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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30 October  2015

Idle Tamil Opposition Leadership Position in Sri Lankan Parliament

1.      “Weerawansa noted that Global Tamil Forum President Father S.J.Emmanuel had said that he will be visiting Sri Lanka soon as he has been invited by the Government.
Father S.J.Emmanuel was included in a proscribed list by the former Government over alleged links to terrorism.” - Joint opposition questions state of democracy – Colombo Gazzette

2.      Weerawansa also said that he will file a complaint with the human rights commission against the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for arresting him recently over his passport.”

If the above two statements were made during the same session of parliament – (they appear to be so) then they negate each other and deny themselves the Administrative value.

If Mr. Weerawansa accepts the previous government’s ruling against Father S.J.Emmanuel – then he becomes that Opposition in Parliament with the same mind order as the Government that made that Ruling. When subjective powers are taken up in Parliament – one side is Government and the other side is Citizen. Given that the current Government overrode the previous Government’s ruling – it became the Opposition representing the Citizen and the person accusing became the Government as per that law.

The second statement that he would make a complaint to Human Rights Commission was of a personal nature and did not have the height to be taken up in Parliament. In Parliament one has the right to show the connection between Cause and Effect – as per one’s Truth AFTER following the lawful process. Following the lawful process is our Royalty to Parliament. Mr. Weerawansa has every right to go to the Human Rights Commission as a private citizen and not as an elected member of the People who is taken to have made investment through lawful conduct – to have ‘ownership’ rights.

I complained against the then Prime Minister of Australia – Mr. John Howard to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission after going through the Administrative processes step by step. Given that I did it as a victim without official portfolio – the process was excruciatingly painful. I had to be conscious that I was a victim – so I would be active. I needed to be active to empower Equal Opportunity positions at the highest level of Governance that a migrant of my generation was capable of – especially one from war-torn Sri Lanka. I thus became the real Opposition in Australian Parliament in terms of Racial Equality. My losses incurred - step by step through the Administrative processes fitted wins as per the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 –  wins at the Prime Ministerial level. I was not physically present in Parliament which held the Prime Ministerial position, but my investment in that position was present. Once we are in Truth – we have still mind and the investment works for us. One who so invests would identify with the returns when they  happen and would know that the actions were needed to protect the Nation. The fact that Mr. Howard was present with Mr. Bush during the 9/11 attack – confirmed to me that my warnings to Mr. Howard were appropriate.  In Court – I had the Equal position through the legal system – to subjectively Oppose Mr. Howard. I did not have that in Parliament. Mr. Weerawansa has it in Parliament and when he complains in Parliament he is confirming abuse of Parliamentary position.  This confirms also that the JVP Rebellion that he contributed to was on false grounds – and was of the LTTE Karuna kind. Eventually – Mr. Howard lost his seat and therefore the Political voice and became an ordinary citizen like myself. The simple Truth worked to downgrade him. Every migrant who truly rejected Mr. Howard and his followers on the basis of her/his experience – contributed to this outcome. The position needed was that of junior migrant. The Judiciary is required to the Separate so it would facilitate this Equal position. Australian Judiciary failed beyond the basic Administrative process. Our Judiciary was strongly influenced by the highly paid lawyers who were using the ‘idle’ minds of Judges to show off their cleverness – through rote-learning. So let’s not fool ourselves that the Australian Justice system is Saintly relative to the Sri Lankan Justice system. One has to be ‘Common’ to make such judgment.

A Rebellion to be true – needs to be (1) After all lawful processes available in that environment have been exhausted and (2) Need to be based on one’s own experience.

