Thursday 26 November 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 November  2020





The LTTE claimed that they were the Sole Representatives of Tamils. To be true, majority ‘Tamils’ ought to have sought  the physical pathway to manage themselves – especially when there are conflicts.  Thesawalamai Customary Law confirms the level of civilization achieved by us – Jaffna Tamils, as a community. The laws that a group makes and/or practices confirm the height of its culture.  As per Thesawalamai principles, a group has to have an Equal Female head representing at public level, the female heritage of the community, as a diverse & therefore Equal part of the commonwealth and therefore its leadership status. When a daughter marries and takes her dowry with her – she is confirming her Equal entitlement to commonwealth in the completed relationships and hence to begin the new relationships on Equal footing as her husband. This is the basic principle of migration as is practised now but  was discovered and followed by Jaffna Tamils many centuries before LTTE was born.

As a nation, the parallel of daughters who take dowry are those Tamils who migrate to places outside the local Jaffna borders. Those Tamils have the duty to maintain that equal status in the new environments whose surnames they now carry. Hence a Tamil Australian is Equal in status to an English Australian as s/he is to Tamil Sri Lankan. The whole body here is the country. Within that one is entitled to have relationships. Outside that one is taken as equal. If Tamil is that whole, then we need to use common Tamil law to determine the structure of a relationship. To use outcomes produced or only work done as measures is an insult to our cultural heritage.  Death is part of that outcome. One who claims death in combat as being heroic has no right to claim genocide by the opposition. Those who claim genocide have no right to celebrate  Maaveerar / Great Heroes day.

LTTE occupied the whole of the leadership  and eliminated their seniors in the then existing politics. Sinhala King Dutugamunu also overruled his father who was recognized as a brilliant strategist and King Dutugamunu became a separatist.  Anyone who adorned themselves with the status of Dutugamunu or LTTE would themselves become separatists in their current environments. The Eelam that LTTE ruled over was one of the areas that daughters of  Jaffna Tamils by heritage – emigrated to. They have no right to rule over the Common Jaffna community that developed and gave birth to Thesawalamai law . Once separated they are taken as Equals and not as seniors or juniors in the area they left behind.

When LTTE moved to Kilinochchi they had no rights over Jaffna. Yet, the two have remained combined as one district in the 2020 elections also. As per its core character Kilinochchi belongs more to Vanni and not to Jaffna. If this is inappropriate – it should remain single division electorate and not combined with Jaffna. If combined with Jaffna it dilutes the intellectual status of Jaffna that armed rebels left behind.  

These indiscriminate mixing of cultures has led to pro LTTE groups clashing with anti LTTE groups within the Tamil Diaspora. One member of such a group wrote to a Tamil outside his group :

[Myself (Member of parliament for Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam "TGTE")  and 3 other TGTE Volunteers were arrested under the PTA law on 10th October 2018 in front of Oxford Union, when former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe came to address the Oxford Union to State that Sri Lanka was a paradise to live in. We were arrested under prevention of Terrorism Act "PTA" and investigated for over 2 years and the case was dropped with no charges. Also many others were arrested in UK and many other counties under PTA to fight for our democratic rights and we were arrested due to supports of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ("LTTE") and they said it is a terrorist group and we are also terrorists but TGTE is not a terrorist organisation like many other Tamil organisations in UK and other countries but we been labelled as terrorist and try to stop our fight for Justice, Peace and Permanent Solution for People back home in Tamil Eelam.]

The Daily Mirror article headed ‘Obama’s book notes UN failure in Sri Lanka’ gives us strong indicators on how Obama would have acted if he were Sri Lankan President or UK Prime Minister:

[He is referring to the final stages of the war in Sri Lanka during which time he was US President.   
At the time Obama had made a statement in front of the media calling on the LTTE to release trapped civilians and the then Government to stop using heavy weapons.

TGTE as the heir of the LTTE has the duty to accept that the American government clearly distinguished between civilians and the LTTE. My direct experience with the victims in the camps in 2009, confirms this but unlike Obama I do not have the official status that would make my work attractive to the average.   

If LTTE’s leadership was true and therefore natural – they would not accept the work of those who were not loyal to them. In a natural environment – one gets the level of loyalty that is equal in energy to the level of care by the senior as if the junior is a part of her/himself.  Anything else is an enforcement outside traditional structures.  Where a system is unreliable – our returns come from other sources who have a true need.

At the time President Obama made above declaration, I also released a letter to the LTTE head to surrender to Lord Muruga of Nallur. From then on, whatever happened to the LTTE as part of the Tamil community – is Muruga’s responsibility. As Saint Yoga Swami said ‘Eppavoh Mudintha Kaariyam / It’s already completed issue’ for Jaffna Tamils.

TGTE has the right to claim Equal status for LTTE heirs only. In terms of Jaffna – LTTE itself was one who ‘left home’ to live in another culture. They took rich dowry with them when they shifted to farming area of Kilinochchi. As per Thesawalamai principles – they have no right to claim any ownership rights over Jaffna Tamils, led by intellectual leaders.

In the Epic Mahabharatham, Emperor Dharmar staked himself in a game of dice and lost. Then because his cousin who was his opposition, goaded him,  he staked his wife Throupathi, and lost the game. Throupathi who was insulted in the palace – as if she were a slave – argued that she had Equal rights as Emperor Dharmar and therefore he did not have the authority to use her as if she were a substance.  Many times here in Australia, I recalled that experience when I was insulted.  Our experiences then merge and our minds are then elevated to the higher  common level.  

A Tamil who has failed to discipline LTTE has no right to separate the words of discipline by President Obama as if they  were meant for the Government of Sri Lanka only. If they did so – they would turn their current nations into Kilinochchi’s parallel and not Jaffna’s parallel.

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