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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 September   2021



Cult Culture Developing within Tamil Diaspora

Victor Rajalingam sent me a link regarding the establishment of Global Tamil Centre in Oxford -
The question that came to my mind was whether we are really global or are we fooling ourselves that we are – global while developing cults in the name of education?

My email groups get restructured progressively and over the last two years, one was with some members of  Jaffna Hindu College alumni. When I write on public issues the reader in my mind is the Common member of the public. Initially, Mr C V Wigneswaran the former Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka also was in the list. But gradually he and others were left out and majority in the group were from the above mentioned alumni. As with some other groups, I was the only female in the group. Gradually, the person who had the title of Professor – was elevated by members of the group and the Professor started ‘telling’ me also – including that I was mentally ill – as certified by the Health system. When someone begins to tell me who I am – and it is in conflict with my assessment of myself – I put my foot down. Over the past few months – there were derogatory opinions expressed about Gandhi – based on Arunthathi Roy’s opinions. Eventually it extended to Hindu religious leaders and finally challenged Hindu religious pathways. Over these past few days the Tamil language was used by a couple of doctors to write about masturbation and making fun of Hindu worship of Lord Shiva in the form of phallus. Finally, today there was reference to award winning lesbian Tamil couple. In between there was reference to a lady cheating the medical system. The details are in the Appendix.

The issue here is how separation turns to bullying due to disrespect for others’ belief. This is also the core of the Sri Lankan ethnic problem. Separation without belief leads to deterioration of culture.

I was born in a Hindu family that worshipped God in various forms – including Sivalingam. Over the years I developed special focus through Lord Muruga due to our worship at Nallur. As an independent adult, through my experiences I developed adoration for Mother Amman and Lord Krishna. Now I believe that they are all various forms of Energy to which we connect through our own truth.

When someone who ridicules a particular form of Hindu worship, but at the same time promotes gay relationship they cannot both be true of the same mind. The mind that accepts gay relationship as natural is that of a believer in nature / truth. Is the phallus not nature?

By ridiculing cult movements – these individuals elevate their status. Then they slowly takeover power and ridicule believers. If they are right – majority Tamils do not have claim as members of an ancient civilization. Tamils would also qualify as ‘nature-worshipping’ indigenous group – known as Vehdar. At that level – there is no conflict based on language. Yesterday, the Colombo Telegraph quoted Mr Wigneswaran as saying:

[Therefore the powers that be, must make amends first for the wrongs done by them.

Even if the perpetrators decide to regret and make amends I doubt the relatives of the disappeared would accept such regret, death certificates and compensation. The only way to please them would be to grant the freedom that the Tamils in the North and East have been asking for over 70 years and allow the Tamil speaking people of the North and East to rule themselves uninterfered by the Sinhalese politicians. ]


So far no Sinhalese has ridiculed my belief as the above group which Mr Wigneswaran was also part of at one time – has done. The Tamil Diaspora is forming cult groups due to lack of connection with our ancestors. Now that Mr Wigneswaran has the names – will he discipline those who ridicule his leader – as per my understanding – or expressly separate himself from them? If yes, then that is when we as a community would have earned the right to devolution to protect our particular forms of belief.




1)      From: Kasinathan Nadesan
Sent: Monday, 2 August 2021 1:30 PM
To: G Kulanathan Cc: Sivanandan Sinnathamby  gaja param; Nandakumar; Ganesharatnam Kukathasan ; C Srijeyakumar; Desmond Collins; Iqbal Mcm; Janakan Srikhanta; Kandiah Suntharamoorthy; Maitreyi Sivakumaran; Rajendra Vinasithamby; Subramaniam Pon; Thangarajaj Maheswaran; rajaratnam rajalingam; saba Jothilingam; thaiman sivakumar; Rajakulendran
Subject: Re: Bhagavad-Gita

