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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 September   2021

The Royal Park Connection to Easter Bombings

Recently, when discussing the sharing of the intestate estate of my brother-in-law, Mr Subramaniam Yoganathan, I stated that once his siblings could not come to an ‘internal settlement as per their respective consciences the estate needed to be governed by the laws of next level – the community that the person was part of. In our case, my husband as per his conscience stated that it ought to be shared through Thesawalamai law. To this date his sister Mrs Sabanathan who ‘took over’ Executive power in breach of Thesawalamai law – has failed to account us for the distribution. Those who accept her pathway would themselves not be accountable. My letters to the Bar Association were not heeded. As per my experience, Bar Association does not believe in Accountability. An experience is never wrong.

Hence when I read the Morning’s headline ‘BASL questions Ratwatte’s eligibility to hold office’ I concluded that it was too little too late. As per the above report, the Bar Association’s statement was released yesterday – 16 September. I live in Australia and I learn about what happened, largely through the media. I  have also the duty to contribute to Australian issues as a citizen.  My report on how I felt about the Sri Lankan issue was published on 15 September. My conclusion was as a Sri Lankan citizen – based on my experience as a Sri Lankan and therefore adds to the conscience of the People. BASL’s conscience is that of its members who as per my experience interpreted the law to boost their own benefits. That happened in the above Testamentary case, despite my complaints to them. It is therefore processed through their own protocols which are not likely to take the message to grassroots through natural pathways.

As per the above report:

[Accordingly, the Association notes that the allegations against Ratwatte are such that he can no longer command the trust or responsibility of not only a government minister charged with duties in respect of prisons, but also as a minister holding any other portfolio and as a Member of Parliament.]

By accepting that Ratwatte stay on in the other portfolio, this government  confirms the acceptability of this government to include a minister at that level. It effectively is a downward restructure of the government. Each member of government  therefore acts as per their governance level and that is the internal measure to identify with each other. This confirms either that there is no higher  common measure of governance in this government as per the common conscience of its members or that Ratwatte’s conscience is also the government’s conscience.

As per this – Ratwatte has effectively exposed the standard of the President.

This is the ultimate reality of a family structure being extended to community level and beyond.

The Common conscience of each structure is the foundation of its reliable natural laws. Those laws above that level are showcased for lesser purposes. If they are way above this true and natural level, they weaken the cohesion of that group and contribute to natural disintegration of that group.

The next level of Governance for Sri Lanka in relation to Terrorism was the regional and global levels that successive governments took the issue to, to eliminate the LTTE. Given that the LTTE is part of the Tamil community – they are entitled to be judged  and punished by the global laws and not local laws that are not reliable to settle the issue within Sri Lanka. The failure led to Easter Bombing where both governments are clueless as to which measure is to be used.

The government that withdrew from the UNHRC in this issue – is confirming that it is treating the UN as a doormat.

In the above mentioned family example, I wrote my own judgement as per the truth of my husband who accepted the distribution of part of the Commonwealth as dowry when his sisters got married. When he accepted that as common culture – the system of Thesawalamai law came into him – albeit without him being conscious of it. Hence when a lawyer hired by his sister said that he was entitled to a ‘small-share’ he insisted that the sharing ought to be as per Thesawalamai law. Later when I asked him about it – he said he did not know the provisions of Thesawalamai law but resented that the external lawyer was telling him what his share was. That is how indicators work from within us. I facilitated him to raise the issue to the higher common level – of the common conscience of the community that we are part of. This would now help others in that area not abuse the system.

Likewise, the Sri Lankan governance can no longer be ‘local’. All who invest in Sri Lanka and its people are entitled to outcomes as per the higher common measures that we have invested in.  That is the way of Dharma.

The above case has surfaced also another Presidential pardon that strongly indicated cover up:

In December last year Lankaenews  published an article headed ‘Gutwrenching Revelations on Easter Attack: My3 Bribed 1M USD to Carryout the Attack’ – at Gutwrenching Revelations on Easter Attack: My3 Bribed 1M USD to Carryout the Attack: Reveals Lankaenews – Lanka Net News


That article includes the following:

[Indika Samarasinghe alias Japan Indika lives in Sri Lanka in a house located at the Royal Park luxury apartment complex in Rajagiriya.

Friendship of Maithripala Sirisena and Japan Indika develops into a great trusted friendship when Japan Indika supply mistresses to president Sirisena at Japan Indika’s Royal Park safe house. The luxury bed mattress in Indika’s bedroom would testify how many times Sirisena’s mistress ‘Anuradha Jayawickrema’ came to this house. In addition, Indika has been involved in the pimp work of supplying Japanese women.]

As per Wikipedia –

[the person pardoned by that President - Shramantha Anthony Jayamaha killed Yvonne Jonsson - 19-year-old Swedish lass living in Sri Lanka,  on 01 July, 2005. Yvonne was beaten and fatally strangled by Jude Shramantha Anthony Jayamaha in the stairwell of the Royal Park Condominium complex in Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.

…. Jayamaha confessed to bathing in the pool at Royal Park after the murder, in order to wash off the blood and matter that had accumulated on his body and hands and in his hair]

The question needs to be asked as to whether Mr Sirisena pardoned Jayamaha because they were Royal Park buddies? If that is strongly indicated – then for our own purposes the Singapore bribe story would also have value. What a shame!

If true the common factor is intoxication – one with liquor and the other with sex. Every true Sri Lankan is shamed by this.


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