Thursday 9 June 2022

09 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Natives of Sri Lanka’s North use the diagnosis ‘Aarvak kolaaru’ when one goes beyond one’s capabilities to ‘show’ achievements. The closest English translation that comes to my mind is ‘hyper-enthusiasm’ as happens with excessive sugar. When does enthusiasm become a problem? When it causes unsteadiness in mind and / or body. As per my discovery, this would lead to depression – as night follows day. I relate to bipolar problem also being due to this distance between pleasure and pain. Gross body level enjoyment tends to be stronger than intellectual enjoyment due to the uncontrolled senses taking the  one way route. The brain that is higher than the senses is capable of using the outcomes of discriminative thinking through a common pathway. Above the brain is the mind filled with Truth which has no rights or wrongs. A mind filled with Truth is absolute/sovereign power. In summary, the ownership hierarchy is as follows: (1) Truth (2) Intellectual derivation (3) Physical possession.

My attention was drawn by a Tamil Diaspora leader, to the article ‘Tamil Diaspora says will help SL pay off foreign debt of $ 52 b, if SL agrees to amicable separation’ at Tamil Diaspora says will help SL pay off foreign debt of $ 52 b, if SL agrees to amicable separation | Daily FT

Given that I consider myself  a Sri Lankan Tamil – I immediately rejected the ‘proposal’. Then I decided to oppose it in the belief that my truth will spread itself to others who are Sri Lankans. Such sharing would reach the minds of all owners of Sri Lanka and when our investment is stronger than that of ‘separatists’, we would redeem and preserve Sri Lanka – as a sovereign nation.

The time has come for each Tamil to decide whether s/he is Sri Lankan Tamil or Eelam Tamil. Likewise, Sinhalese need to decide whether they are Sinhalese only or Sri Lankan Sinhalese. If commonness is past then we become like the Navagrahas / Nine-planet formation depicting our unchangeable past. If one were to visit a Hindu temple and observe the Navagraha shrine, one would note that they do not face each other. As per the explanation known to me – they are independent aspects of one person and do not affect / influence each other. When each member of a family acts as per her/his own truth only – s/he no longer influences any other member. The sun holds them and empowers them to revolve.  Common Truth is that sun.

In Sri Lanka, those who think and act at their community level are no longer part of the whole. As per the above mentioned report:

A spokesman for Tamils for Biden had talks with various sources and devised an idea that will save Sri Lanka from economic crisis and the Tamils from Sri Lankan oppression and genocide.

That sounds very much like China’s debt trap – a key reason why Sri Lanka is struggling economically. Given the Biden connection, it sounds like Yankee Debt trap. As per Hindu culture, money taken without common need becomes debt which in turn becomes sin after the due date. Dr Chandrasekharan, a global minded Indian quoted me as follows:

[This reminds me of well thought out remarks by an analyst of Sri Lankan origin Gajalakshmi Paramasivam, in connection with the projects in Sri Lanka. She pointed out that “Borrowing without the ability to repay results in slavery. One who is a slave does not have the capacity to work sovereign powers anytime, anywhere!”]

The Rajapaksas were well known for quid pro quos. In terms of Tamils – it began in 2005 when the LTTE blocked Tamils from exercising their Franchise in the Presidential elections, in return for a bribe. Wikipedia reports:

[Mahinda Rajapaksa was chosen by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to run against Ranil Wickremesinghe, former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. Wickremesinghe was the leader of the United National Party in the presidential election held on 17 November 2005. Despite the huge election campaign led by the UNP, Mahinda Rajapaksa was able to gain a narrow victory, by 190,000 votes. Rajapaksa's opponents claimed that he won only because the LTTE called for Tamil voters to boycott the polls. Most voters in these areas were forcibly restrained from voting, and it is said that they would have favoured Wickremesinghe of the UNP party. Rajapaksa received 50.3% of the vote]

As per Vaddukoddai community – this was in return for money. Ultimately the same president led the battle that ‘silenced’ the LTTE.  That money brought us the ‘sin’ which separates the LTTE community from law-abiding Sri Lankan Tamils.

If money is the weapon – a true Hindu would wait until the opposition had money – to settle scores. It is cowardly to fight against an unarmed enemy.

The question arises as to how American Tamils have access to such large amount of money. Are they becoming slaves of White Americans ? Here is an example of such slavery: (the response was to my article ‘SRI LANKA'S LEADERS ASKED AND RECEIVED ECONOMIC DOWNTURN’

American Tamil: [Let alone Gaja’s tune , should we not ask Gaja and Ourselves What is it we are gaining by reading the stupid Srilankan news ? 

When We read the stupid news and articles about Srilanka , what happens to us ? A thinking process kicks off ( not for me definitely) . That activity of thinking of that rubbish starts and we become aware of the contents of that rubbish thought only . We never ask ourselves what happens to us ! We never realize that thought is a material process going on inside our brain and nervous system  about an absolute rubbish ! 

What are we learning out of it ? What are we gaining out of it ? What is that thought doing to ourselves? 

We never pay attention to the activity of this thought ! Which is toxic to our intelligence!

A waste of our time and our intelligence ]

My response to this Americanised Sri Lankan Chartered Accountant was:

Gaja: [If you are calculating ‘gain or loss’ you are in  Profit & Loss Account mode. If you see neither profit nor loss, you are in Balance Sheet mode. As you ought to know the Balance Sheet is the one that confirms who owns and who is owed(liabilities). That is the current challenge that we Sri Lankans face.  If you had settled your dues to Sri Lankan elders – you also would have appreciated this value. If you claim to be Eelam Tamil without settling Sri Lankan dues, you would tell lies and lose membership with the wise group.]

American Tamils have confirmed that they were lying about Genocide – including to themselves. This covers up the LTTE’s atrocities during the war years. A Tamil indigenous to Northern Sri Lanka would know this and carry it as intuitive intelligence. As per Hindu philosophy, Truth balances it all. It is this truth that we have the duty to give form to, through our vote. As per my truth I am Sri Lankan Tamil. I am the sun to Eelam Tamils and Sinhalese who owed Sri Lanka in whose name they received monies, but failed to settle that debt. They therefore let the debt become ‘sin’. What does ‘sin’ do? It leads us. Hence we downsize and go into permanent isolation. This happened in Sri Lanka’s North due to casteism when junior castes self-isolated and felt ‘free’ to practice their own culture. Tamil Eelam would be limited to that culture and hence seems attractive to seniors in horse-trading. The price they pay is their higher intelligence. That is the lesson we have learnt through Rajapaksas. If Eelam Tamils insist on being the Rajapaksa heirs in opposition – they are no longer part of the present global governance.



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