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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 September   2021



Healthy Opposition to the Virus


Neelakandar Kandasamy, as per my observations facilitated by the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney, is a reservoir of Common Sri Lankan Political facts of half a generation before mine. Today, Kanda wrote in response to my article ‘Corona Asuran or Avatar?’:

‘Dear Gaja 

In your email you have a question in your mind that Corona is in the form of Asuran or Avatar. This issue is related to natural justice and nature. Nearly one month  ago, I emailed my friend of mine in Sri Lanka mentioning that nature is very powerful.  Mr. Pieter Keuneman, may be in 1947, when he was the chief editor  of Sunday Observer, he wrote in his editorial "If we go against nature, nature will go against us".Many friends told me that this article was republished by the Lake House NewsPaper  soon after the Tsunami in 2004.

Subsequently, I have emailed another friend Mr.K.K.S Perera, who is a veteran journalist. Mr. Perera is my long standing friend and I have constantly been in touch with him. I appreciate his intellectual honesty and professional integrity. Both of us belong to old school.I have mentioned in email that now we confront  various disasters:and calamities.All these calamities are the manifestation of our behaviour.Also I mentioned that "" It was yesterday Tsunami, today is CoronaVirus, Tomorrow will be Global Warming and Climate Change. This plight will go on until we change our values and behaviour.

Now, you can understand that coronavirus is whether Asuran or Avtar. Many friends still, saying that it is not a bad person, but we are bad people, we are responsible for this miserable episode. Nature will not tolerate and wait to punish culprits. Nature and Natural justices are inextricably linked to each other.’

I admired and appreciated as to how Kanda had merged his values with those of pre-separation(mental)  Sri Lanka. My search without any particular expectations led me to the following in the article – ‘The July 1983 Anti-Tamil Riots -As viewed by the Communist Party legislator Pieter Keuneman by Sachi Sri Kantha’:

[In one of the humorous cartoons that appeared before the 1956 general election, Collette (a gifted cartoonist of that era and a Burgher ethnic), vividly etching the prevailing political divisions, drew a fleeing Mother Lanka with raised hands, screaming ‘Help, Help! I don’t want to be saved!’ Six political types, each with a placard, were shown harassing her. From the facial lines and the garments adorning them, each of the types could be easily identified. From left to right, the politicians with their placard slogans were as follows:

C. Suntharalingam – “Lanka must be saved from majority oppression.”

John L. Kotelawela (then Prime Minister) – “Lanka must be saved from communism.”

W. Dahanayake – “Be saved from English.”

S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike – “Lanka must be saved from UNP dictatorship.”

Pieter Keuneman – “Be saved from US capitalism.”

R.G. Senanayake – “Be saved from the Indians.]

The above confirms our diverse pathways in Politics. In the above John L. Kotelawela (then Prime Minister) was opposed by Pieter Keuneman – the Communist. Tamil leadership was opposed by R G Senanayake using fear of Indians. The two who do not have opposition are Dr Dahanayake & SWRD Bandaranaike. They were both distracted by the language convenience. Dr Dahanayake  followed Mr SWRD Bandaranaike to the throne. I explained my insight into this ‘Balance Sheet’ as follows:

[Thank you Kanda for that valuable feedback. I began valuing KKS Perera highly when he responded to me on the basis of the core message in my email. Now I value him even more because of your own valuation of him. Thank you.

You have answered my question in terms of Corona in your own way. It is both (Asuran & Avathar) at one time at one sovereign place. It is Asuran to those who have developed powers that are net liabilities that they are not likely to settle in this life and Avathar to those who have  developed powers that are net assets that they are not likely to get in this life. Then they are like Krishna. Thank you so very much for your contribution in this]

The key value of my response is that the whole needs to be Sovereign to balance the positive with the negative. That is when we revolve around ourselves and attract the global Energy]

To live with the Virus successfully – all we need is healthy opposition and not fear. I believe that when we invest regularly in good health – mental and physical – that Energy rises from within to eliminate fear. If every suburb looks after itself – not by irradicating but by Equal Opposition we would become operational and independent of the virus.

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