Friday 6 November 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 November  2020



With or Without Belief

Yesterday was the 22nd Anniversary of a manifestation that confirmed to me that  the Universal Franchise of truth worked for me. The psychiatrist to whom I was sent by courts where I was taken by Police who arrested me unlawfully confirmed as follows:

[Mrs. Paramasivam acknowledged that for several years she had been in communication with a range of people including Yoga Swami, Our Lady and Sai Baba the leader of an Indian Religious Group. She told me that Sai Baba was a saint and on the 5 November 1998 red powder materialized on her picture of him. She interpreted this as meaning that he was in communication with her and felt that it was a miracle, a sign of his love for society.]

The miracle in this instance was the manifestation that the psychiatrist showed no scientific reasoning between her conclusion that I was mentally ill and my actions in seeking to speak to the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW (UNSW) about work related issues. Discretionary powers should not be used without belief in the whole. That it was used without belief was the evidence needed by a proper court of law to dismiss the matter. By upholding the expectations of the Central Administrators who influenced the Police who influenced the Courts – the psychiatrist returned the karma to the UNSW through the Courts and the Police. Yesterday I learnt about  this through ABC report ‘Arsalan Khawaja jailed for framing UNSW colleague with a fake terror plot’.

The Universal Franchise of Belief separated even brothers of the same community when they stepped outside their cultural order and were not protected by belief. That is the sad state of affairs of the UNSW and the Police who contribute to separations through lack of faith in the law. When we lack intellectual ability to discriminate through the written law, we need belief to maintain the justice system in that institution. The ABC report highlights as follows:

[Mohamed Nizamdeen was charged with terror offences after being framed by Khawaja.

Khawaja was driven by jealousy over Mr Nizamdeen's friendship with a woman.

Mr Nizamdeen was not only wrongfully imprisoned, but incorrectly labelled as a terrorist on the front page of a newspaper before police failed to find any evidence against him.

Khawaja's barrister, Philip Boulten SC, said his client had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and described the mental illness as "enduring, severe and debilitating".

But the judge said there could be no suggestion Khawaja's condition deprived him of the capacity to reason, citing a psychiatrist's evidence.

Mr Nizamdeen, who returned to Sri Lanka after the ordeal, has spoken out about how his life was ruined and called for an independent inquiry.

His visa for the US was cancelled as a result of the incident and he is now unable to visit his fiancee, who resides there.]


To date, I have not stepped into that University including for social purposes. That is my protection as law abiding Opposition. It would then protect all those who believe in that University’s lawful structure. Where the causal forces are weak in official position holders, we need to manifest outcomes through the alternate pathway as per our belief.

The UNSW Central Management, the Police, the Mental Health system, and the Courts – who unjustly judged me have become exponentially weaker in terms of law and order. By failing to correct the wrong – they have allowed it to become a sin. Sins lead those who are without the protection of virtues.  Hence the wrong against a Sri Lankan student. These are not coincidences.

In Sri Lanka, Muslim community relationships failed to extend from the Parliamentarians to the Muslim citizens living in their own isolated parts taking leadership from locals on cultural basis. The Easter bomber Zahran Hashmi, is also reported to have studied in Australia. When the University Administration is weak – the graduates get a dose of that weakness which can have the cumulative effect in a culturally remote group where such status is used to take leadership.

There is no evidence that the Judge in Khawaja’s matter disciplined the Police for arresting without evidence and abusing anti terrorism laws. Unless we take control of our senses they would have the bipolar effect.  This means desire and fear are separated by time. This is confirmed as follows in the above case:

[The court has previously heard Khawaja had a "crippling fear of abandonment" stemming from the end of a previous relationship.

He quickly developed an "emotional connection" to the woman at UNSW and was "terrified" of losing her.]

Laws help bring the two sides of our emotions together and this prevents time based polarization. Laws based on belief survive time and place based separations.

Both Khawaja and Nizamdeen are related through Muslim laws. Had they believed in those laws they would have known about each other intuitively and been protected from the exercise of ‘freedom’ that other cultures seem to enjoy. But those other cultures may  not have the protection of relationships through higher discipline in man-woman relationships. To the extent they are true to each other – they become true friends and that joins them with the Universal system. To be a part of that – those from strongly regulated cultures have to renounce the benefits from that regulated system and mentally separate from that group from that point onwards. That is the essence of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between the elected leaders and the judiciary.

When Mr Trump threatened legal action against his opposition he moved out of the circle of belief within his own administration. Judicial power is limited to the written law. People’s power is Soul power of belief. One who believes in her/himself as per her/his conscience – is always a winner – even though we often do not see it due to being blinded by our desires.   If Nizamdeen believes in the American people – he would get the visa.



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