Siva and Gaja, I dont blame you for blaming me to be vulgar. It is simply conditioning of the mind based on environment and wrong perception about sex, vulgarity and decency. In medical teaching and medical field life is accepted as it is as a reality in general. Otherwise one cannot become a doctor. Even timid students over the years become enlightened and understand the reality. But the people who blame me as vulgar do worship lingam and yoni and all the other REAL vulgar, perverted sculptures as something sacred due to their blind faith and total misunderstanding. In north india they apply red kum kum over female statues yoni and wait in a queue to touch and kiss and worship, what a bunch of perverts. Do they have to go all the way while they can do it better while at home. But the same people call my evidence based scientific  teaching as vulgar. These are people who have not even studied hindu dharma and hindu beliefs well. When Brahma conducted the marriage of Shiva and Parvathi and as they went around the HOLY fire, ஓமகுண்டலம், she slightly lifted her saree and once Brahma saw her beautiful thighs he just ejaculated on the spot. This happened not once but several times, and even punished by Shiva for his perverted behaviour while acting as a person peforming the wedding ritual. Please read Skanda purana to learn more pornography. He also kept his daughter saraswathy and had sex with her all the time for 1000 years. She went all over to escape from her dad Brahma but could not escape. This pervert Brahma was chased out into the jungle and this guy saw a female boar and screwed that too. The skanda purana goes on.


So Siva and Gaja, wake up. All these perversion are in our minds. Consider them as normal and natural. It is normal physiology. If you are not interested in these things then it is abnornal and seek advice. Siva, I know you will have age related disabilities and limitations now but desire ought to be there and if not your body and mind are not healthy. Hinduism is all about sex and perverted sex trying to educate the souls there is no rule book for sex, anything everything you like, you do it, as long as you injure yourself. Certainly dont try any stunts now🤭. Dont ever think sex as something dirty. It is everything for us and our religion confirms this and Gaja acca by her wisdom proves how important it is to worship lingam and yoni. Read லிங்க நமஸ்காரம் by Swami Nithiyananda.


2)      From: Kandiah Suntharamoorthy Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2021 4:31 PM
To: Kasinathan; Nandakumar Desmond Collins; Subramaniam Pon; C Srijeyakumar; G Kulanathan Janakan Srikhanta ; thaiman sivakumar rajaratnam ;rajalingam; gaja param; saba Jothilingam; Rajendra Vinasithamby; Jeevaratnam Rabindranath; Rajakulendran; Vadivelu Vasanthakumar Subject: Fwd: FW: Fw: HOW TO STOP THE MIND'S CHATTER | A trick to master your mind | Bodhidha...R

Subject: Fwd: Fw: HOW TO STOP THE MIND'S CHATTER | A trick to master your mind | Bodhidha...R

: HOW TO STOP THE MIND'S CHATTER | A trick to master your mind | Bodhidha...R

3)      On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 12:01 PM G Kulanathan  wrote:

Sunthar !!!!! Thank you for sharing this video, very interesting. I think it is the Best topic among all we have discussed so far, my most favourite topic , Mind & Meditation


Please don't misunderstand me but, in serious subjects /topics like this one, my style of participating in a discussion is - asking questions! Asking the "right" questions. Because if we say what we already know, we are not adding any value and I believe that asking the "right" & "Impossible" questions will make you think and NOT try to find the answer. There is a tendency among all of us to g

find or give an answer when a 'Right" question is asked, that is a wrong approach!

 Before asking my first question, I like to add some comments here Sunthar :


a. In the video, the producer is saying a Buddhist Monk Bodhidharma! - It is wrong! He was not a Buddhist !

 b. The producer also says " He is also known as the Transmitter of Buddhism from India to China". In a way, it is true that he was "known as "

but he was NOT Transmitting Buddism. He was misunderstood by the people!

 c. A couple of weeks ago during some email exchange, Dr.Ganesharatnam wrote Buddha is a Dravidian and Prof Nada disputed that by saying Buddha is from the North of India and not a Dravidian! I was kind of amused by that discussion but decided not to chime in. But an opportunity has now come and I am going to support Dr. Ganesharatnam! What Dr. Ganesharatnam wrote was Buddha is a Dravidian ...and he is absolutely right!

Nada ! would like to debate that again? or are you now convinced ( after seeing this video ) that Buddha was a Dravidian? I will keep my and Dr.Gansharatnam's arguments in suspense for the time being. But I think you will be now fully convinced!

d. The real story Sunthar, Bodhidharma asked the Chinese emperor to come "completely" naked . The emperor was very offended and humiliated by that demand but he was thinking about it the whole night and decided to go back to Bodhidharma fully naked but in the dark early in the morning.

