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26 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Q by Guardian :Exploited in a crisis: why are Sri Lankans getting on boats bound for Australia?


Answer by Australian Tamil - Dr Nadesan to Gajalakshmi Paramasivam carrying mad-trespasser label in NSW– ‘Now coming to Nadesalingams, the most loved family in Australia ( of course except you), the government did not want to be asinine instead a logical, rational, humane establishment. That is governance. Your stubborn stand of taking revenge from this most loved family, you claim according to law, is nothing but an asinine, robotic attitude. Unless you give up your stubborn, obstinate attitude, you are not going to salvage yourself from these beliefs. One can take a horse to water but cannot make it to drink. By the way, contrary to your malicious propaganda against me, I dont endorse any illegal immigrants into the country but yet the laws have to be revised and applied according to situations. If Rajapakshas arrive in a boat what will you do. I can vouch that you will be there with kiri bath to welcome them. 😆😆🥱🥱. So my friend this debate is only about this Nades family.

Obviously, Dr Nadesan has taken senior position above Gajalakshmi who has been demoted by the Australian Justice system. To my mind, it is the parallel of Winston Churchill calling Mahatma Gandhi ‘half naked fakir’ . That is the modus operandi used by outsiders pretending to be insiders.

Gandhi’s power was his Truth. Gandhi renounced comforts of a professional life, to live with the Indians of low status as one of them. But his mind was driven by the Absolute power of Truth. On 01 November 2004 - the day the Waverley local Courts sent me to Prince of Wales Hospital – to be assessed for mental illness, in relation to my Peaceful Assembly at the reception of the Office of the Vice Chancellor of UNSW - Sri Lanka’s Daily News published my response to Justice C.G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice . It was  headed  The relevance of Ahimsa - a rejoinder’.

As is apparent from the above response from a Tamil Medical professional – who used it in an unprotected environment, the Sri Lankan status was made negative in Australia – including within the Tamil Community in Australia. The Registrar Dr Peter Vaux certified me to be mentally healthy and stated that I was following in the footsteps of Gandhi. I learnt about the Daily News publishing my response much later. But that is one of the strongest Indicators that confirmed to me that I was being empowered by Gandhi. When we naturally represent a group – we work on the basis of indicators.


The minds of Austrian Tamils, brainwashed by Australian  politics that elevates Nadesalingams who failed to say ‘no to political favours’. That is how we repeat the ‘Stolen Generation’ karma.

As per the Guardian article :

[As a Tamil, Jayan says the challenges he faced in Sri Lanka remain, heightened by the country’s worsening economic and political crises. But there is, he says, a “mafia” in operation, exploiting the emergency, promising safe passage overseas, and demanding up to 900,000 rupees (A$3,500) for a place on a boat.

“Local people talk about the change in the government this year and they ask me to join in as a boat keeper. Some people say that a successful landing in Australia is possible, but I refuse to get on the boat because based on my experience the people are returned back.”]

That is from the one who is experiencing the challenge as per his assessment of his need.

Then there is this from a parallel of Dr Nadesan:

[People are suffering right now because of this economic crisis,” human rights lawyer and Sri Lanka’s former human rights commissioner Ambika Satkunanathan says.

“For instance, for Tamils in the north and east of the country, the sense of insecurity that already existed – particularly after this president returned to power – is exacerbated by the current situation.”

Satkunanathan says there appears to be an “industry” around irregular migration, run by cartels promising passage to Canada [by plane] or to Australia via boats, which is exploiting people in Sri Lanka who are already economically vulnerable or facing systemic discrimination and oppression.]

The word ‘appears’ confirms that the former Human Rights Commissioner did not have the ‘indicator’ that comes from belief.

The Industry is not limited to those who transport. They are actually the media. The driving force is from the Tamil Community in Australia who are ‘profiting’ from the war. Every person who did not suffer as much as the worst affected person in her/his local area and who failed to share in the compensation s/he received through migration earns the curse of all those who suffered more than they in their respective local environments. This in turn becomes a war-gene, when we fail to correct it within the generation that had the war experience.

Be it a problem or an opportunity – there are invisible  and unknown forces / Energies that are included in them. Cost plus the those Energies  are the true problems. Benefits plus those Energies are the Opportunities. In the case of Tamil Boat arrivals – political opportunities have become Administrative problems. In turn – for Sri Lankan Tamils war problems have become immigration opportunities. After all if the Australian Cricket team went to Sri Lanka when that nation is experiencing political crisis about which many leading Sri Lankan cricketers had their say –  what is wrong with Sri Lankans coming to Australia to get that comfort through a different pathway of belief? The latter is true democracy – so long as it is driven by personal belief.

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