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30 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


“The most effective of the Australians' protests against Apartheid was the boycott of all-white South African rugby and cricket teams in the early 1970s.

If the above is a heritage, those who inherit that experience would become the heirs of protestors against suppression of sovereignty. All positive heritages carry sovereign values and merge naturally with other  positive heritages. They oppose negative heritages.  Both are known not through the matter recognised as heritage but the minds of respective heirs.

As per the current actions of the Australian Cricket Team, they oppose the above heritage developed in the 1970s. Chris Savage confirms this as follows:

[There’s something eerily dystopian about cricket continuing unscathed while a humanitarian crisis unravels outside the gates.]


As per the above SBS report:

[Australian anti-apartheid activists being honoured in a new exhibition in South Africa say it is an important reminder of the power of protest.

The most effective of the Australians' protests against Apartheid was the boycott of all-white South African rugby and cricket teams in the early 1970s.

As a student activist, Meredith Burgmann jumped the fence at the Sydney Cricket Ground during the 1971 game between the Wallabies and the racially-selected Springboks.]


Heritages form naturally,  when we sacrifice currently earned by us through Due Processes. Due Processes are the pathways through which we inherit the positive heritages. Heritages have perfectly balanced institutional structures.They are our true constitutions.


If the current action by the Australian Cricket team in Sri Lanka is considered to be of  ‘positive value’ then the above heritage has been abandoned by Australians. Part of the reason is the way Shane Warne was recognised in relation to Tsunami services in Sri Lanka


["I just wanted to help, I said to Murali, 'what can I actually do?'" Shane Warne told 60 Minutes at the time.

"He said, 'you just being here will actually help.'"

Murali was right.

Shane Warne walked around the disaster zone with his iconic blonde goatee and he was recognised by locals in some of the most remote parts of Sri Lanka.]


I am Australian of Sri Lankan origin, labelled as mentally ill Trespasser at UNSW by fellow Australians. My Tsunami work is published at

As per my true standards, my report was presented by me to the President who authorised the funds for construction of homes for those who ‘lost’ homes in Mankerni in Batticaloa due  to Tsunami which is an act of god/natural disaster. Only  person with positive heritage in the Sri Lankan system could have achieved this. That was NOT Shane. Mine was naturally shared with Australians. Yet Shane was promoted due to his cricket popularity.  This naturally makes an orphan of my heritage in this regard . Likewise that of the anti-apartheid heritage developers.

Those who follow laws and rules against Racial Discrimination would naturally carry that heritage of Sovereign structure with them wherever they go. As per my measures – this team carries negative heritage and hence would mind-merge with the government that is carrying similar genes through Buddhism Foremost principle – the parallel of White Australia policy.

The Cause of the collapse is in embedded in this action of  Australians and reception by Sri Lankans. Australians represent  the external money providers. Some come as aid and others as loans that cannot be repaid. Both demote the status of Sri Lanka to junior level. By claiming ‘sovereign’ status – we distance ourselves as Equals. When we owe an alleged equal, and the debt cannot be repaid – we become ‘outsiders’ – waiting to be taken over by giants.

China is considered a big giant waiting to take swallow Sri Lanka. But that heritage came from many governments before the current one. The BMICH was a gift from China:

[Built between 1970 and 1973, the convention centre was a gift from the People's Republic of China in memory of Solomon Ridgeway Dias BandaranaikePrime Minister ]

That PM tried to implement Sinhala only as official language. During the rule of his wife – this heritage mutated as ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the constitution. This is negative heritage in terms of articles that support  Multiculturalism – for example article 14 which is in the ‘Fundamental Rights’ chapter 3. Buddhism Foremost is in chapter 2 – outside  the Fundamental Rights chapter. The naturally oppose each other. This President activated Buddhism foremost and this naturally activated its opposition – of  Equal Rights in Chapter3. Heritage is dormant if we use current laws to maintain sovereignty. If not – the positive heritage will surface to protect its heir/s of sovereignty. Where the current laws also fail to protect Sovereign values – they also become negative heritages / genes and eventually defeat the positive heritages. They are also acts of god. It is foolish to expect cricketers who play to ‘win’ to offset / mitigate this pain and loss.


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