Tuesday 28 September 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 September   2021

Quarantine Ordinance v Prevention of Terrorism Act

Yesterday when our family met through teleconferencing we discussed also the Jaffna incident and the relevant laws. Yesterday I wrote:

[Many of us identify with others’ pain through what happened. But the experience needs to be given form through our own measures / the measures we believe in. When the measures are common we have contributed to 50% of Commonness.]

Our measures yesterday were as per our ‘family’s common standards’ based on our feelings. Part of it was about sharing our strength with a couple in Jaffna who have been hospitalised due to Covid. Equal importance was rendered to the altercation between the Police and the two young ladies who were making video recording of the Tamil member of parliament lighting the memorial lamp for LTTE combatant. To me, of significance was the interference in the process by Vaddukoddai lawyer Sugash Kanagaratnam who by conduct confirmed that the resistance to Prevention of Terrorism law was of greater importance to him and the group he defended than Prevention of Covid as per the relevant law.

This morning I discovered that someone had similar priority as mine, through the Daily Mirror report ‘Opening of Liquor shops violating quarantine laws challenged in Supreme Court’. The Petition has been filed by the United National Society of Self-Employed. I concluded that it was my contribution to being self-employed that took my attention to this report.

Sugash is also self-employed and he claimed that he was a lawyer. As a Sri Lankan lawyer, the welfare of all Sri Lankans ought to have been more important to him than one who died for LTTE which is only part of the Tamil community and therefore a smaller part of Sri Lanka. His loyalty was not even to the parents of Vaddukoddai Resolution who acted within Sri Lankan law. It was to LTTE which had its own laws & justice system. In order to cover the whole community – investment through LTTE laws ought to have been stronger in Energy than investment in Common law. This usually happens through belief which Energy is exponential. To be so – the memorial service ought to have been in Kilinochchi and not in Nallur.

Each time we complete an experience, we add positive Energy to our home area. Each time we take benefits prematurely, we neglect the matter and with time it becomes negative Energy. Positive or Negative – the Energy, like the Covid virus, has its own mind.

The system of Karma works on the basis of these Energies which independently add themselves to the current manifestations which go into ‘free space’ outside the boundaries of the current system. This current system could be a family, institution, political group or nation. The laws need to be self-balancing to confirm sovereignty.

In the above instance – the LTTE laws ought to have been self-balancing and Thileepan ought to have asked for that which was within those laws and applicable only to the LTTE. Thileepan lacked the jurisdiction to ask on behalf of Jaffna, leave alone all Sri Lankan Tamils. Likewise, Sugash Kanagaratnam. In terms of law – he set aside the Sri Lankan qualifications by acting as the de facto lawyer of the LTTE group. He has thus taken small benefit on the way, which blocks his own pathway to Sri Lankan opportunities and beyond.

Let us recognize that we are Sri Lankans and earn the right to Oppose those who block that pathway. If we are Sinhalese , Buddhists, Tamils or Muslims first – then we have the duty to renounce our Sri Lankan positions and operate within the local group on de facto basis. If we are true to that group – whatever we do would be Energised exponentially. One who shows the certificate of the larger group to take local benefits blocks her/his own pathway to the opportunities at the wider level.

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