Sunday 27 August 2023


27 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





‘It's being called a miracle. As a deadly wildfire engulfed the town of Lahaina, the blaze appeared to spare the historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church. Photos and videos shared on social media show the more than 175-year-old church standing unscathed amid the smoldering surroundings.It's like a miracle': Historic Catholic church unscathed by Maui fire that burned Lahaina by NBC  


As a believer in the power of prayers and therefore the sanctity of places of worship, I felt deeply touched when Harry de Sayrah  shared the news of this miracle with me also.  To me, when I pray and the prayers are answered, it is a miracle. These days, I pray and feel at peace, I take it that my prayers have been heard. This means I accumulate ‘reserves’ of positive Energy. When I am in need, the reserves manifest themselves as per that need.


Each time the Federal Courts of Australia, in Sydney,  failed me and I felt hurt, I went to St Mary’s Cathedral and asked ‘why’.  It took me a long time to realise that my pain, without a single thought of revenge was also prayers in ‘Reserve’. They strengthened my soul-power. The ultimate manifestation was that the book ‘Naan Australian’ (I am Australian) , came to National Library of Australia, via Congress Library, without my knowledge or effort. To me, that is a miracle.


I believe that that is how Truth balances human karma.


The message from Maui church miracle is that belief is all powerful. I have felt similar experiences at our family temple in Northern Sri Lanka, where in return for my belief in goddess Kali, I get insight into the minds of worshippers of goddess Kali. This helps me keep the community within Dharma/Righteousness. Dharma works to deliver justice any time anywhere.

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