Thursday 19 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 September  2019

Mano Ganesan – the Ideal Presidential Candidate

I went for a walk after publishing my morning’s work. I feel supported and soothed by the Indigenous elders to whom Coogee was home – before they got displaced to make room for modern development. Bali memorial on Coogee beach symbolises the ‘connection’ made between victims of Bali bombing and this indigenous power.

Half way through my walk – the penny dropped – as to who the best fit was to protect Sri Lanka being taken-over by China. The Sri Lankan ethnic problem has now spread to regional level. China does not have Human Resource roots in Sri Lanka. Indians do – through Tamils. To the extent we rely on our ancestral powers – Jaffna Tamils would invoke them to empower their elected representatives. China’s power in Sri Lanka is ‘takeover’ power. India’s power is merger through belief as the root.
Whether it was Mr Sirisena or Mr Wickremesighe – the promise in 2015 was to abolish Executive Presidency. That has not happened in reality. If it had – the Rajapaksas, Mr Premadasa and Mr Wickremesinghe would not have demonstrated interest in that position. The best person to diffuse the desires of Executive Presidency is one through whom the ordinary voter would ‘see’ India. This made sense to me. Even if Mr Ganeshan did not win – he would – by contesting - confirm Tamil equality which if true would naturally invoke Indian power.  That is how in truth the Executive powers of the Presidency are diffused.

When I came home and began this article – my search led me to News Today article headed ‘More Indian involvement in SL economic sector favoured: Mano Ganesan

Once the Human connection is confirmed – the economic progress would follow. If UNP is connected to the roots of Democracy  – it would field the Tamil who seems Indian.  Otherwise they must go to China instead of India to be blessed by Hindu Belief.

One of my readers wrote yesterday ‘Thank you very kindly for your sage advice.’ I blessed the lady in my heart and completed the experience. I believe that this fulfilment underpinned my work today. If we invoke Indian power genuinely – Gandhi & Krishna will lead us. In 2003 – a Hindu LTTE leader said to me that they were wondering whether I was Gandhi or Krishna? Bless him.

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