The real story is a little different although in essence the same, meaning, when the emperor came naked to see Bodhidharma, he told him ' I asked you to come completely naked, but you have come with your mind " At the end of the conversation, the Chinese emperor fell prostrated at Bodhidharma's feet

 d. I have some more interesting "facts" about Bodhidharma, which I will share later


Now I am coming to the most important part of this discussion - My First question, unlike what Mr. Sivanandan wrote earlier, this Q is NOT aimed at creating another uproar but a "genuine" Q .

 Do you or does anyone in this group follow/practice what is stated in the video Sunthar?


4)      From: Kandiah Suntharamoorthy Sent: Friday, August 27, 2021 6:46 PM
To: G Kulanathan
& group

When Osho attended a Buddhist meeting he was asked are you a Buddhist ? his reply was i am not a Buddhist , i am a Buddha. Sad Guru Vasudeva gave nice explanation for Buddha, Buddhi means intellect, Buddhu means dull intellect , Buddha is one who has transcended his intellect , Buddha is actually Gautama Siddhartha ,  

So don't get carried away by name or form, it is the essence of values spoken or practised that matters. It does not matter whether he is Dravidian, Nepalese , American, Russian,or British  

When Bodhidharma asked the the Emperor to come naked was to come without any thoughts . By reading the Upanishads or Gita you will not be able to understand if you go directly by the word meaning, even now commentaries are written by many according to their understanding & interpretation.  

There is one Swami Sridharananda who joined the Ramakrishna Mission immediately after he qualified as a Mechanical Engineer in West Bengal, he is now attached to the Sydney Vedanta Society , is 95 years young , his talks are available on you tube on the Gita 7 the Upanishads, his English ( synonyms ) flows like the Ganges , at present he lectures on the Gita & Mundaka Upanishad , well worth listening to him

 Regarding your last question my wife and self are putting into practice what we have listened to but do slip on & off due to our past experiences in life ,still we are at ease mentally, it is indeed a long haul not an easy task .there are a few people who are practising what they have learnt . 

There is an Australian lady who was a teacher at one time after listening to a discourse by Swami Chinmayananda resigned her job went to Sandeepany ( Bombay Chinmaya mission ) followed the course in Vedanta for three years , joined the mission taking up robes ( she is a catholic , still wears the cross )in 1997 was given the name Bramacharini Niveditta, gives talks on Vedanta now she is a Swamini named Vinayananda ( humility ), one mujst meet her she is so humble , hence the name .  

What i have explained is my understanding , after almost twenty years of studying the scriptures & listening on you tube-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5)      ------ Original Message ------
From: "G Kulanathan" To: "Kandiah Suntharamoorthy" & group


Thank you very much Sir for taking the time to respond to my question. Much appreciated Suthar.

So you and your wife have started "practising" this method, right? And you said that it was difficult due to your past experiences! At least you have realised that it was difficult due to your past experiences! I am so glad to hear that from you Sunthar. What does your wife say about it ?

Here is my next question Sundar - When you "practice" what exactly are you doing? Have you asked yourself, What am I doing and Who ( or What ) is Practicing this method?

This is really exciting to discuss !! My MOST favourite topic !! . Dr. Ganesharatnam, do you practice Meditation or தியானம் as explained by Bodhidharma ? or Upanishads?

 Prof Nada , why don't you join this fascinating discussion Sir ?  

By the way Sunthar, I don't get carried away by anything..anything at all ..I understand what you are saying but for me to get carried away, there must be something that I believe or follow ...there is nothing for me ..absolutely nothing !!


6)      From: vicwimal Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2021 12:15 AM
To: G Kulanathan & group

Dear Mr kula

I find your deliberations fascinating and was determined to to follow your advice

last night i went into meditation and found my internal world , constantly invaded by images of Banumathy bathing in the nude

Being distressed i went to Lord Shiva and asked him to help.

He appeared before me and said " Son, place your hands between your thighs,feel the mighty lingam and you will find the solution"

I did, and I found it and attained nirvana

Now i am enlightened. Thank you



7)      On 29 Aug 2021, at 17:44, G Kulanathan wrote:

You mean you started தனி ஆவர்த்தனம் as a stress reliever ? !!! 😲  This is NOT my sense of humour Dr Wimal. I don't like and I hate sexually explicit jokes BUT  I learnt from Dr Rajakulendran that this cliche was used by Medical Faculty students in Colombo & Peradeniya Campus in their conversations !!! . I could not stop laughing when he mentioned this in one of his emails .

