Saturday 11 June 2022



11 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



All of us experience pleasure and pain at different stages of life. Where pleasures are equal to pains at current values, we break even and own the experience. When our pain is greater than our pleasure, after we try our best to break-even, the matter is incomplete in current terms. Then it becomes an invisible asset to one who experienced more pain and an invisible liability to the other who experienced more pleasure. Both become our individual karma. This pushes us into the next level of sovereignty – usually as a group – i.e. family, workplace, & society, to finally merge with universal power of perfect balance. When one completes this sovereignty at an early stage, one’s influence on any issue is exponentially positive. Likewise, one who is ‘free’ of institutional values at early stages and is indebted to a person or group for ‘free looking’ pleasures, carries negative sovereignty – known as slavery as an exponentially negative value.

As per the article headed ‘Sumanthiran complains that the man responsible for crisis still in driving seat’ at :

[Each time this parliament meets, people expect there will be some change, some forward movement to resolve this crisis. And the people are disappointed because this is a parliament with two thirds of the voters supporting the government,” he said.

The TNA MP said that the government had abused the people’s trust and further strengthened the Executive Presidency. The President then went on to violate all the promises he had made to the people and rereading the President’s election manifesto in 2019, the “Vistas of Prosperity and splendor” now induced laughter, Sumanthiran said.]

Mr Sumanthiran represents Jaffna District which was seriously affected  by the war. If Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa remains in power he takes the blame for the current disaster and this would be attributed to him as ‘negative karma’ described above. If he is gone and the disaster continues, the connection would be difficult for someone who has to ‘see to believe’, to make.

The most obvious reason for the current crisis the difficulty experienced by Sinhala voters. How it happened would be analysed and/or identified with by various individuals and groups in their own ways. To the extent they are based on true experienced pain, they would all naturally merge. That is when the outcome is by the People. The Parliament’s tools are institutional and only those who believe in the Parliament as an institution, would contribute to the final outcome. Members of Parliament have the duty to participate through due processes of Parliament and not directly as if they were members of the Public/People. If they truly sought to so participate, they need to first resign from their parliamentary portfolios.

A true People’s protest would not ‘show’ any Parliamentary outcome and v.v. Participating in the protests must confirm the cause. In this instance – it is Economic hardship. If Tamils physically participated in this protest – they would dilute their ‘invisible’ asset earned through war-suffering. Mr Sumanthiran has the duty to strengthen this invisible asset on behalf of a minority group that cannot, on its own show a particular outcome that would satisfy majority also. It is for this reason that the woman head of a family is known as Shakthi/Energy. One who sees matter, would not feel Energy and v.v.



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