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21 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


The above article was published yesterday. Our son directed my attention to it. One who identifies with the Truth in the following experience would know the reason why it was directed to me:


Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the day my husband and daughter were knocked down on a pedestrian crossing in Randwick. Both suffered serious injuries. One of them is suffering from long-covid. Hence I was directed to the above article. The above daughter’s pain feels like mine – including physically.

When the above accident happened in 1989, my other daughter and I  were right behind them. I prayed immediately to Shakthi  (Divine-Mother/Energy). I believe Mother came through me. I did not allow myself even to cry, lest I would not do something I could to the two of them. The following morning, when I was satisfied that both of them were in the care hospital staff and that I could do no more, I went to the tea-room and cried out loud. A lovely – older-looking lady comforted me as if she were my mother.

Even now, around this time when we go past that spot – I feel apprehensive. I then thank Divine Mother for the two granddaughters born on this day. One of them turns 21 today. The other turns 14 today. The night the latter  one was born, at the time of birth our phone rang. I recognised it to be my son-in-law’s number and rang back. He did not answer. The following morning, we learnt that the baby was born just before the time our phone rang.

To me, our two granddaughters are the compensation for the pain and suffering all of us endured as a family. Personally to me as a mother – they are god’s gift for mothering my daughter and my husband during their recovery from the trauma.


So long as I was emotional, I panicked, But even in that my truth is stronger and it surfaced to invoke the Divine Mother in me and through me. That which surfaces beyond our conscious thought is an independent power. When positive, we call it Divine power and when negative we call it Demon power. When both are in one sovereign unit – they offset each other. When Divine power is stronger, the whole is naturally united. When the Demon power is stronger, it separates the group internally.

This brings us to the long-covid issue, highlighted by the above article. The issues raised are summarised as follows:

  • A wave of people seeking care for debilitating symptoms of long COVID are struggling to access treatment and being put on public waiting lists for months on end.
  • Others pay hefty out-of-pocket costs for specialist care such as neuropsychology.
  • Australian researchers say there is an urgent need for funding to ensure timely, ongoing care such as disability support

On the same day the above article was published – there was another by Sky news – headed – ‘Penny Wong pledges $50 million to help Sri Lanka as Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil visits nation amid uptick in asylum seekers at   https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/politics/penny-wong-pledges-50-million-to-help-sri-lanka-as-home-affairs-minister-clare-oneil-visits-nation-amid-uptick-in-asylum-seekers/news-story/df16df22380005e274719c030fb30618

Together they confirm that Australians are being robbed to pay Sri Lankans – the same way the People of China were robbed to pay Sri Lankans.

During the time  I was emotionally upset about the long-covid, a Sri Lankan Tamil who was in favour of the Tamil Family supported by Biloela wrote to me as follows, in response to my article headed ‘ABC PROMOTING ECONOMIC MIGRANTS’:

I thought you have gone for good. But now I realise "no way". By the way what is your problem migrants coming into Australia. Australia is larger than US, but US has 330 million people while Aussie 25 million. How did you come to Australia with Your partner Param. Both had free education and deserted SL for greener pastures. Not only that, you claim that you encouraged from your family ( hope you are telling the truth) to enter Australia in search of better life. Now you are jealous that others are coming in. Are you saving jobs for your grand children. If I have power my first duty will be to pack you all, lock stock barrel, immaterial you are citizens, to Thunaivi and create chaos there there. But unlike in Aussie in Thunaivi you will meet your waterloo

Thunaivi is a toddy-tapper village in Northern Sri Lanka, where our post war development work takes place. The folks of Thunaivi, have not complained about the economic crisis so far. Nor anyone in our social and work circles currently living in Sri Lanka. To me it is not a pressing problem in Sri Lanka. But lack of facilities to treat long-covid is.

As per ABC article at https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-06-14/sri-lanka-people-smugglers-use-australian-election/101147394  :

This was the case for the Nadesalingam family, who last week arrived back in the central Queensland town of Biloela after a four-year immigration battle that brought the plight of Sri Lankan asylum seekers to the front of many Australians' minds.

But the boats in the recent influx have been intercepted all over Sri Lanka and the people on board have been from both Tamil and Sinhalese communities, and a range of economic backgrounds.

"What we've found is that some people have paid thousands of dollars for these journeys, so they had some kind of economic background," Sri Lankan navy captain Indika De Silva said.]

How did these folks, including Nadesalingams find the money to pay People-smugglers ? By politically using Nadesalingams, the Australian government has demoted the status of those of us who respected the law and are now self-governing. But as could be observed through the sharing within the Australian Tamil community the Nadesalingams have become heroes and my family has become zeroes to the those who carry professional labels in the community.

The ABC reports also as follows:

[Sri Lanka's economic crisis has turned into a national emergency, and its people are now calling for help to save lives

During a brutal shift last year, Sri Lankan doctor Saman Kumara did something he'd never done before — he recorded a desperate voice message asking for help to keep newborn babies alive.

Dr Kumara was used to harrowing days working as a neonatologist at one of Colombo's busiest hospitals during the COVID pandemic.

But on that day, he realised the country's health system had collapsed to the point that precious lives were at risk. 

One of Dr Kumara's staff members told him his government hospital was running out of endotracheal tubes, a specialised item for infants. Without these crucial devices, newborn babies with breathing difficulties would die.]

Last week a young father from Thunaivi said that his teenage son had been ill and that he was admitted to Jaffna hospital for treatment for a whole week . The father stayed with the son and himself became ill. But now both are ok.

To my mind, good parents add their strength to children – as in Tender-Loving-Care. Whatever happens is a ‘shared-experience’. Relative to the Thunaivi family, who are empowered by a whole village that has suffered strongly through the war, the Nadesalingam family’s support from Biloela is weak. It is another version of Stolen Generation.

The way I see it as per my feelings – in Common – the Australian Government which pampered the Nadesalingams and at the same time funding Sri Lankan Government to ‘stop the boats’ :

In the past month alone, more than 370 Sri Lankans have tried to reach Australia on asylum seeker boats, and the Sri Lankan Immigration Department has been overwhelmed with almost 300,000 requests for passports. -https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-06-19/sri-lanka-economic-crisis-worsens-pm-asks-australia-for-help/101152402

The other indicator is the Power cut about which an Engineer at Ceylon Electricity Board inquired and asked me ‘What went wrong?’

It is  an approach to Divide, Separate and then Rule. Shame on All of us.

Effectively speaking – we are replacing China which ‘trapped’ the Lankan government. Aid without just reason is an exponential debt.





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