What made me laugh was when I think that even Med School guys were doing it! What the hell were they being taught? 


8)      From: Raj Rajakulendran
Sent: Monday, 30 August 2021 3:59 AM
To: G Kulanathan

Cc: vicwimal; Kandiah Suntharamoorthy; C Srijeyakumar; Desmond Collins; Iqbal Mcm; Janakan Srikhanta; Jeevaratnam Rabindranath Kasinathan Nadesan ; Kugathasan ; Nandakumar ; Rajendra Vinasithamby; Sivanandan Sinathamby; Subramaniam Pon; Vadivelu Vasanthakumar Bobby Chandran; gaja param ; rajaratnam rajalingam ; saba Jothilingam; thaiman sivakumar
Subject: Re: HOW TO STOP THE MIND'S CHATTER | A trick to master your mind | Bodhidha...R

 Thanks Kula for your compliment/ corruption

 தன்கையே தனக்குதவி

வெள்ளையனே வெளியேறு

 வெள்ளையன் வெளியேறினான் அன்று

வெறும் காற்று வெளியேறுகிறது இன்று 


எழும்புவதும் விழுவதும்  உன்கையில் தங்கி உள்ளது

அதை செய்வதற்கு அவள் இல்லையென்றால் உன் கை எப்போதும் உனக்கு உதவும்

கைக்கு எட்டியது வாய்க்கும் எட்டும் 

வாய்க்கு எட்டவில்லை என்றால் உன் கை உன்னை கைவிடாது


Apologies to decent members of the group🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I am getting corrupted by Kula😬😬😬



9)      On 30 Aug 2021, at 09:11, Nandakumar wrote:

Kurukkaale pora koottam.

Ithuhal urup padaathuhal.



10)   On 30 Aug 2021, at 7:31 pm, Rajakulendran wrote:

We are getting fully corrupted by kula and his companions with their









உதுகள் எல்லாம் லிங்கசாமிகள்

எதுகள் கருவரையில் லிங்கம் இருக்கும் ஆசனம்


எதுகை மோனை

எடுகை  மோனே


கையுடன் பிறந்தோம்

கையுடன் போவோம்

கையை நம்பி வாழ்வோம், ஆதியிலும், அந்தத்திலும்

கை இடையில் யாருக்கும் தேவைபடவில்லை, அவளவைகள் தொடர்பால்



11)   On Mon, 30 Aug 2021, 8:09 pm Sivanandan Sinnathamby, wrote:

That’s a good one! You have beaten Rabin!

12)   On 30 Aug 2021, at 8:20 pm, Kasinathan Nadesan  wrote:

Gaja, why dont you follow மௌன விரதம் 😩  You meditate while thinking about every thing. Nada

13)   From: Kasinathan
Sent: Monday, 30 August 2021 6:51 PM
Subject: Guru Russel and his excessive sexual desire. Very good read for gullible like Kuki and Gaja

No god without sex. More sex and more god. Those who shy away from sex are the worse rascals and keep away from them. Entire pragmanism is centred round all forms of sex including incest, animal sex, group sex, and self stimulation but nothing wrong there as long as valid consent is there. Kuki don’t force then it is rape.

14)   From: Kasinathan Nadesan Sent: Monday, 30 August 2021 9:56 PM
To: jeevaraabi & the group Subject: Re: Sexual exploitation?jokes is prohibited in civilised countries.


It is unfortunate that even caste being drawn in as a way of referring to sex. High caste people speak mantra in holy language Sanskrit. One pundit even going into his psychological skill to assess as to why one speaks about sex. Ignorance is one thing but publishing ones ignorance is another thing. There is a saying “less you speak and less you will expose your ignorance”. World has completely changed and we can’t live in the Stone Age or bad sex yet temples are loaded with various sexual appetising statues.  Nada

15)   On Tue, 31 Aug 2021, 8:44 am gaja param,  wrote:

You say [It is unfortunate that even caste being drawn in as a way of referring to sex.]

