Monday 23 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 September  2019

Sue them Mr Wigneswaran!

From time to time, I do become the intellectual opposition of Mr Wigneswaran. But I do respect him for his commitment to the higher intellectual path – which often results in loss of political support. My heart therefore fell when I read some unacceptable comments by Mr Velupillai Thangavelu in relation to Mr Wigneswaran. I was appalled by Colombo Telegraph’s irresponsible publishing of such hearsay about Mr Wigneswaran:

[He was not cut out for politics. He spent 25 years as a judge and after retirement devoted his time to hold anniversaries for the serial rapist Premananda who received two consecutive life sentences for raping 13 girls, most of them underage. He also murdered and buried a young engineer who dared to challenge the nefarious activities of Premananda. Not just anniversaries, Wigneswaran has built a temple for Premananda at Puiyankulam.]

My knowledge of Mr Premananda is much weaker than my knowledge of Mr Wigneswaran. But the statement ‘He also murdered and buried a young engineer who dared to challenge the nefarious activities of Premananda’  confirms that Mr Thangavelu is an irresponsible writer and those who followed him carry high risk of mental disorders.

Knowledge is processed at three levels. (1) Hearsay, (2) Intellectual logic (3) Belief. Likewise our intake of the outside world through our senses. Hearsay without Belief becomes disorderly and leads to gambling with information. A good proportion of it would become rubbish and make the thought structure disorderly. When information is passed through a common set of principles – such as laws – they show what one stands to benefit by being on the right side of the law and what one stands to lose by being on the wrong side of the law – the two being Equal along the lateral plane. Belief on the other hand is pure Energy. It has the ability to bypass the brain and lead us. Those of us who have been on the right side of the law as per our knowledge are safe to bypass the brain. But those who have been on the wrong side of the law – need to pass their expressions through Intellectual Logic of the community to whom they present their work.  This is largely the Tamil community in the case of Mr Thangavelu.

Wikipedia reports as follows in regards to the organization that Mr Thangavelu himself was leading:
[On June 16, 2008, the Government of Canada formally listed the World Tamil Movement as a "terrorist organization" under the Criminal Code.  The World Tamil Movement, the Canadian Tamil Congress and the International Federation of Tamils condemned the move. Its vice president Velupillai Thangavelu refuted the state's allegations of extortion, arguing the RCMP ( Royal Canadian Mounted Police ) had not prosecuted a single case ]
When I was charged with Trespass by the University of NSW – I sued them – even though I did not expect to win. In my case it was belief based and was direct Energy at that time when I did not have intellectual knowledge of the relevant law – the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. If Mr Thangavelu believed in the law – he would have sued the Government of Canada. But instead he is reported to have demonstrated friendship with the Government:
[Thangavelu, who was a senior official in the World Tamil Movement when it was the target of an RCMP investigation, posted a photo on Facebook showing he and Trudeau in Toronto last month.] National Post on 25 April 2017
The above medium reports also as follows:

[He just came to meet some people so I was also one of the invitees, so he just went around and spoke to people,” Thangavelu said of Trudeau when the National Post reached him by phone. “Why can’t a citizen of Canada meet the prime minister? It’s quite appropriate. Every citizen of this country has a right to meet the prime minister.”]

If this was belief based – then he would appreciate that Mr Wigneswaran also had the right to follow any religious leader of  his choice. This is specifically provided for in the Constitution of Sri Lanka. Even if one overlooks such double standards the charge ‘He also murdered and buried a young engineer who dared to challenge the nefarious activities of Premananda’ is seriously defamatory – not only of Mr Wigneswaran but the Tamil community that he continues to represent politically.
Mr Thangavelu as part of World Tamil Movement in Canada – was seen to be a follower of LTTE – which was proscribed by the Canadian Government. But taken as a whole – those of us who follow the law – have balanced the unlawfulness of the LTTE and other Tamil militant groups. This is necessary for us to believe that we are a law abiding community. Showing others that we are is limited to this level. Anything more – leads to disorder in the community.

 About Mr Wigneswaran – that frivolous writer states ‘He spent 25 years as a judge’ . This then means that the Sri Lankan Judiciary is corrupt OR if they are as a whole reliable - that Mr Wigneswaran has been certified by them as one who upheld the law.

Out of the two – Mr Wigneswaran certainly has my vote of belief – as being on the right side of the law. NOT so Mr Thangavelu. Colombo Telegraph is guilty of Defamation and if I were in Mr Wigneswaran’s shoes – I would sue them and Mr Thangavelu.  Lord Krishna who is the deity in the temple at Puliyankulam - was also referred to as playboy from time to time. But Lord Krishna responds as per each person’s Dharma. This has been confirmed by Subramaniya Bharathiyar in ‘Thikku Theriyatha Kaatil’ The Lord does not use just one yardstick – as LTTE often did. They are being referred to as De Facto government. But while there is room in Canada for de facto relationships in marriage pleasures – there is no such room there for de facto Government.  By following the LTTE  Mr Thangavelu has ruled himself to be a Terrorist under  Canadian law.

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