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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 September   2021



Mental Health & Terrorism

Here in Australia, we now frequently hear that Mental Health issues are on the rise during Lockdown. On 02 September, I wrote to our NSW Premier as follows:

[Ms Berejiklin, I believe that due processes that have survived the test of time, are Energy of the minds that developed and maintained those structures. The ‘normal’ processes at the Maroubra Medical Centre have been diligently followed by me over many years. I respected those as reliable heritage. To me the ‘corporate mind’ there, is the Energy that protects me. The medication – like money - is physical medium through which we confirm that connection  to our body. When the inherited due processes were not followed by the Centre this time, it confirmed that our minds did not connect. ]

When due processes do not work for those of us who operate within the law, we lose confidence in that community regulated by common law. This makes us feel that we are unwanted. At the beginning of these lockdowns last year, we were informed that those over 70 were the most vulnerable group. If this were true a responsible government would have structured a system that gave priority to those over 70,  to take the vaccine. Our GP’s are the ones we trust most and yet there was no communication from them in this regard. That meant to me that they themselves did not connect to the government’s expressions of urgency to be vaccinated. We were left on our own to decide. In addition, when someone makes you feel that they were the authority over the use of English language – in this instance the word ‘compromised’ it makes one feel demoted and small in that environment. One young Australian in high position within Public Service said in a social environment, to appreciate that they did not use the spoilt vaccine into my arm! They all made me feel that the vaccine was a privilege to the likes of who they think I am.

So how did it get to this. The following sharing with a Tamil professional group might give some indicators, to one genuinely seeking:

[The fact that I became Senior Manager at Air Lanka would confirm to a fellow Sri Lankan that I was in management category. But here in Australia, due to the need to focus on family – I refused to put myself through the process of getting an Australian qualification. To me, my Sri Lankan qualification was / is the highest of my qualifications. Hence I accepted the positions allocated to me by those who employed me. That in a way is like fasting or meditation. Through that I realised that I was becoming more proficient in democratic accounting than my seniors by position. On that basis I earned high credentials with those who were less dependent on Central Administration. The UNSW conflict began with me blocking the mind of Central in terms of Research funding. The Medical Faculty was happy with my service but Central Admin carried on as usual. When I left I continued to share my intelligence through emails. Then their bomb burst – with allegations of scientific fraud by Professor Bruce Hall at Liverpool Clinical School. That cost the UNSW quite a bit in terms of money and status. I was satisfied that justice had happened. Except David and Gwen of Sports Medicine – no one came to support me openly. But I stopped expecting support from those who were supported by me. It was in the midst of all this that there was Kungkumum on Sai Baba’s picture given to me by a close relative whose son was killed in 83 in Madras by Tamils who mistook Mani to be a Sinhalese. Mani’s mum is a devotee and said that without Swami’s guidance she would have not recovered from Mani’s death. Others may likewise seek expert help against depression with such mental lockdowns. But those who truly believe in divine power would use their own natural curing abilities.  You may not have need for it – but there are many who are. Hence to my mind, it is wrong to demote someone who has had painful experiences and is sharing it with others to give them courage that like me they also can cure themselves. ]

When I read about the recent incident of stabbing by Mr Samsudeen – a Muslim of Sri Lankan origin – what came to my mind was the questions asked after the 2019 Easter Bomb attack – as to whether they were connected to the Mosque attack on 15 March 2019. Back then I said ‘I do not think so’. But the Latest manifestation is reported to have connections to ISIS and the then President of Sri Lanka also indicated that connection after the Easter bomb attacks. The experience in Afghanistan has confirmed that overpowering such fighters does not work. As one expert pointed out, if we have a hammer we look for nails.  As per Wikipedia:

‘The first recorded statement of the concept was Abraham Kaplan's, in 1964: "I call it the law of the instrument, and it may be formulated as follows: Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.

The Hindu parallel is that ‘ a weapon is empowered by the relative cumulative Energy of the user’. A big part of this is the respect paid to the guru from whom the user learned the skills.’ That becomes Energy in the mind of the current user.

The question about the New Zealand attacker is whether lockdown isolation amounted to ‘separation’ in which one switches to a different mode and is without supervision or support from others. The 2019 mosque attack claimed 44 lives. Not so the attack by Samsudeen.

Two days back, the Island reported as follows about the reactions in Sri Lanka:

[Public Security Minister Rear Admiral (retd) Sarath Weerasekera has called on police to be vigilant of possible revival of Islamic terrorists, while attending to COVID-19 prevention operations.

Addressing a meeting of senior DIGs and DIGs via zoom on Thursday, the Minister insisted that the police should not let their guard down just because they have been asked to attend the COVID-19 prevention operations.

“The police have to be extra vigilant of possible Islamic terrorist groups to ensure internal security in the country. We know that the police rendered a valuable service in getting rid of the LTTE that had been a major threat to the internal security. However, the scenario is now different because we no longer fight with an easily identifiable enemy. ISIS is an ideology and it is not an easy task to identify the persons who have been indoctrinated. Only the common sign of such people is that they become isolated from others first but later walk on the path from extremism to terrorism. This could be countered but we need the utmost vigilance of the policemen to fight against this latest threat,” the Minister said.]

The above confirms that it is not just the nails that connect to each other but the hammers also. Samsudeen was ‘made in Sri Lanka’. If the mind-structure of the 2019 Easter Bombers who were ‘locals’ had been studied and the root reasons identified with – that would have prevented such hasty declarations that carry the risk of more separations of the Muslim community in Sri Lanka which leads to the mind being drawn to those to whom we seem valuable.

Demotions due to unjust discrimination leads to depression and depression leads to suicidal tendencies. In my case I would refuse to accept anything that I had not earned (including through respect) and hence I learnt to live with that which was ‘given’. It’s like living off alms philosophy in Hinduism as well as in Buddhism. It makes us humble and leads to feeling with those in need.

When the Minister used his skills used during LTTE turmoil, it is highly likely that Police Officers would look for ‘terrorists’ nails instead of possible covid spreaders who are less responsible civilians. This attitude develops when one takes ‘victory’ over one’s own citizens. This is how various governments in Sri Lanka developed alleged Terrorism nails. All due to cheating democracy which requires the government to become the common citizen first and not the clever ‘victorious’ leader. When that is righted the economic crisis that Sri Lanka faces today is likely to be addressed through Tourism – independent of political influences. This kind of army show – confirms the risk of ongoing Terrorism risk – in Sri Lanka. The more we use the Anti-Terrorism hammer – the more we keep the independent tourist away.

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