As per November issue of Puthinam London:

[pibnft ;[mf vaZmf  Vzlf - ;vbfbalf uRvaKvT m[it m[mf mdfDmlfl miRk m[mf Pd.  `nft m[tfti[f  evqipfpaD K]mf. nadfdibfK oR K]mf, cYMktftibfK  oR K]mf,  vIdfdibfK oR K]mf, nayfkfK nayf oR K]mf - ;T ;ybfAkyi[f niyti.
The environment of birth as well as living – shapes not only human mind but also the animal mind. The manifestation of that mind is the character / trait. There is a trait of  the nation, there is a trait of the society, there is a trait of the family – there is a trait for each breed of dog. This is Nature’s Law. ]

I appreciate through my Australian experience that a person of lower position in a relationship can ‘restructure’ the mind of the  person in the higher position by accepting the lower position as the right position. Then our true investment in the higher position goes into the environment of Truth – and works as the invisible power to demote the position allocated by that person to the junior despite having had the opportunity to know the truly earned position of that person and treat  her/him as an Equal. Those who rebel prematurely are actually missing out on this opportunity to demote the leader through Natural Justice. They rebel to eliminate that person so they could take that place. This is true of both JVP as well as LTTE Rebel leaders.

I contributed to the Global system by going through Australian Laws rather than Politicians. Once we use Politicians – we are taking lower position than they and NOT Equal position. To be valid at global/total level – one needs to produce Independent outcomes to confirm one’s position independent of another – but relative to the Equal Opposition as per the Law. Hence the requirement of Objectively Measurable evidence in a multicultural/hybrid environment. This is the real power of minority in a Democratic system. Often those who have been beneficiaries of the subjective system relative to minorities – fail to recognize this strength. Those within the minority group who desire the leadership position use other forms to reduce the status of the person in the higher position – including weapons – but not limited to weapons. This may be deserved by that other person but that is NOT democracy. Democracy is confirmed when both are Equal at the end of the relationship – be it at a higher or lower level than when the two involved started.

Yesterday, in response to my article  ‘Australian Ownership of UNHRC Resolution’ a Sinhalese of Army background responded:

[Sir Desmond is Sri Lankan born;  so he is not an outsider.  Let's get it right.  Was Pulidevan to be saved or killed. One or the other?
RW (Ranil Wickremesinghe) the 'PM' was praying the SL Army does not succeed. He had signed a pact with VP. So is he jealous of  Pulidevan;  not that he is 'not concerned' about P death(even though he had allegedly come under a white flag) but has not said anything about  his concern or not for VP's?
 The military Commander on the spot decides action on the ground and is fully responsible for  his decisions. What is RW saying? That the army officer disobeyed a MOD/ MR (Ministry of Defence/Mahinda Rajapaksa) order?
Is it that MR wanted to save P but the field commander killed him while carrying a white flag?  On this RW must be summoned to the 'HYBRID'  commission. Let's see what his song will be then .
There are 2 words that describe what RW spouts together with the mouth pieces of the LTTE who are as guilty of the destruction caused to the Tamils as the LTTE despite  Sambandan's  tears. I do not want to spoil your morning]

To this I responded as follows:

Thank you.  The mind at the time was Sri Lankan or British is the question. If he were Sri Lankan - then there needs to be objectively measurable confirmation of his participation as a member of the Diaspora - as is the case with many of us.
Ranil has been elected by the People and unless he is proven wrong through objectively measurable evidence - he is to be taken as 'right' in terms of expressions in Parliament. That is the subjective power of any government which MR also enjoyed abundantly. My writings would confirm that I did not dispute this at any time - even though I was accused of  being MR fan at that time.

If as an army expert you contradict Ranil  - why don't you write publicly through your column? Is that not your duty as a governor of the army now that you have retired from active duties?
In my case I do not play politics. I take the Administrative value - as identified with through my Truth - to structure my position vis a vis the other POSITION. That contributes to reliable administrative structures.

 The Position we take in a free environment needs to the True for us to contribute through the system of Truth with Universal access. During my Australian experiences I submitted a paper to the UN on Elimination of Racial Discrimination – to which I did not receive even an acknowledgement from the UN. But when Ms Pillai with the attributes I could identify with – came on board – AND – like me went to grassroots level – I knew that the Truth in UN had received my contribution.

The path of Truth is so very beautiful in its  perfection. It’s never too late to submit our contribution to the Truth we know and/or to the person who has shown us our Truth and thus has become our Spiritual Guru. That is all and everything Sri Lanka needs. As per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution – Buddhists have the responsibility to discover their own Truth first – through the Buddhist pathway. Hence the invitation for Father Emmanuel to convert the Buddhists is in breach of Article 9. 

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