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07 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





When I write these days and I feel that someone I is reading it, I conclude that my experience has been completed. Completed experiences become positive Energies at that level. Abandoned experiences become negative Energies at that level.

I have learnt that even though I do not get quick responses, my positive Energy merges with Universal power of Truth that supports the needy.  If I feel Tamil in Sri Lanka, then my sovereign circle is the Sri Lankan Tamil group. If I feel Sri Lankan, then all those who feel Sri Lankan, would feel connected to me and will share my true intelligence naturally and in return I will learn their truth. Realising way of Truth is important to me as Australian of Sri Lankan origin and v.v.


A Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin, responded as follows, to my article ‘WHO IS THE FATHER OF THE TAMIL NATION ?:


If LTTE won, the Father of Tamil nation in this island  would  have been Prabakaran. He  may not be a great leader of Eelam but those who follow him would  ensure greatness  as happened with Mao and China .’

I responded as follows:

Gaja: If LTTE had won, Gotabaya would have become President earlier and remained longer as President. More and more Tamils would have joined the armed forces funded confidentially  by India and Indian politicians would have dictated to Sinhalese politicians and played the role of imperialists.


Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin : He  may not be a great leader of Eelam but those who follow him would  ensure greatness  as happened with Mao and China .]


Gaja: And JVP would have copied this resulting in Sri Lanka becoming a communist country. Not for me!

Then came response from a global group  about power-sharing centred around Mr Gajendrakumar’s declaration of his readiness to renounce his position.


Global Tamil: I used to wonder about the moot point regarding the 13th amendment to the constitution; the 13th amendment envisaged an  amalgamated North/East Provincial Council as the ‘historical habitat’ of the N/E Tamils: at the moment the Tamil Leaders - with the exception of Gajendrakumar - are beating their breasts and wailing about the non granting of police powers & land powers! Two sovereign nations had overseen the signing of the Indo Lanka Accord. The agreement had been passed as a Law in our country’s Parliament . The agreement had been accepted in the Lok Sabha and the Raja Sabha in India.

 Therefore it would appear in the public eye ( as per the attachments below ) that Gajendrakumar is the only leader who is forthright in expressing valid points concerning this theatrical of the all party conferences convened by the crafty Ranil Wickremasinghe. It took some time for most bourgeoisie Tamils to see through the cunning machinations of JR. But is it so difficult for our other Tamil leaders to learn that they are being cheated by the sly Ranil. 


Gaja:  You state [I used to wonder about the moot point regarding the 13th amendment to the constitution]


The answer is in the following section of your response:


[Two sovereign nations had overseen the signing of the Indo Lanka Accord.]

As in marriage, two diverse systems have to be merged to become one. Even if we accept that both were sovereign, until they unite and form One sovereign body, as in EU they would naturally function as two entities. Hence they needed the Accord. The 13th amendment therefore lacked the support of sovereign power.

Then came from a less mature Tamil group, the parallel of Mr Anthony Albanese’s Voice proposal, about a Hill Country Sri Lankan Tamil.

Tamil :  https://youtu.be/4vfVvOu8l44   Listen to this  little girl from our hill country in our motherland.Just 14 years old born in tea plantation line room and both the parents are tea pluckers.

She continues her studies at an estate school and right now she is in grade 9.

I could see the music blossoms in her lovely  smile. She is a blessed child.

All what she has learned her music is off the radio only and never had a chance to learn music from a teacher. 

Her voice is really sweet and her school and the estate people around recognised her singing  talent and all got together, collected funds in a till box for some period  of time to fund her trip to India. Some well wishers too helped her family. See, humanity still remains in our motherland.

This is a story  an eye opener for all of us and that we all should appreciate the efforts taken by the members of a under previlaged community living under trying circumstances, were able to spot the talent and determined to bring into lime light. A wonderful effort on their part. Hats off to them.

Gaja:  There are many such groups in Northern Sri Lanka too. Hill country Tamils ranked as the junior-most group of Tamils until the war was over. Now Tamil Nadu is recognising them, and we also cheer. Unless you also migrated for to another country to earn a living and experienced discrimination as if you were second class,  you would not identify with the feelings of this community. To Ashani, it was a dream come true. To the Hill country Tamil community, it is a pilgrimage through the 14 year old. When I go to Jaffna, it is a pilgrimage.

Time and time again,  clever juniors take control of one part of a whole and declare their governance power over the whole. Like the 14 year old mentioned above and indigenous groups with special  talent,  nature compensates balances the equal opportunity equation through special  talents at individual and/or group level. If we disturb the peace of that new structure, we become examples of  the lesson ‘Man Proposes , god disposes.’

Making a smaller sovereign circle out of a part/process, results in Separatism. Those who go into the smaller circle become ‘outsiders’ to the original whole and when they oppose those in the original whole, they become enemies.  This is why JVP in Southern Sri Lanka and LTTE in Northern Sri Lanka killed politicians and became Separatists. To remain Opposition of Equal status, they need to Love the whole.

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