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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 November  2020




The Faithless Voter

As per my realisation through Hindu pathway, Dharma protects those who uphold Dharma. Dharma is higher than Justice in a particular area where the executive or the  judiciary operates as per the written law. In my case, the most shocking experience of this pathway was through the University of NSW where I was punished for doing my duty as per my interpretation of the University’s Common structure. Given that those in positions above me were used to ‘having their way’ there was conflict between me and them. That was in fact conflict between them as individuals and the relation as per the official position they were occupying.  I had prior wisdom in this through my family experiences. It’s the difference between using common rules on the road or our own calculated thoughts.

By continuing to do my duty as per my position, I believe I contributed to my professional ethnics/Dharma and earned natural membership in that system.  Whenever I took junior position with those who were, as per truth my juniors, there was pain in me. But I gradually realised the wonders of that Universal system that naturally supported me to take my true position when there was someone who needed me to.

Today, I was invited to sign a petition headed ‘British court has given verdict; now time for Home secretary to lift the ban on LTTE’

Also floating in Tamil Diaspora social circles is the video clip headed ‘Amazing speech of Sri lankan girl @ mauna valigalin vakkumoolam book launch tamil news live redpix’

The name of the book translates as ‘Confession of Silent Ways’. The young girl in the video clip is very vocal and laments that there is no one to listen to her expressions of pain. Obviously as per her age and the ‘freedom of expression’ she enjoys in her current ‘home nation’ were taken at the surface level by those using electronic media without respect. Disappointingly oldies in the Diaspora are using it as is. That is the parallel of Popular vote which includes ‘votes’ driven by desires. The book as per my search was written by Indian. The real nation that this young lass refers to is the world of the LTTE which is/was seriously lacking in Democracy. To be eligible for the support of Belief in Democracy – the young lass needed the courage to first openly criticize and cure LTTE leaders. To make them out to be heroes of democracy is in insult to them and damages the heritage they share with their true heirs.

That is the Adverse possession requirement in De Facto system. Equal Opposition position entitlement is through belief only. The equality happens through long period of possession. Only those who maintain that Adverse position without relating to official position holders of democratic structures are true owners.

As we are learning through the current US Elections, and witnessed in the 2016 Presidential Elections, the Electoral College is the higher level decider upholding the autonomy of each state:

[In the United States, the Electoral College refers to the group of presidential electors required by the United States Constitution to form every four years for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president of the United StatesArticle II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution provides that each state shall appoint electors selected in a manner its legislature determines, and it disqualifies any person holding a federal office, either elected or appointed, from being an elector. There are currently 538 electors, and an absolute majority of electoral votes, 270 or more, is required to win the election.

Following the national presidential election day (on the first Tuesday after November 1), each state counts its popular votes according to its laws to select the electors…….In 48 states and Washington, D.C., the winner of the plurality of the statewide vote receives all of that state's electors; in Maine and Nebraska, two electors are assigned in this manner and the remaining electors are allocated based on the plurality of votes in each congressional district. States generally require electors to pledge to vote for that state's winner; to avoid faithless electors, most states have adopted various laws to enforce the electors’ pledge. ]

This process of eliminating the negative power of  the faithless voters clears the pathway of the Universal Franchise to travel from the voter to their leader by faith. Faith based connections are Universal and therefore Independent of the person’s lesser level - faithless thoughts once they become universal. It polarises those idle thoughts to the other extreme.

Sri Lankan Tamil Saint – Yoga Swami said ‘Summa Iru’ / ‘Be Still’ for this reason. By keeping our mind still we facilitate the passage of this Universal power. One whose truth is positive in an environment needs to be still and let the system takeover. The more active we are about rights and wrongs, the more we block this passage.  All that one who believes needs to do is ‘be still’. The Universal Energy does the rest.

The beauty of this system is that it reverses the karma of the one who neglected her/his duty to her/himself. In terms of work and commitment – that person was idle-which is the opposite of being still minded. The Universal Energy therefore separates the two – still mind and idle mind - to become polarized.

The minds of Tamils who lack faith in UK’s governance system are idle, and they are faithless voters. If their leadership is the LTTE – which carries negative karma by killing democratically elected Tamil politicians – they have no authority to claim democracy nor genocide. Politicians like Mr Wigneswaran who came to power by claiming relationship with LTTE also are seriously lacking in authority to make such claims. Sri Lankans need an intellectual pathway through which to eliminate the faithless voters who keep disturbing the path of the faithful.  

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