Tuesday 21 September 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 September   2021

Tamil Eelam – is Dowry – Not Muthusum

I believe that yesterday’s experience is the foundation of today’s natural law. The natural law connects us to each other without any effect on our part. Written laws that are within such natural laws, would promote self governance.

In Democracy, the electorate is the smallest unit representing sovereignty. In NSW, Australia, during Covid lockdown – the State Government locked us into our respective Local Government Areas (LGAs).  The rules were set by State government and not the Local Governments.  This confirmed that the State government did not have confidence in local governments to lead their respective communities or that the State Government desired to directly control the Covid issue. In my suburb of Coogee, I take the State Government’s rules seriously not because I see direct logic in it but because it comes through a higher common structure. Then my ‘experiences’ are also measured at that level and go straight to the law-making Energy at that level. To the extent I feel ownership in Coogee – it would become Common Energy of Coogee.

I learnt about the importance of appropriate Common measures through my painful experiences in Northern Sri Lanka where the oldest Common measure is Thesawalamai Customary law. My book written in Tamil has been named ‘Jaffna is my heritage and not my dowry’ It also holds the key to our solution to our Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka.

Yesterday I quoted Tamilnet - I cannot support Tamil Eelam, but I won’t deport the boys,” Ms Gandhi had told Mr Kalyanasundaram, according to Pulavar Pulamaipithan.’

A couple of  non-Tamils who are in my Sri Lankan group responded as follows:

1.     Australia should not support any armed group past or present, that fought against a democratically elected government for the main aim and purpose of creating a separate state.

2.     ‘No country or state should support armed terrorism whether it be in Sri Lanka or elsewhere globally.

Sri Lanka is a multi-national country where people of all religions, caste, creed or ethnicity, should all live in peace and harmony respecting each other’s rights.

1.     Does not confirm the Truth about Australia due to Australia recruiting migrants knowing they were LTTE members.

2.      Above does not reflect  the consolidated picture of current Sri Lanka.

Both lack the experience that the theories can measure. As per Australian experience at the time of recruitment of migrants during war – the Sri Lankan government was wrong as per the Australian measures – especially in terms of Equal Opportunity laws. As per the global measures (2) above lacks the multi-cultural minded government  to take such a credit and hence the measure is wrong.

During the Tamil Diaspora meeting – Mr Ravi Kumar – Coordinator, British Tamil Forum was a keynote speaker. In essence he proposed investigating the reason for atrocities from 1948. This means after departure of British as rulers. The hidden agenda there is British rule and not Tamil rule.

The other keynote speaker was Mr Arun Gananathan – lawyer , Birnberg, Peirce and Partners – who highlighted opportunities through Global Judicial system. His presentation would have earned the British Tamil Community a significant position in ICJ.

The experience on which the above group started the meeting was LTTE’s Thileepan who was crowned the LTTE’s political leader of Jaffna Peninsula. Given that no Tamil Politician in current Parliament of Sri Lanka has disputed this – one has to accept it as them accepting this.

Given that majority Jaffna Tamils practice the system of dowry as part of the distribution of Commonwealth – one has to use Thesawalamai law as the measure most appropriate measure for the whole of Northern Community. What does that law say in this regard?

1.     Females (daughters) inherit from senior females (mothers)

2.     Males (sons) inherit from senior males (fathers)

3.     Current earnings (Thediya Thettam) is to be distributed as per the rules of those who earned them.

On the basis of the above, distribution to daughters when they get married is known as Dowry. The daughters who take dowry lose the right to share in the residual wealth which after dowry is the new commonwealth. The daughter who accepted dowry has the duty to develop her own family structure and is not entitled to participate in the governance of the family she separates from. Majority Indians would also identify with this structure.

Until the armed militancy Tamil politicians opposed Sri Lanka being claimed as Sinhala nation. This Opposition was confirmed through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. It was confirmed by the People in 1977 – when Tamils became Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. That is the natural heritage.

LTTE claimed separate state. This is dowry from the Commonwealth. All those who base claims on LTTE achievements are heirs of that new branch. They have no right to participate in governance of Sri Lanka. This includes the likes of Mr C V Wigneswaran who often refers to ancestral values after  referring to LTTE leader as Thambi (younger brother). Through that relationship, Mr Wigneswaran made himself the leader of that branch of the Tamil community that broke away to form its own branch. Such leaders had no right to come to the Common Parliament of Sri Lanka – until they expressly show remorse for supporting Separatism.

Most Tamils would know about Kamathenu  the female cow – with endless flow of milk. Kamam = lust and Then(thehn) = honey. The message is that such a cow voluntarily blesses us with endless flow of milk that tastes like honey. Kamathenu  lives in the homes of sages who through renunciation of benefits realise bliss.

In terms of knowledge – what happened is lust. The independent intelligence within that – known as wisdom /Gnanam – is the sweet honey in that knowledge.


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