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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 October  2015

Rohana Wijeweera who learnt from Indonesia

Preserving Sri Lankan Sovereignty

The Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament, the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan  asked the question as to how we Tamils embraced violence. ‘I Am a Sri Lankan and Sri Lanka Belongs to Me’ –  Mr. Sampanthan said in September this year from his position of Leader of the Opposition. Then he said in October this year in Jaffna ‘Great Destruction has happened to the Tamil Community due to Violent pathway. The question as to why we resorted to violence continues to remain unanswered. There may be many reasons as to why we chose the path of violence. Some reasons may be justifiable. But the question as to why we chose that pathway still continues to be unknown.’

The first Statement about his contribution to Sri Lanka – is structured through his JOB. It’s a job that leads other Sri Lankan Tamils to become the ‘other’ side in a political debate. But in later years we need to know also as to why we could not prevent violence in our environment. At the Fundamental level – the reasons are the same – whatever our pathways. Our expressions are as per our mind-structure at that time.

A Sri Lankan mind would construct as per her/his discoveries as a Sri Lankan. People may claim that they are Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Sri Lankan. Only the claims of those who have ‘ownership’ in that group are true and therefore provide stable mind-order. Often, statements of politicians are strongly influenced by the minds of their physical environments. Even though they may be genuine – they could be interpreted differently by others. We still do not know the form of the claim made by the Vaddukoddai  Resolution. At the emotional level there is consensus amongst those who have invested superficially. Hence majority become rulers in Democracy.  At the feelings level also there is inner peace and therefore harmony which spreads to support wider world. They are like Centripetal Force and Centrifugal Force respectively. To my mind – where the two are present in a group at Equal level – it is a self-balancing group. Likewise Politics and Governance need to be Equal forces in an independent nation. This is not limited to the Government but to all disciplines. The deeper contributor would tend towards a still mind through Truth discovered by her/him and the genuine political contributor would revolve around that deeper mind.

As per the Ceylon Today report about JVP Rohana Wijeweera, the leader of the Southern Sri Lankan Rebellion is reported to have stated: [:What I intend by a successful attempt to face suppression is that through the attempt, reducing the suppression temporarily. It cannot be done permanently of course. Temporarily pushing aside suppression. Removing them or escaping from suppression………I do not accept anything as a great peaceful procedure. The reason is the people who lecture about peaceful procedures have taken opposite action while behind the screen. That is what they have done and do now too.]
Applying that to current politics in Sri Lanka and the killing of  then Minister for Foreign Affairs the Hon Lakshman Kadirgamar one is not surprised by reports of  the Prime Minister claiming that ‘Kadirgamar killing was linked to Rajapaksa deal with LTTE’. Like the JVP, the LTTE also demonstrated that it did not believe in any ‘peaceful procedure’. Gandhi believed in Peace because he was committed to Truth. Truth being of absolute value would support any number of believers of Truth in that form. Hence Gandhi successfully led India to Independence whereas those who resorted to show – were unsuccessful.

As per published reports – both Rebel leaders lived in luxury – way above their earned level. The more money benefits we enjoy the less the contribution structure. The latter is like superannuation – which supports us when we are not working actively.  Recently I recalled during a family discussion -  that when I left the University of NSW,  due to my efforts to uphold the Truth I had discovered about the University – I withdrew my superannuation to fill the gap. I now do not have any superannuation but I get enough money through my husband’s income to maintain the family structure that we have developed in common and also the gradual development of a structure that would represent both our ‘positions’ in Sri Lanka – when we left Sri Lanka. This would not have been possible if I had not been true to my employment in Sri Lanka as well as in Australia. Leaving this ‘system’ as a heritage for our children and others who believe in us – is far more worthy than leaving the ‘Cash’ and other money properties without heritage connection.

The TNA Leadership position is of heritage value due to all our investments in true Democracy. Those who took the Sinhala only or the Tamil only  pathways contributed to this position to the extent they discovered the Truth and/or believe/d in Sri Lankan. Those who invested directly into Sri Lankan structure – contributed through their regular activities to the common mind-structure. Sri Lankans did not have to wait until they discovered the Truth. A Sinhalese or  a Tamil who would need to.

Likewise when one takes the investments in cultural pathways – where the two systems are identical – and there is common belief – we invest in each other’s national or community pathways also. Hence the investment by Sri Lankan Tamils through Hinduism in India. Buddhists of Sri Lanka on the other hand rely heavily on their own scriptures and local Buddhist leaders than in Buddha as he lived in India. Hence it is a narrower pathway than the former. Neither the JVP leader Rohana Wijeweera nor the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran invested through the religious pathways in the origins and hence in India. Instead they invested in Communism which becomes violence unless the top leadership is equal to the bottom and is seen to be so. They may have enjoyed less than the Politicians but both enjoyed when they had the ‘freedom’ – more than the lowest ranking officer in their group. One is entitled to have the material possessions for the purpose of position but not for individual enjoyment. During the inquiry preceding the killing of the JVP leader the following exchange is reported to have taken place:

Chief Justice: Another procedure is to grab weapons that are in the possession of government armed forces.
Rohana Wijeweera: I have not said that. However, I am saying that if it comes to a situation where there is a threat of massacre of Communists and Revolutionists without dying in vain as it happened in Indonesia, we have the right to fight against it. That we accept.

If Sri Lankan rebels copied Indonesian rebels – then they brought with them also Indonesian problems into Sri Lanka – for example drugs. All of us have come with built-in Justice systems. Human Justice systems may be delayed and denied –but the Natural Justice system never fails. It just waits for the right time and for the right place – for better or for worse.

Through Rohana Wijeweera we have learnt that the JVP was escaping suppression by the Government. I identify with that as a True statement. Likewise every LTTE member who is true to her/himself and declares her/himself to a true Sri Lankan is already a positive contributor to Restructured Sri Lanka. To punish them again through the human system amounts to res judicata and given that the Natural Justice system is the highest Justice system any additional punishment and/or reward would reopen the can of worms. Closure through belief is the solution needed by Sri Lanka to preserve its Sovereignty.

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