Friday 11 August 2023


11 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





On 09 August 2023, I received the indication that Truth has recognised my contribution to Sri Lankan Governance and shared it as follows, with one of my home-groups through an email addressed to Mr MCM Iqbal:


Mr Iqbal,

Today, in response to my article ‘EDUCATE THE GOVERNMENT TO RECONCILE’  a reader directed me to your article on the 13th Amendment at Devolution of powers under the 13th Amendment in Sri Lanka: Fact or Fiction? – Groundviews 


You state there :

Let us now look at the powers of the Provincial Ministers through whom the Governor is expected to exercise his executive power. The 13th Amendment provides that the function of the Chief Minister and the Board of Ministers is ‘to aid and advice’ the Provincial Governor in the exercise of his functions. So it is clear that the Ministers of the Province do not have any discretionary power in the administration of the province’


This group is confirming why the government has valid reason not to trust PC’s. They are sure to abuse discretionary  powers. As  an honest citizen you have the responsibility to write about this also. Gaja


The discussion was about money collection to fund individuals. As per my experience, including in Australian Public Service, the older a system, the more important Due Processes of law become. They are the mantras that bring us the Energy. At the University of NSW, I protested against breaches of Due Processes in terms of Research Grants. I was persecuted for being ‘smart’ and eventually the University lost millions in money and status. Mine went into the Common Pool of the true Voiceless Opposition. That which is common, loses its individual identity in the process of becoming common.

Mr Iqbal raises the question ‘Devolution of powers under the 13th Amendment in Sri Lanka: Fact or Fiction?


The indicators are in Mr Ameen Izadeen’s article headed ‘

13th Amendment: Power devolution and beyond’ in which he states:

‘Despite a costly separatist war, very little has changed in the attitude of the proponents and opponents of power devolution since it was first mooted in the late 1940s by minority Tamil leaders who had little trust in the post independence Sinhala leaders.’


Hence the 13th Amendment was a fact born to Sri Lankan  Parliament as mother and Indian Parliament as father. It died  when the both parents neglected it. Now they are trying to beat it back to life.

As believers in the system of Karma and Rebirth, both groups would know that  only our Truth is reborn in different shape.  Tamil politicians seeking Police powers are promising separatism. Sinhala politicians declining to devolve power are promising more disorderly supervision of the kind that happened during the ethnic war, including the Black July pogrom.

Mere word agreement is like the body. The purpose of the agreement is its soul. This soul already empowers those Sinhalese and Tamils who trust each other and share that trust with their respective local communities. In Jaffna social life, I do not know of any ethnic conflict. The politicians relying on  majority power (Sinhalese in Sri Lanka’s and Tamils in Tamil Nadu’s) lack the intelligence to work the whole.  Both have to draw on the power of the People who are independent of politicians.

I wrote recently to the above group:

When one gives blindly with belief, there is positive completion and therefore, the Energy to continue. When one shows respect without belief, it is false and therefore is for trade-off / quid pro quos. This results in us becoming satisfied when our juniors also show false respect. This extended to caste hierarchy. Majority militants who resorted to arms were from junior castes. This is true of  Sinhalese JVP also. Like idle laws, elders also became idle – especially in democracy.

Fact has death.  Intelligence based on Truth has no death or rebirth. It is Eternally with the person/group that realizes it.


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