 It is reality. Jeevaraabi highlighted it appropriately. The reason is that they do not have regulated marriage system. Mr Karthigesan’s son in law referred to it as their national language. Living in Vaddukoddai – they heard such in the nights. This forum is the nights for the low caste in this group. The caste is as per Kunam. When you cannot control your urges you are more like an animal and hence low caste. Scientifically it means low level cognitive power.

 If you would not hesitate to go and live in Thunaivi for a month you would speak that language because you have no Suya Puthi at the professional level. If you would use this language with students – then Australian standards are indeed low. In Sri Lanka – where I had my higher education – such language was not used. Hence I continue to be a respectable professional. You on the other hand have become dual personality

16)   From: Kasinathan Nadesan Sent: Tuesday, 31 August 2021 6:10 AM
To: gaja param
Cc: The Group
Subject: Re: Sexual exploitation?jokes is prohibited in civilised countries.


Gaja, your higher education in Jaffna or even now we are at the receiving end of your wisdom and  only we are the victims or rather the survivors. So you cannot even imagine yourself as the standard specimen or representing a group or race or society. If at all you are trying to form another cult with masks, with separate day life and night life. If those white women had some logic or rational free thinking mind they would have never become the faithful desciples of the old white guru and got sexually exploited. They were believing as if they were serving to god, god never do anything wrong, and it is sacred being laid in bed. That is what manipulation is all about. This is exactly what will happen to guys who think sex is bad, ugly, evil, low caste language while people with thinking brain will know that the white bloke or Sivashankar baba, Sai, Nithi or anyone are screwing them up sexually and financially. I am sure some of the holy ( blind) men and woman finding fault with me would have been exploited during childhood or still getting exploited due to mental manipulation. Otherwise they wont say that talking or discussing about sex is only an evil act or for dirty and filthy minds only. There are பக்தர் who wrote in this forum that they follow any BS uterred without knowing what is being said or knowing the language. This is classic exploitation, abuse, mental manipulation and even sexual exploitation because god men never do wrong. If they do it has to be divine and service to god.


I know I am wasting my time, but as my duty to humanity I am revealing the truth. We have created a bunch of non thinkers for whom worshiping lingam is sacred and discussing the use and merit and virtues of lingam and yoni is sin, only meant for pallas and parayas in Thunaivi. Worst these people trying to put on an educated, enlightened, civilised masks when coming out. But I like to see them without their masks and the depth of their divinity. Life is all about living with the wise, idiots, fake, manipulators, real perverts, blind, deaf, and just go on and clever enough to escape from manipulators, especially gods and godmen and holymen.




17)    From: Kasinathan Nadesan Sent: Tuesday, 31 August 2021 10:01 AM
Thiruvarud payan comes to mind:

 பிறந்த இடத்தை நாடுதே பேதை மனம்,

 கறந்த இடத்தை நாடுதே கை.

 😇😇😇❤❤❤  Nada

18)   On Tue, 31 Aug 2021, 3:02 pm gaja param, wrote:

Despicable! You come off my email list

19)   On 31 Aug 2021, at 5:43 pm, Kasinathan wrote:

Gaja, you lack admiration of literary work. I thought you were going to admire my couplets and its natural truth and praise me  Oh I am disappointed Gaja. May be you are just pulling my legs.

நண்பனும் பகை போல் தெரியும், நாள்பட நாள்பட புரியும் 🥵.


Sad, you are going after wrong people. 😭😭   Nada

20)   From: Nandakumar
Sent: Wednesday, 1 September 2021 3:01 PM
Subject: RE: Sexual exploitation?jokes is prohibited in civilised countries.


Oho ho manitharhale (sorry – Kulanthai hale, oduvathenge sollungal, unmayai viththu poihalai vaangungal)

Come on my dear so called latest “old .


What I pointed our was “that too very mildly” because my daughter and grand daughter, should not mistake my dear silly old baggar friends, should not be mis judged. I am fully convinced and confident my daughter and grand daughter should not mis judge my silly oldies. My daughter and the grand daughter, probably may think appa’s friends are playing or teasing him and might have ignored it altogether. You oldish youngsters in a hurry imagined left, centre and right and blew up unnecessarily.

For your information guys (oldies) whe I was in the 8 th standard I used so many bad words left centre right they use to call me here comes “thoosana aharathy”.

