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01 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Sri Lankan politicians got together recently over the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, under India’s influence. Yesterday, a fellow member of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora forwarded video clip of this meeting headed by Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe, with the following comment:


[Bottom line is Ranil must gather the spirit of the 13th amendment from the language that is written therein and signed by JR & India]

I responded to it as follows:

‘It is fundamentally flawed as per democracy, but confirms the autocratic power of India at regional level. The economic crisis boosted India’s power over Sri Lanka. Ranil is mixing the provincial council election issue with 13A so he would not have a problem similar to Black July in his hands.   Constitutional changes based on political desires, have now become diseases. Hence Ranil’s fears. Implementation of 13A includes provincial council elections. But Ranil is pretending that one excludes the other. Why ? – because if 13A is implemented, it is as if India is dictating to us. If only PC elections are held, India’s role would become invisible. Between the two, I would vote  for PC elections towards internal harmony.’

In writing the above, I became the leading representative  of the Tamil group of politicians. I was the voice of truth of Tamils. Hence I identified with the need to remain connected to India’s sovereignty through Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, which automatically will protect Tamils, as India is the Motherland of Tamil, as England is of English. By taking the lead position and expressing my truth, I became the leader of Tamils in my own mind. That is the way of a true writer.



Soon, I received an email, directing us to the articlePolice Abuse in Colombo versus ‘Reconciliation’ in the North? by Kishali Pinto Jayawardene – a law writer. One Tamil Elder wrote Ms. Kishali Pinto writes well’.  The original person who shared the article once wrote ‘Gajalakshmi Paramasivam is an ignorant woman whose knowledge about Premananda/Wigneswaran relationship is zero’ Yes it was zeroed by me because it was I had enough chastity to diffuse any weaknesses that the leader may have had.  I went by the status allocated to Mr Wigneswaran, by the group that shared the article with me.


The commonness between the Parliamentary topic and the article was apparently Police Powers. But the real topic was ‘Freedom of Journalists.’ North was mentioned only once as follows:

Is not the Rule of Law, the essential prerequisite for a nation’s legal, economic and governance structures to function? Or perchance, is police abuse in the South the best foundation for President Ranil Wickremesinghe to base his much touted ‘truth and reconciliation’ (TRC) shenanigan for the North? That, true to form, is merrily on its way in Colombo notwithstanding the resistance of war affected victims.’


As per her own declaration, the lady confirms that ‘the Rule of Law, is the essential prerequisite for a nation’s legal, economic and governance structures to function.’  Majority   Sri Lankan lawyers known to me do not follow the law that they have knowledge of. They use the law for a living.   Hence unless majority custodians of legal, economic and governance structures practice the written law, those structures will remain idle. This invites the devil to make these structures its workshop. To the extent lawyers are disloyal to the law, their juniors, including the police, will inherit those qualities. That is the way of nature.


The politician provides the structure. We, the people Energise it. In the case of  truth and reconciliation’ (TRC), Ms Jayawardene refers to it as ‘shenanigan for the North’ This  is highly disrespectful not only of the government, but the victims themselves.  Such a commission  provides true victims to share their experiences with wider world, without the limitations in a court of law dominated by lawyers , evidence, and witnesses. The person listening to the victims needs to be a self-governing Sri Lankan, independent of political influence. Then by just listening to the victim, as if the listener had the pain, the listener cures the victim.  

As per Tamil Guardian report headed ‘Sri Lanka approves “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” despite scepticism’:

The proposed TRC is not new, as human rights professor Kate Cronin-Furman highlights in her book “Human Rights and Hypocrisy, in 2013 and 2014 South African officials met several times with members of the Sri Lankan government to discuss implementing a TRC. This has been peddled “as an alternative to prosecutions, despite consistent messaging from international courts and human rights NGOs that amnesties are unlawful”.

The Google Books review the book reveals ss follows:

Covering debates over transitional justice in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and other countries, Kate Cronin-Furman investigates the diverse ways in which repressive states respond to calls for justice from human rights advocates, UN officials, and Western governments who add their voices to the victims of mass atrocities to demand accountability.

Human rights, like DNA vary from individual to individual, leave alone groups. They are identified with, by the human through her/his soul power. The UN and Western governments will need to become Sri Lankan to identify with our form. ‘Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Congo’ will have four different forms of Human  Rights.

Ms Jayawardene highlights this as follows:

In short, this is what Voltaire profoundly articulated centuries ago when he said, ‘I may disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death, your right to say it.’

Approval and disapproval are functions of the body and the brain. Upholding invisible rights is the function of the soul through which we merge with the Universal power of Truth.

The truth that Mr Sumanthiran revealed at the 13th Amendment discussions,  was that he was also driven by majority vote. He revealed this when he spoke after Mr Wigneswaran, by stating that TNA had ten members in Parliament. Coming after the president acknowledged Mr Wigneswaran’s contribution, it sounded like a competition in which majority would win. The 13th Amendment if implemented to protect Human Rights at regional level is soul power. If pushed by majority power due to Tamil Nadu, will be brawn power which needs to be ‘shown’ as LTTE did.

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