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17 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


First it was the Nadeslingam family. Now it is the Rizvi family – being promoted by ABC Australia – our National broadcaster.

The question that we as Australians need to ask is how this affects our own Sovereignty. Groups that use the same measure with belief, become ‘sovereign’ – even though they may not be conscious of this grouping. Until recently, I wrote to negate the imbalance in the Sri Lankan constitution, through Article 9, which allocates Buddhism foremost place. But this week I learnt that in the Tamil majority of Northern Province, there is a similar article, in the constitution of  the Prestigious Jaffna College of Vaddukoddai where the political declaration of Tamil Nationalism was first made in 1976. The two – Buddhism foremost in South and and Christianity foremost in North, effectively offset each other. We become even and there are no grounds to claim discrimination pain – beyond our local area.

The strange commonness is the ‘timing’ of the surfacing of problems that this has caused. The ‘Gota-go-home’ campaign was based on the collapse of the economy, bringing hardship to the ordinary public. The protests were largely in Colombo. The parallel exposure is happening in Vaddukoddai. It is expected that this would be followed by ‘protests’, unless resolved by higher-thinkers. The question needs to be asked as to whether one influenced the other. The ‘timing’ indicates that this is the case.

As stated above ‘Groups that use the same measure with belief, become ‘sovereign’ – even though they may not be conscious of this grouping.’

Is the current government of Sri Lanka, headed by war hero and is being driven by Buddhism foremost in action, influencing the same fate in North? How does the Absolute power of Truth work to uphold its Sovereignty?

The smallest unit of group sovereignty known to most of us is the family. In a Sovereign family, the good and bad are naturally shared with fellow members. Where there are other families and/or individuals who believe in the parallel measures – the two would naturally merge.

In the case of Sri Lankan army – they did not practice Buddhism when they were isolated from civilians. Their parallel of religion was warfare. Likewise, Tamil rebels who categorically ruled out religion as a measure. The LTTE combatants known to me followed this army rule of no-religion.  Hence they become the Equal Opposition of the Sri Lankan government’s armed forces – headed by a war-hero. When their commonness is stronger than their diversity – they form a sovereign group – as in democratic Parliament. Both are sovereign and repel each other naturally.

Likewise, within the Public who oppose the official government through their belief, form sovereign groups beyond apparent borders. Currently the protestors in Colombo seem to invoke American influence – through belief and therefore form naturally sovereign groups without borders.

Some members of the Jaffna College Alumni, are genuinely committed to using the Constitution as the Common measure. But there are others who insist on no-religion. But their knowledge of Secular law is very limited. Hence their ‘rights and wrongs’ border on ‘likes and dislikes’.

Jaffna College was founded and continues to be funded by the American Christian Mission, recognised as ‘Trustees’ who signed a Trust Deed on 30 September 1963, in Massachusetts, USA.


According to that deed, the purpose of funding is presented as follows:

 For the purpose of obtaining, holding, and managing funds for support of Jaffna College, an educational institution located at Vaddukoddai, Jaffna District, Island of Ceylon and for supporting other Christian educational institutions in Ceylon and India and for training Christian workers in Ceylon and India.

Given that Vaddukoddai is the political capital of Tamil Nationalism, would the above purpose be in natural conflict with the believers in Tamil Nationalism as declared in 1976?  The answer indicated to me is ‘yes’ – one becomes the opposition of the other. The stronger belief would manifest itself – often through the influence of others of the respective belief. In this instance – Tamil v Christian. The latter, in this instance would invoke American influence through American Ceylon Mission.

What is the relevance of this  to Sri Lankan refugees coming to Australia? Taken as a community, Australian Tamils have made sacrifices in various ways, to become Australians – often at the workplace. Some are Australian Tamils and others are Tamil Australians. Where the commonness with Australians is stronger than the diversity – the manifestation would support Australian Sovereignty. Where Diversity is stronger, the manifestation would support Tamil Sovereignty – bypassing Australia.

The Labor government seems to be promoting the latter. In addition, those who leave Sri Lanka during this period of economic crisis – were not Sri Lankans in the first instance.  If successful – they would become mercenaries, or pawns of mercenaries – including irresponsible media which ABC has become.

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