Thursday 17 August 2023

17 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





My attention was drawn to the Subject matter : ‘ How the US medical community fails Black mothers

An intellectual in the group commented:

‘Maternal mortality - worst in the developed countries. Worst in women of colour!



My response to the group was :

‘I feel that racial victim groups belong to a different energy group to the perpetrator victim group. This happens when the ‘correct by’ date has expired. When victims complain so they would get compensated, more and more, they become dependents of the perpetrators. This is a high risk not only in Sri Lanka’s North due to the war, but also in South due to the economic crisis.  In both instances, the reason is ‘seeing’ global without feeling global. Unless one sacrifices earned benefits, to become the group’s invisible COMMONNESS , one ‘thinks’ without feeling. I often state this discovery as ‘MOTHERS ARE FEELERS AND FATHERS ARE THINKERS.’ Those who endure pain more than pleasure, are mothers. Those who enjoy more pleasure than pain need to think and balance the equation of cause and effect. Laws help us balance the equation, provided we respect the law.’

Then my attention was drawn to the Guardian article headed


No milk, no eggs, small hope: fears rise for Sri Lanka’s malnourished children’


Is it genuine feelings based reporting or is it influenced by phony-wokeism by the media? The report begins as follows


For more than a year now, Anne Roshel has had no milk to give her two children, neither fresh nor powdered. Looking out from the kitchen door on a sweltering afternoon in July, she says her eight-year-old son has just a potato-stuffed bun for breakfast. Sometimes it’s a packet of rice with pol sambol (coconut relish), chilli and lime.

A single mother, Roshel, 27, lives in her parents’ crumbling cement house with the children and her father. Monsoon rain has washed off the pink coating on the walls, and a small veranda opens to a road in Koloniya Wella, a coastal hamlet in Chilaw, 80km (50 miles) north of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

On some days, Roshel sells achcharu (raw or semi-ripe fruits dusted with chilli and salt) to schoolchildren from a roadside stall. When the sea is calm, her father goes fishing. Then Roshel can cook fish curry for lunch.’


The above is ‘what happened’ . This report has no life. The reader at this stage, empowers it through her/his feelings and/or thinking.  If through feelings, a fact is born. If read through thinking only, when any judgements formed they have to be intellectually balanced in terms of known causes being equal to known effects.  The failure to balance the equation, causes excitement and depression in the same mind and/or within the relationship/group.  


The following confirms an imbalance:

 When he was born, my second son was underweight. My husband had just left and I didn’t have proper meals. I want to feed my son apples and grapes, but I can’t afford them,” says Roshel, showing the nine-month-old boy’s child health and development report, given to all children in Sri Lanka.

I went to my own three pregnancies, during which I was a working mother. Reading about grapes, I recalled the time when my cousin Priya from Canada and I (from Australia) went to the market in Colombo 6, to buy fruits for Priya’s father. There we asked for the price of grapes and were contemplating, when a new customer who seemed ‘local’ ordered 2 kilos of grapes!  

Using my own experience as a young mother in Sri Lanka’s capital, I never thought of ‘grapes and apples’ for my children. When my children our eldest son was a baby, we had to queue up to buy infant milk-powder.  When they grew up – to be 8, I never thought of apples and grapes! They had bananas and mangoes.

The problem with collection of lies is that the mind that stores such unbalanced information becomes idle and suffers the effects of plagiarism. It tends to get excited with ‘free knowledge and becomes depressed when it has to pay, including through respect for the source of that knowledge. This leads to bipolarism. The cure is to separate  the source, from the mind that desires easy profits. In this instance the community that the money-poor is part of needs to publish its own truth and complete the media experience locally. This will reduce the risk of media-colonization.



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