Monday 21 August 2023


20 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





A notable and resounding plea reverberated within the hallowed halls of the UK Parliament, urging the government to extend formal recognition to the grievous act of genocide inflicted upon the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. THE-QUEST.ORG on June 16, 2023


My investment in the article ‘WAR CRIMINALS & REFUGEES’ directed me to the above report, in addition to Tamil Guardian article headed ‘British Parliamentarians urge for formal recognition of Tamil Genocide’. The common issue to me as Australian of Sri Lankan origin, is ‘Genocide’. Politicians  facilitate the pathway/s  through which to channel our thoughts and/or  feelings. The more we feel, the stronger the contributions to ownership. The form of the immediate outcome would have very little impact on owners, in the long term.  Hence what matters is the measure we use, so the parallel in our own environment would strength our ownership in our own local environment.

If I accept that what happened in Sri Lanka as Genocide, I would use the same measure to find fault with the British for treating indigenous Australians as  juniors and/or as dispensable group. The current debate on ‘the Voice’ is effectively to confirm the political status of Indigenous Australians i.e. whether they are independents or juniors needing special status as ‘advisors’, to ‘look’ equal. If descendants of British were right, as per their then needs, to that mind, the Sri Lankan Sinhalese would have killed Tamils  in punishment for practicing ‘separatism’.


In terms of the equation of ‘War criminals = War refugees’  the genocide claim would render political advantage to  the refugee groups, unless the UK politicians have identified the excessive criminal elements in the UK Tamil community and seek to balance the equation by promoting higher intake of Tamil refugees who would become their juniors and become a disenfranchised community in the UK. This is the high risk with taking political handouts from outsiders who make statements to tempt the politically poor refugees.


The only valid political declaration by Sri Lankan Tamil Parliamentarians is the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. That was acknowledged by the whole and blessed by Truth through the 1977 National Elections. The genocide claim has no soul-power and hence with time, would become idle like the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution by Indian politicians.


The moment we accept handouts, we lose our intelligence that sustains our mental sovereignty. Hence plagiarism is a sin for academics

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