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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 06 October  2015

Educational Pathway to Truth

As per Uthayan Newspaper of 06 October 2015 – the Government Agent of Jaffna Mr. N.Vethanayagan stated recently while addressing  the gathering at Kokuvil Hindu College that the reason for Society going off the track is lack of Education. I identify very much with this. The Order of Thought is raised through Education. The Destination of Education is Truth. Once we discover Truth – that Truth becomes the Educational Pathway/Theory/Law  for the next generation and wider world that seeks to learn from us.

The Government Agent is reported to have stated:

பண வசதி படைத்தவர்கள் புகழுக்காகக் கட்டடங்கள் அமைக்கிறார்கள். வசதி படைத்தவர் செய்கின்ற உதவிக்கும், பண வசதி குறைவாகவுள்ளவர்கள் செய்கின்ற உதவிக்கும் நிறைய வேறுபாடுகள் உள்ளன.பாடசாலையில் கல்விக்காகச் செய்யும் உதவிகள் என்றும் அழியாதது.’
Translation: The money wealthy build buildings for fame. There are big differences between the contributions made by those who have money and those who do not have money. The contribution to Education never dies.

My thoughts went immediately to two recent experiences:
1.      The Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai Trades person threatening me that he would damage our property
2.      The ‘fact’ that my husband won the best Science student prize at Jaffna College in 1968 when he graduated from that College.

The relevance is the ‘education-gap’.  It is ok for someone to be not very well educated provided s/he remains in her/his Natural Habitat or takes her/his ‘position’ in a higher Structure formed to confirm the higher value of  Education a society has invested in. Through the parents’ generation the young guy (in 1. above)  in his late twenties had some knowledge about my husband’s Educational status but not mine. Me being a woman and him not having interacted with educated women in public positions would have meant that there was no ‘position’ in the young guy’s mind to be allocated to me. (This was also the case with LTTE and they demonstrated it at the meeting we had during Ceasefire Agreement period in 2003).

In addition – the Public Officers in that Thunaivi  area sought to find fault with me when I did not go along with their ways. The first officer to show respect was the G.A. Jaffna.
We Tamils are fighting for Land Rights. We are condemning the ‘occupation’ of Land by ‘foreign forces.’  The occupation of the Land bought and/or maintained out of the earnings of  educated folks when occupied by those who fail to respect that person or submit to the Educational status earned by that person - is occupation by ‘foreign forces’. LTTE is guilty of such ‘occupation’ of many such properties. Thunaivi being a high risk zone – is strongly infected by such Negative Karma.

By investing in that community – including this guy as an individual – I was able to ‘raise’ his level up-to a point where he could be self-employed. I had done this previously with others here in Australia – and later in Thunaivi itself.  I heard from other folks that I had paid more and therefore  got cheated. But I was unaffected by it. Given that I was there to promote ‘education’ as the higher pathway to uniting through institutional values – to me these guys all of them were my students. Hence the ‘gap’ in the money paid for services rendered were to raise the value to higher Business level – needed to be self-employed – an important pathway in Zero Base Budgetary system being promoted by the Sri Lankan Government.

There is a message at the Shrine of  Our Lady of Schoenstatt at the Sydney suburb of Mulgoa "nothing without You, nothing without us”. The Provider and the Beneficiary need to merge for true completion of service. To the extent the Provider is conscious of the need – the provider leads the merger and v.v. In the case of Thunaivi – I so lead the merger. But I need to know the highest point of merger – through my own Truth. Everything beyond that must not be manifested at that place at that time. The rest – to the extent I am genuine – would be manifested as per my needs and NOT in Common.

In the above Thunaivi matter – I declared that I would take the matter to the Police – not to the guy directly but to his new bride and members of her family who are also beneficiaries in different ways. Then I became an Observer. The result was that this guy withdrew the complaint AFTER I sent my Witness Statement through which our coordinator from Thunaivi presented the case. I thus became the invisible Energy – working through my own investment in those folks and our common merged Energy manifested through Thunaivi and Vaddukoddai folks.

Buildings built by the money wealthy for Fame – as stated by the Government Agent – do not have this merged ‘Common Power’. They are often ‘dumped’ in areas neglected areas. One such dumping happened in our Donated Land  in Thunaivi. The Land was ‘asked for and taken’ on the basis that there would be Government Offices in the building. But even the Grama Sevakar – has not moved in there – and rightly so – because of the ‘gap’ in education which would result in ‘majority’ overpowering the more educated officer. This is also the reason why armed forces including on the rebel side – fail.  The Government also failed due to this overpowering as per the unregulated thought of the junior officer  with the freedom to shoot as per his personal thoughts.

In the Subjective system – the person in a position needs to have invested beyond the requirements of the job as per that position to truly earn the respect of juniors and the authority to issue subjective orders.  Where such is not the case we switch to Democracy which means we need to stop investing in the occupier of the position once our duty as per our assessment of our job requirements – is completed. To the extent we invest beyond through the Position we become the Energy and the system that responds to us is the system of Truth. Hence ‘nothing without You’. Divine  Energy, is around us – and more strongly in places where the Truth has manifested through karma which is the Energy that goes beyond our control as stated above. We merge with those Energies as per our own – for better or for worse.
The position of Government Agent has been one such position – that gives shape to my investment in Public Service, due to my uncle Mr. Mylvakanam Srikantha occupying that position when I was a primary school student. Through my mother – I invested in Mr. Mylvakanam Srikantha beyond his position in our family, largely through my mother’s faith in him. I believe that that position – like sacred Land – continues to manifest support when the occupier has the right mind-order.  Hence Mr. K.Ganesh opened the handover ceremony of the above mentioned building  in Thunaivi in 2008. More recently the current occupier took immediate action when I complained that the Building was seriously under-utilized and that the Water Tank we built out of our private funds was not utilized at all. The Government Agents in between did not become our medium. It did not happen. Likewise the officials at local level to whom Thunaivi is an insignificant area – as Sri Lanka is to America and the UN – except when there is a war. The Diaspora in the meantime is ‘dumping’ to ‘buy’ status in the local communities in Western countries and with Western Governments to whom we are not family. Many school Alumni groups fail to allocate status on the basis of  how a person performed as per the core purpose of that institution – as certified by that institution. Often members of the Alumni who achieved credits for their schools through educational pursuits while in that school – are set aside by those who are smart in style. Outstanding students and staff who brought credit to the school through their common school activities must rank first in any group seeking status and fame through such ‘institutional’ connections. The Diaspora often going ‘off the track’ is strongly influenced by such takeovers. The Global Tamil Forum(GTF)-Tamil National Alliance(TNA) relationship is tending towards one swallowing the other because neither is committed to its core purpose.

Our organs representing the five senses of the body do not meet each other directly. They become generic through our surface brain. They become Common through our Higher Thought Order.  GTF is one such organ as TNA is another. Likewise TGTE and LTTE. The purposes may be Common but the organs/pathways through which they become generic – so they could be raised to become Common are different. The organs lose their Diversity and therefore functional value – when they are taken as one. The information/data through such pathways are ‘hearsay’ and die when they are outside their natural habitat.

There is no higher pathway / law than the pathway of Truth. Hence our current need is to discover our own Truth – and merge with each other as individuals and as communities – so that our Truth would become the Law for the next generation. Peace is assured in such Mother Lanka. 

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