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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 November  2020




Soul Power

As per my understanding, today is All Souls Day in the Christian calendar. My mother passed away on this day in 2009. Why is the soul so important? In terms of Sri Lankan Tamils whose loved ones passed away in the war why has there been no closure in many cases – so they also can pray to merge with the departed souls and inherit the strengths of those who pass away before us?

Is inheritance more precious than earnings? I believe it is - due to us acquiring the structure through which our ancestors operated successfully. We acquire skills from zero base and/or by respecting those who already have the skills. Those of us who respect our gurus and seniors of our own free will – share in their expertise which has already been passed through the disciplined regulatory pathway. This saves us the pain of going through that process from zero base. In human form – the elder controls the passage of Energy. Once the soul leaves the body, their work becomes Universal Energy and hence we pray and access that Energy. Memorial services are towards merging our Energies with theirs. We then have access to that common energy which forms higher mind structures.

  As per Economy Next report ‘Sri Lanka turns to divine help to contain Covid-19’:


[Kapila Gunawardena, Secretary to the ministry of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs asked Buddhist monks to recite “Ratana Sutta” and the “Jaya Piritha” twice a day to invoke blessings for the eradication of the pandemic.

According to Buddist teachings, monk Ananda was instructed by the Buddha to recite the “Ratana sutta” to dispel a plague that had gripped the town of Viasala. The recital of Jaya Piritha is said to secure protection, security and victory.

Gunawardena asked Hindu priests to conduct poojas and urged Christian priests and Muslim clerics to hold special prayer sessions.]


When this Sri Lankan government ruled from zero base – that the bodies of all victims who died of Coronavirus should be cremated, it overruled the Muslim heritage of burial. That is a deviation that needs to be righted before such rulers can access the common energy that Muslim contributed to through their own ways.


I have no knowledge of the Ministry of Buddha Sasana opposing the government in that regard.  They lack governing power. As per article 9 of the Constitution, they lack Executive power to ask while holding official position.


Ultimately our karma happens when we stop using the current rules on merit basis.  Just like in the war, we reap as we sow.

There is a belief that ascetics who live through their soul can travel from one body to another. As per our reality truth is our soul and it can travel from one form to another.  Karma is the structure of truth and this structure would be different as per the needs of a person in current environment.


When we therefore invoke the souls whose elevation we have contributed to – they function through our form. A fellow Australian who really cares about his environment, wrote to me as follows,  when I was feeling really frustrated with some who were using bad language and others who were rubbishing Ms Kamala Harris:


[We value the subject matter you are writing. It is the content and analysis that is important.]


That to me was soul power speaking as my mother would have.

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