Just then I commenced playing cricket for JHC 2nd and 1st eleven I had to refine myself and had to change my vocabulary to earn a decent name.

Even now, when our close friends get together with our wives (not children or grand children)   we do come out with many jokes with double meaning and the ladies too have a hearty laugh.

So, I do not understand why this “ha ho hoo” excitement and also some words like,” low caste” instead of “low class” being used.

Are we not all the learned people trying hard to eliminate the caste system and trying to treat everyone equally.

Are we or not?

All these days I did not feel old or thin I am getting old, but now I am learning from you boys (oldies) we are indeed old buggars (young looking)

Come on old baggars (old gentlemen) by gones are by gone.(is this correct) my english is very poor.

Pull your socks up (not down) and get on to the ring and continue the boxing, wristling etc and spend our so called future whether short or long with enthusiasm.



Ungal Nanban,

Nanthan (riming) is,t it?


21)   On Wed, 1 Sep 2021, 1:15 pm Jeevaratnam Rabindranath, wrote:

Dear Friend Nandakumar,


I really feel pity for you as you are begging the so-called low cast clannish people of this forum to refrain from using profane language. ஐந்தில் வளையாதது நூறிலும் வளையாது! You are requesting the வளையாபதிs to cooperate with you and to have an etiquette apropos their group discussions. தொட்டில் பழக்கம் சுடுகாடு வரைக்கும் hence their bad habits. If they can't even respect a lady who is one of the members of this forum, your daughter or granddaughter is considered insignificant according to their moral standards. My advice to you is to eschew those individuals by deleting their e-mail addresses from your recipient list once and for all. There is no way you can deal with the living dead since they have none of the following characteristics of a civilised individual; etiquette, gentle, good moral standards, respect, gratitude, courtesy, tolerance, good manners etc. 


As Ganesh put it you are only dealing with despicable barbarians and not civilised individuals who would love to inculcate barbarism in the minds of their colleagues.  If someone tries to hurt another individual by offending him or her then it is not defined as freedom of speech. One had to be a moron not knowing his limit of freedom as he has no right to enter other's space. Those who possess barbarism and are inimical to others should be reviled. 

As you are aware that this is not the first time this particular forum has faced such an epochal storm.

If you strongly believe that you can placate those individuals, I wish you good luck!



22)   On Wed, 1 Sep 2021, 7:56 pm Ganesharatnam Kukathasan, wrote:

Dear Nada, 

People like Matala Sami always win the arguments,it is a mystery, they were so many in the past future is not immune to these people,who able to "con" many people and exploit and abuse.

This is all because of "God".

Bogus preachers are running private tutories like ALs ones,to reach heaven, what does it tell you,there are so many people have free time in hand,on the positive side there are people benefiting for example late Sai Baba, two in my year in medical school ardent believers.One had incurable cancer cured during his visit to Puttaparthy 30years ago still working in America other one is working in UK.


23)   From: Kasinathan Nadesan Sent: Wednesday, 1 September 2021 5:05 PM
Ganesh, i find embarrased to accept you as a surgeon. I have personally investgated BaBa's healing powers and it can hoodwink people like you. There are numerous pshchosomatic disorders than can be treated by poosaries, charlalans, tying noo etc and they are psychotherapy. Healing incurable diseses only you may get cheated but not educated doctors. I have studies many such cases. There is a sithar for 20 yrs no food. No water. Your medical education was worthless.  Nada

24)  From: Kasinathan Nadesan Sent: Thursday, 2 September 2021 9:28 AM
U.K. Investigates 3,000 Foreign Medics, After Fake Doctor Is Exposed -


25)   From: Kasinathan Nadesan
Sent: Thursday, 2 September 2021 7:53 PM
Subject: Thiyakathin Parasu , award winning Tamil short film. A must watch, wonderful, educative film


26)   Dear friends watch this great movie with an open mind, as rational educated parents on diversified life experiences. I am sending this as a professional with an understanding of what life is all about, sexual confusions, sexual orientation, and no more place for sacrifice or suffer in silence and ruin our lives.  Everything is normal. We don’t need an artificial life. Don’t drag the past. These are not vulgar or barbaric behaviour as some totally illiterate people belief. Life is nothing but diversion. There is no rule of thumb.please watch and let us discuss as civilised professionals.  Nada





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