue there and we need the partnership of the Police in this.
I was rather upset that you said I did not understand the situation there. I do Sssss. I come there and live alone and that is how I know them and their needs. This is why when Sx & Sy got upset after their wire was stolen – I still asked them to go ahead with the job. In all we paid Jj Rs 35,000 for material and labour – labour being Rs 18,000. In addition now we have paid Sx & Sy  Rs. 5000 for re-fixing the camera. If they had come on time – and done the job themselves – as they did at the Training centre – then they could have claimed the repair costs. It is for these reasons that I asked you specifically the following two questions:
1.       Whether your quotation for Solar Power covered both – Temple and the Cottage
2.       Whether the full installation would be done by you within the quotation
You said yes to both. But yesterday I found out that Jj has been doing your Solar Power work – covered by the above quotation  - instead of the Water Motor work for which he was commissioned. He completed the installation of plug points in the extension hut – (according to Je) – but not the water motor work. Then I noticed his staff (thanks to the camera) – on the ladder in our corridor and asked what was happening. Then he said they were installing the wires to the temple to get the solar power. I got upset and shouted at him to stop everything. Later my husband rang and asked him to complete the water motor job and to get paid by Your Organization  for work done at their bidding.
I DID NOT ask Jj at any time to do the video footage to the camera. I would not think of it – because to my knowledge – Jj does not have computer skills. Je has a little but even then I did not ask him. YOU asked me and I said YES for Your Organization  to do it. Your staff did not give me any quotations to install new cameras for the ones stolen. These are all irregularities  that are disappointing to me.
Hope you understand and appreciate that we are a Training Group and our expertise is in Training. Each one has a specific job and they must not mix it without consultation with the Customer who must come first to a Business person.
Warm Regards

To my mind, the UN not finding Genocide is false once they thought of Hybrid Court. I would have used CERD - International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination – principles as the law to discipline the Sri Lankan Government before it undertook ‘internal’ criminal investigations against the LTTE – including through the use of Prevention of Terrorism Act 1978.  A senior law expert who also spoke at one of the events organized by the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney, said in response to my question about implementing the parallel of  Australian Racial Discrimination Act 1975 – that the existing laws already provided for them. May be to academic mind-order. But not to the Government, leave alone the citizen.

As per the above principles:
Definition of "racial discrimination"
Main articles: Racism and Discrimination
Article 1 of the Convention defines "racial discrimination" as
...any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.
Distinctions made on the basis of citizenship (that is, between citizens and non-citizens) are specifically excluded from the definition, as are affirmative action policies and other measures taken to redress imbalances and promote equality.
This definition does not distinguish between discrimination based on ethnicity and discrimination based on race, in part because the distinction between the ethnicity and race remains debatable among anthropologists. The inclusion of descent specifically covers discrimination on the basis of caste and other forms of inherited status.
Discrimination need not be strictly based on race or ethnicity for the Convention to apply. Rather, whether a particular action or policy discriminates is judged by its effects.
In seeking to determine whether an action has an effect contrary to the Convention, it will look to see whether that action has an unjustifiable disparate impact upon a group distinguished by race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin.
The question of whether an individual belongs to a particular racial group is to be decided, in the absence of justification to the contrary, by self-identification. ]   

If therefore a person of Vaddukoddai discriminates on the basis of caste due to descent only  against a person of Thunaivi – and v.v. – how could that be included as being due to the war? Likewise, where the Sri Lankan soldiers were recruited on emergency basis – and lacked the position training to act in Common as per their jobs – but were driven by their natural mind-order which lives off Descent – of being Sinhala Buddhist heritage – would that not amount to racism when used against another ethnic group – for example Tamils or Muslims? When our training is weaker than our natural mind-order and that natural mind-order is based on our past/descent – Racial Discrimination happens. When it happens to a large group whose mind-order is not trained to think through Anti Discrimination Principles – their claim of Genocide has full validity in the Court of Natural Justice.

Tamils escalated the Conflict to the highest level of Global Governance through their pain and suffering. Taking no compensation below that highest level is the best way for all of us to honor our dead. Any monetary compensation could be considered only after the following:

Repeal the provisions in the Constitution that give ‘descent’ based priority to Sinhala-Buddhist leadership

Include in the Constitution the Truth that is particular to Sri Lanka – through the inclusion of Anti Racial Discrimination Article in the Constitution. Anything less would result in more wars and/or deteriorated mind-order due to leaders running away to Western countries without paying their debt to Motherland. Truth when discovered needs to be integrated with our particular culture of that time at that place. That is our heritage to the next generation. The law that gives its pathway shape and form – is our Will. If we do not write our own Will – others especially idle academics/holy cows with bells – will ‘take-over’ our mind and vote in their favor. 

To the practitioner – the mind-order of the Academic would seem to lead to hallucination. To the Academic – the mind-disorder of the practitioner would seem to be depression. Each one must be read in the background of their own Natural Habitat. Only the mind that has merged both has the authority to speak about either – and then too strictly ‘by self-identification’ as stated above when one is in the system of Democracy. 

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