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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 September   2021



Politics of Covid

The Daily Mirror carries an article headed ‘SL reiterates study on the origin tracing of coronavirus should not be politicized’. The article commences as follows:

[Sri Lanka has reiterated that the study on the origin tracing of SARS-Co-V-2 should be based on scientific and evidence-based methods and should not be politicized.

The Foreign Ministry said that the next phase of the study should reflect the key findings of the previous WHO-led joint study report.]


To my mind, if Politics is the body of group power, Governance is the soul. A government needs to know first as to the origin of  coronavirus in its own nation. As per Wikipedia :

[The first case of the virus in Sri Lanka was confirmed on 27 January 2020, after a 44-year-old Chinese woman from HubeiChina, was admitted to the Infectious Disease Hospital in Angoda, Sri Lanka] The origin of this report is Colombo Page.

The Australian parallel goes as follows:

As per media release on 20 January 2020 – by the office of the Hon Greg Hunt MP – Australia’s Minister for Health and Aged Care :

[The first case of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been confirmed by Victoria Health Authorities this morning]

The former confirms Global base at Sri Lankan Diaspora political level and the latter Australian Governance level awareness. The Australian government has accordingly taken steps to investigate the origins of the virus. In essence, Australian government’s vote is a governance vote, whereas the Sri Lankan government’s vote is a political vote.

As per the Daily Mirror report:

["It is equally important to conduct a comprehensive, inclusive, and impartial study on the origin of the virus. Sri Lanka notes the leading role played by the World Health Organization (WHO) in this regard and the contents of the joint report of the WHO–convened Global Study released in March 2021, the Ministry said.]

That again is confirmation that the Sri Lankan government at best is dependent on WHO which did not declare the pandemic on time.

While what happened is global – why it happened to a person or sovereign group is known to the person or sovereign group. To identify with that truth within, that person needs to be aware of her / his /its sovereignty. That is the way of Truth and therefore Sovereignty. To know why something happened to us – through our own measures as per our own research into ourselves – we need to go into ourselves until there is no physical form to the problem. That happens when the problem and the solution are at Equal level. That is our inner belief.

Those who believe in us would in turn access that power to know the connection between causes and effects that happened to them. The latter is known as Subjective power. Since each group is sovereign, they operate on their own and around the Common power – the Sun of the system. In the case of the virus the WHO is taken to be the Sun. Every person who discovers why s/he was affected by the attacks of the virus, contributes to finding her/his cure. The home group that s/he belongs to, is in turn empowered by all such discoveries. They as a group empower the Sun. In return they are empowered by the Sun in common. That is the way of Sovereignty.

In the case of the current government of Sri Lanka, by being dependent on China from whom they ‘took’ money beyond the powers of their relationship – they lost the way to Sovereign power to that extent. This then automatically groups Sri Lanka under the rule of the ‘giver’ - as part of China. To the extent the People oppose this through their own belief – the Sovereign power of Sri Lanka gets restored. This in terms of groups are the minorities by natural culture that have withstood the test of time and in the case of migrants who joined the global community  - the test of displacement. To the extent they make discoveries on their own as individuals and/or groups – the vote of this government will be diluted at the global level governance. Not so if one takes the competitive pathway and attacks through local measures to elevate their own status. Tamils who do not make up for the excesses of the LTTE remain competitive and revengeful and hence would reverse the Tamil Diaspora structure where the clever young ones lead those with experience. This does not reach the global pool, leave alone the Universal pool.

Withdrawal from the Commitment to use Global Measures of the UNHRC happened about a month after Sri Lanka’s first attack by the virus. As per my discovery, time and place indicate commonness. In terms of Sri Lanka as a separate country it lost the support of globally Sovereign powers in terms of wars that affect it exponentially – as the war, effectively against Tamils did. That was due to Hindu belief in common with India which commonness was seriously attacked when the LTTE used its local measures to kill a world leader. A part of that karma would have gone to the Sri Lankan government also. Thereafter Sri Lankan Tamils also effectively became ‘local’. Belief in Theswalamai customary law alone would have informed Jaffna Tamils that the performance of a devolved group cannot be measured by the whole nor v.v.

The declaration by the Sri Lankan government is not new as per its purpose. Once we lose control of effects beyond our immediate circle – the independent powers such as that of the virus take control. This would mutate into economic virus in those who are not economically independent. That is how Karma works. This government needs to have remorse for withdrawing from the UNHRC – which is the Sun of Human Rights groups.


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