Tuesday 7 September 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 September   2021



Army Above Doctors

1.     I was included in the email list that referred to the article Vaccine-associated enhanced disease: Case definition and guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of immunization safety data - ScienceDirect


2.     I wrote in appreciation ‘Thank you so very much. It makes us feel part of the global community’


3.     The link person wrote: ‘More than that Gaja, the urge to seek, search, question, learn, listen, review, re review instead of just believing or lying with shut mind as divine, or karma or fate or destiny. God only helps those who think, question and seek and not those with blind faith. There are people who just follow, don't question and boast that  no need to understand. Many even ridicule the thinkers and call them as ethists. May nature forgive them.

4.     I responded as follows:


I am surprised that you have not learnt from the covid experience that something that happens but cannot be measured through  the physical and the brain is exponential. Some call it karma and others call it belief, truth God, Energy. It is the invisible third dimension in any manifestation.


This week, we had this experience here in NSW where the autistic three year old Anthony got lost on Friday and was found yesterday. As a mother I felt with the parents who were distraught. It could have happened to any of us. We mind merged with those who were looking for the boy of their own free will. We learnt that the mother went to the monastery and prayed there. One of the reporters said that the discovery was by the Grace of Saint Anthony – the Patron Saint of ‘lost and found’. I was touched by the commonness in culture with Sri Lankans who also believe in the Power of St Anthony. I learnt about this from my mother. Hence my feelings in the case of Easter bombings were deep. Many times I went there to pray and felt better. It could be that I pray to my own-self  , my mother in me and some of my teachers at Holy Family Convent who contributed to my grooming- This is  as in meditation. When I find the answers from within – I attribute the credit to that form through whom I focused. But in reality it is the consolidated mind that I access. The mind that has survived the test of time and place displacements is Energy.  Xxxx has forwarded reference to Buddhist Bin Laden. It has no direct connection to Medical science. But there are other avenues through which we consolidate the mind through our own parallels in Sri Lanka. That is called belief. Its power is exponential.


You state [seek, search, question, learn, listen, review, re review instead of just believing or lying with shut mind as divine, or karma or fate or destiny]


We also do all of the above – largely within our own experiences. Those who take our word for it – believe in us as their elders. Today for example I was worried when I made my regular call to a trainee (young mother)  in Vaddukoddai – who has been claiming she had the ‘flu. I kept urging her to go to the hospital if she had breathing difficulties. Many in that area do not trust the medical system to deal with Corona attacks and they are concerned that they may be ‘listed’ as Corona patients or that if they went there they would also get infected. Their equation is belief and effects after treating themselves locally. The young lady ‘obeyed’ me because she thinks I know better than she does. If I get Corona she would lose that source but go back to local only. I attach the letter I wrote to our Premier last Thursday – through which I believe I completed the strength of the vaccine rollout through my own pathway which would go through as governance power to anyone in true need.


Any system that has no value beyond your local group but keeps producing visible outcomes - inverts itself . With belief you are the producer as well as the consumer. Hence it is a sovereign environment with the capacity to sustain itself. That is the governance aspect of leadership which – like the Corona virus is exponential but in reverse (positive)  direction. To my mind, Placebo treatment is through this belief.


I wrote during the early days of the infection that to my mind this happened due to using the Silk Road Universal heritage for current economic purposes. A heritage is a Sovereign power and its value – when used for current economic purposes – surfaces the costs exponentially. Its parallel in medicine would be out of body experiments with Frankenstein effect.


I ask you - what you doctors were doing when the Covid management was placed under military management? If you had desire then that is followed by fear. I wrote because I do not desire the ‘right’ tick nor fear the ‘wrong’ cross. Is that not the basic tenet in Buddhism – to renounce desire – as I learnt in Tamil – Aasai Arehmin.


If you are true to yourself – you have the duty to respond to this or keep your peace forever!


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