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31May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



I feel satisfied that my contribution has gone ‘home’ towards protecting Sri Lanka’s National Carrier.

As per the article headed ‘SriLankan Airlines official to head Tourism Promotion Bureau?  -  :

[Minister of Tourism Harin Fernando suggested that an official from the SriLankan Airlines be appointed as the SLTPB Chairperson, since both the airlines and the bureau have to work “hand-in-hand” to promote the tourism industry.]

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau – SLTPB – is part of Sri Lankan government. Hence the National Carrier has every right to be Sri Lankan owned.  I shared my feelings of ownership through the following articles:



Someone in or close to government must have been seeking and hence ‘found’ the truth. All that happens at Energy level. A true owner does not need ‘proof’. A true owner works through ‘indicators’. Hence Key Performance Indicators in Management.

At the level of the individual, the best contribution to governance is through one’s truth.

Saint Yoga Swami of Sri Lankan origin shared his discovery as follows:

எப்பவோ முடிந்த காரியம் / The matter was completed long ago
நாம் அறியோம் / We do not know
ஒரு பொல்லாப்பும் இல்லை / There is no problem
முழுதும் உண்மை / All of it is Truth

Of particular interest in the Sri Lankan context is - எப்பவோ முடிந்த காரியம் / The matter was completed long ago


When the Truth within what happened is ‘free’ – the matter is completed. Hence the following in Yoga Swami’s song which begins with நல்லூரான் திருவடி / Nalluraan Thiruvadi/ The Sacred Feet of Lord Nallur:


[தேவர் சிறைமீட்ட / the Redeemer of gods  from Prison;
செல்வன் திருவடிகள் / Holy Feet of that Divine-Child
காவல் எனக்காமெடிகிளியே / Protect Me Sweet Child  கவலையெல்லாம் போகுமெடி  / Gone are all anxieties


As per my belief in Yoga Swami - the சிறை/prison is what happened – surrounding the truth. Selvan is Child-Murugan who renounced all his parental wealth when He felt cheated and the prize went to His elder brother Ganesh.

In the Mango Legend – Ganesh – the elder brother demonstrates His belief that His parents were His world.  He goes around His parents and wins the prize mango (ticket to heaven) This is ancestral power.

Younger brother Murugan performs current work to go around the world  – which takes longer to complete and hence misses out on the ‘prize mango’. Murugan then renounces all parental wealth and establishes His own Empire on top of Palani Hill.  

Yoga Swami says that Murugan’s Feet are his protection. To my mind – this means reliance on Current Work rather than belief in ancestral power – as Ganesh did. Yoga Swami who renouncing  his paid job, is the parallel of Murugan renouncing ancestral wealth.

In essence such renunciation is needed by juniors/minorities -  to become self-governing.

In a group – be it family, community or country – the most Sovereign person is the true leader. The apparent leader who fails in her/his duty to the position – becomes a misfit – and loses the protection of the position – as in parable ‘Emperor has no clothes’

In the current Sri Lankan context – when did the relationship between the Executive President and the voter get completed ? When the voter without portfolio (prison) discovers the Truth. When is it ‘seen’ at structural level? When the voter ‘freely’ expresses the discovery.

Then that Truth benefits the whole. முழுதும் உண்மை / All of it is Truth.

This was confirmed by the report headedSri Lanka court suspends pardon to Rajapaksa aide Duminda Silva’

[Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court on Tuesday suspended a presidential pardon granted to a former legislator close to the Rajapaksa family convicted of murdering a rival politician and ordered his immediate return to jail in a landmark verdict, according to local media.

A three-judge bench asked the police to arrest Duminda Silva, a former member of parliament who was facing the death penalty for a 2011 murder but was freed last June after President Gotabaya Rajapaksa granted him an amnesty.]

I connect the force underpinning this change to be that of the genuine protestor/s without portfolio. They are the child who was not afraid to claim aloud that the Emperor was wearing no clothes.

It is true that Tamil civilians suffered due to indiscriminate attacks by government soldiers. But the community under fear of armed rebels was not ‘free’ to blame their own rebels’ contribution to the atrocities.

If indeed – the current President is a true war hero would his ‘subjects’ not absorb  the cost of that war – which contributed to the Economic meltdown? Until that truth is identified with and shared – we would continue to be a war-based economy.


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