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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 November  2020




Diaspora & Foreign Dignitaries

One news reported said that Mr Basil Rajapaksa would soon join the government through the national list. This is an expected  outcome after the passage of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. While some Tamils may not like it, I feel strongly that it would be better for Tamils and for democracy in Sri Lanka. In many ways I felt intuitively that American involvement was confirmed after the recent visit of Mr Mike Pompeo to Sri Lanka. Few days later, when I was writing my article headed ‘Jaffna Languages’ – the map with the American flag in the Northern Area of Sri Lanka was sent to me. This matched the substance of what I was writing. It confirmed to me yet again, the value of Universal power of truth which helps us to interpret what  happens as per our truth. Like Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976, these are expressions of belief which would get completed by the system of truth. One needs Courage to express one’s belief and  part of Truth is that courage.

I was therefore disappointed with Mr Wigneswaran’s following confession:

[Someone asked: What are your observations on the visits of the Chinese and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in recent times?

My response was: I am frankly alarmed. We have stepped into a Geo-Political game taking place in the Indo-Pacific region where Sri Lanka is a key chess piece in the rivalry among big powers. Sri Lanka must remember it was its unfortunate emotive anti Tamil stance that has got it into this mess. One of its objectives is to deprive India of the power to bring about a just solution for the Tamil people. However clever we think our Foreign Policy is going to be, we cannot rule out the possibility of violence breaking out in this region within an year or so.]


Mr Wigneswaran ought to have expected this change of form of the playing field - after Hambantota Port came under the control of Chinese Government in 2010. Later when the American government sponsored the Resolution against the Sri Lankan government at the UNHRC, Mr Wigneswaran ought to have known that Americans would take their returns as per their structure. Most of all when the LTTE received resources from India – he ought to have expected India’s involvement.


True Lankan politicians who are expecting Diaspora participation would not be surprised. The visits from Chinese & American governments are the parallels of members of the Diaspora visiting Sri Lanka.


(i)             Some visit to remind those whom they have helped – that they have a stake in that area. They are the parallels of China & America.

(ii)           There are others who visit to settle their debt to home areas. They are like India.

(iii)         In rare cases – global citizens come to share their true belief in democracy.  They are Universal powers.


To the first group – Sri Lankans are the pieces through whom they play the game.

To the second group - Sri Lanka became part of the chessboard

To the third Sri Lanka is the whole of the chess-game.  


We interpret as per our own true investments. Those of us who have merged Sri Lanka with our new nations would appreciate that these indicators are positive to global minded Sri Lankans. When the mind is still, we hear the indicators from within. Americans under the leadership of Mr Trump have added positive value to Sri Lanka’s globalization. This was confirmed by the American Secretary of State through his visit. All those who are grateful for the involvement of the UNHRC in relation to war crimes by both sides, would appreciate this.



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