Thursday 22 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 22 October  2015

On 11 September 2015, a crawler crane toppled over onto the Masjid al-Haram, the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 111 people were killed and 394 injured - Wikipedia

Foreign Judges in Sri Lankan War – Cart Before the Horse

The current hot political topic in Sri Lanka is whether or not Foreign Judges should be included in relation to the Government’s responsibility to Account to the International Community through the United Nations. The latest local pathway  is based on the Paranagama Report. The latest ‘foreign’ pathway is the UN Human Rights Council Report.  These days when I receive emails of Common Interest I feel  the urge to make a connection to my own inner thoughts and the messages received from special persons to whom I feel connected through Common Belief. Two such Australian Tamils sent me the report at the following link , under the subject matter ACT OF GOD???:

My response to the  question is ‘Certainly’. To my mind the confirmation comes from the fact it happened in Muslim Holy Area where there was no other ‘foreign’ influence was apparent nor known. Time has given its own Natural returns. This would not have happened if Americans had taken revenge. During the 9/11 tragedy – I did identify with the reasons as to why Muslims would think of revenge for Racial Discrimination. Back then the leader was White American George Bush to whose karma was added our own then Prime Minister John Howard’s Racism Karma – including my own. Where the negative forces are not corrected within their ‘use-by’ period – they become ‘paavam/sins’. Likewise the positive forces become puniyam/virtues. They cannot be corrected once they go past their current periods. As they say in Tamil – the Past never comes again; the Future never happens and only the Present is within our control / influence. Likewise, in terms of Places – Past is the Land we left behind; Future is the Land we have never been to and Present is the Land that is our current Home. 9/11 happened due to time and place variations dealt with as using largely current tools  - including laws. The changed leadership in America diluted the American system of its Racism karma and time has done its work at home to defeat the Jihadists.

This is the lesson for Tamil as well as Sinhalese Jihadists. The Political leadership of Tamils through the position of  Tamil National Alliance leader the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan  being the Opposition Leader – confirms the Sri Lankan parallel of Obama Leadership. Unlike in America, there has been little Administrative pathway for investment in Affirmative Action at citizens’ level in Sri Lanka. Where there is a law that is understood at grassroots level – the investment in the law is much stronger than when the law is understood largely by leaders. Education is needed to communicate the value of a particular law – to the areas that produced those who rebelled against the Government. Given that this is recognized as LTTE – and therefore Tamil areas – the higher investment in such education needs to be in the areas that produced these Rebels.

The fundamentals of such Education would not come from ‘foreigners’. These fundamental values   are with those to whom Sri Lanka is home. It would not come from ‘Tamil only’ or ‘Sinhala only’ individuals or groups. It would not come from Academics who have remained largely academic and without Experience at grassroots level. It would not come from lawyers to whom the legal profession is mainly for a living. They would all assist in shaping the solution but none of the above on their own do not have the nucleus of Truth . This being so, how could one expect ‘foreign’ minds to ‘judge’ Sri Lankans?

Like in the case of the 9/11 Karma return – the Sinhalese had theirs coming through the Rajapaksa regime for the excesses of Terrorism status attributed to Tamils. Unless we therefore ‘place’ foreigners in their appropriate positions we are likely to have the reverse of 9/11 – i.e. Foreign  invasions as in the Middle East. As per the Island report:
[Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had said that Sri Lanka would immensely benefit from the expertise of Moto Noguchi, a former international judge of the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia, as regards its post-war reconciliation process, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Parliament yesterday.]

A judge’s mind is different to the mind of the Human Rights activist. As per Wikipedia on Cambodia:

[The country faces numerous challenges and sociopolitical issues, including widespread poverty, pervasive corruption, lack of political freedoms, low human development, and a high rate of hunger. Cambodia has been described by Human Rights Watch's Southeast Asian Director, David Roberts, as a "vaguely communist free-market state with a relatively authoritarian coalition ruling over a superficial democracy.]

The reason for this, to my mind is the indiscriminate mixing of  Autocracy with Democracy. When one draws benefits from a particular system on the claim that one is a member of that system – one has the Responsibility to stay within that system – until Truth is discovered. Failure to do so will make the person indebted in that system from which s/he draws benefits – eventually to bankrupt the person. It is to prevent such disaster that we have time based vertical system through which we ‘show’ respect to our elders or place based lateral system through which we produce our outcomes independently and cease to be relatives beyond that point. From then on we are ‘individuals’ responsible to ourselves.

A good example that comes to mind is a Vaddukoddai relative by marriage – who failed to pay his respects to me despite knowing that I was the driving force in sponsoring him and his parents to migrate to Australia. Had he demonstrated ‘respect’ for me as an elder – he would not have owed me at the structural level. Had he felt gratitude – of his own accord – on the basis of his own experience – he would have had the benefit of my mind order. But this relative followed in his parents’ footsteps and claimed that my husband owed his elder sister who had demonstrated lack of gratitude to her father. I let it go. But not so the system of Truth / Karma which always protects those who nature  It.  Now I realize that the guy – by being influenced by his environment – had developed a mind-disorder – that he could fool me by claiming ‘birth-rights’ – along the lines of Sinhala Only and Tamil Only claimants in Sri Lanka. Those who formed partnerships with other cultures to whom that Land is ‘home’ – developed higher mind-order raising their thoughts upwards. When we are driven by outcomes -  Benefits or Costs – we tend to cling to the past. When we invest in those before us in a particular structure – say Government -  we eventually become the structure.  When we sacrifice our earned benefits and status in that structure we become ‘owners’ and have the experience.  No Judge can rule above such an owner. The Karma of that relative in law happened when another senior relative along the same line of reporting passed away and he ‘expected’ my husband to write my husband’s share in the relative’s mother’s name. My husband declined even though I was not against it. But when it came to misleading the Bank – I said NO.

Some members of the Tamil Community got upset with me when I shared this experience with my regular readers. But the lesson is that we cannot escape Karma. This relative’s generation grew up strongly under the influence of LTTE. LTTE by killing Tamil Politicians became ‘Foreign’ to the Political & Administrative system known to Tamils through the Common system. Thus LTTE became the twin of the likes of SWRD Bandaranaike trying to enforce Sinhala only for Political advantage – which when legalized automatically denied other cultures their independent status. The mind-order of Sinhalese politicians became disorderly due to this superficial democracy that David Roberts uses in terms of Cambodia. Mr. Rajapaksa by character is more a descendant of Mr. Bandaranaike than the latter’s daughter Madam Kumaratunga. Tamils who migrated on ‘family basis’ have the Duty to show that in the positions they take. Given that this relative was driven by ‘outcomes’ and I was not – I let the matter go. But when it came to Institutional structures – that I have invested in on regular basis – my Truth manifested Itself through me – to escalate the issue to Policy level for our family and Vaddukoddai Community. Now others come of Vaddukoddai come to me for advice in such matters. Thus the defeat happened through Vaddukoddai folks who are not my birth-community. The Tamil Diaspora needs to clean its own karma at the family and community level to be with the Truth. Truth is self-merging and would protect anyone who is part of Its system.

The parallel of Mecca happened to Batticaloa in Eastern Sri Lanka during Tsunami Act of God.  Karuna Amman – who defected from the LTTE in 2004 became ‘foreign’ to Jaffna Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka. The timing of major events that personally affect us – would show us the connection. 

Sri Lankans need to be in their Home of Truth – Sathya Graham – to realize the return for their pain as Independence from the false and temporary. We need our inner experience for this and not the interpretation of foreigners. 

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