Thursday 5 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 September  2019

Tamil Contribution to Australian Sovereignty

Conventions regarding Refugees is based largely on UN principles. To be reliable, UN itself needs to operate close to Natural laws that are universally applicable. The way the deportation ruling was carried out by officers of Australian Border Protection Authority, in the case of a Tamil family confirms that the current government lacks the sophistication to manage global issues. ABC reported as follows:
[A friend of the Sri Lankan family says the move to deport them came suddenly last night.
"I [got] a video call and their whole unit is surrounded by about 20 guards, Priya was just sitting in a chair and [border force guards] were telling them they were being deported tonight," said Simone Cameron, a former resident of Bioela who taught Nades English.
Ms Cameron said she had been in contact with Priya during Thursday night's ordeal.] ABC under the heading - Deportation of Tamil asylum seeker family interrupted mid-air by last-minute injunction
The ABC report of 29 August 2019 states also:
[The injunction states the Minister for Immigration, David Coleman, is restrained from removing the family of four from Australia until 12:00pm today.]
As a member of the Tamil community of Sri Lankan origin, I am naturally affected by the damage to the dignity of fellow members of the community. To my mind, it is NOT just about the Administrative and Judicial rulings. These issues have impacts on community and national levels. I have firsthand Australian experience of the shortcomings of these two systems – Administrative and Judicial -  in relation to migrants. To me this issue  is more about lack of belief by the Minister in the global community.
We Australians are made up of various communities – on the basis of globalization. I completed my status as a global Australian – by challenging the Australian government under the leadership of Mr John Howard. I have been receiving communications from a fellow member of the Tamil community  Ms Rohini Nagaretnam  under the heading - ‘Drop the charges against Bernard Collaery & Witness K’. That matter is also about irregularities during Mr Howard’s time as Prime Minister – whom I sued – a couple of years prior to that - on the basis of Racial Discrimination Act 1975. I believe that if  Mr  Howard had actually listened – he would have prevented the ‘spying’ in  East Timor.
To the extent we believe and participate as global minded Australians – we naturally have the right to be heard by the Australian Government. Often we are merely acknowledged but not actually heard with a view to learning through  sharing.
On 16 May 2019, I did write to Mr David Coleman – under the heading – ‘Why Should I Vote for your Party?’.  The first paragraph introduces the purpose as follows:

[I have been trying for two days now to successfully lodge an application for Certificate of Citizenship – as I have misplaced the one I got in 1990. Given that I am usually a systematic person and that I have kept the original document safe for over 25 years – I expected the process to be pretty smooth – easier than getting my passport renewed.  As per my recollection I did not have to sweat so much to get my citizenship and the first confirmation of it. I am therefore convinced that your government is not orderly.  A common citizen is the litmus test. ]

The Director, Immigration Performance and Resourcing Section, Immigration and Settlement Services Group, responded on 23 July in essence saying:

[The Citizenship Act 2007 does not provide for certificates to be re-issued or amended.
If a person wishes to replace a certificate that has been lost, stolen or damaged, or to
reflect a change in their legal name, the person must apply using the prescribed form,
provide the required information and pay the application fee.]

The above response confirms the attitude that there is no more to learn about improving Due Processes. To my mind, our discoveries are shared with our heirs often through Due Processes and laws. The above response confirms that Mr Coleman’s department is not committed to providing the best possible service to migrants. This was confirmed yet again through the Border Force Officers who were the medium to be rough with these law abiding migrants.

Those who include in their belief – get the early warning indicators. I shared my intuition with  Central Administrators of the University of NSW but they did not want to listen. Their parallel of the Australian Border Force – the NSW Police -  listed me as Sri Lankan and removed me from the premises – to do which they had no authority as per the law. I went through my parallel of the above version of the Nades family’s experience. That is our reality. In turn the University suffered massive loss and strong demotion through their parallels within the migrant community – of Chinese origin. They divided and they fell. I used my pain and became more global. One such confirmation of the escalation of my pain was through 9/11 when Mr Howard was present with Mr Bush and is sure to have experienced Apprehension.

But my pain helped me go global through the intellectual pathway. All those who connect to me through belief – would naturally share in the discoveries made by me – mainly about how the system of karma works. This now includes the Nades family.

The Minister’s officers have confirmed in action why the Nades family have the right to be positively considered. They did no become violent – including to themselves when handled roughly by law enforcement officers. They won the hearts of the Australian community that they became part of.  In a country where Apprehended Violence is accepted at the level of individuals, the government has the duty to put refugee applicants through its parallel, before claiming that Sri Lanka was safe.

I do go to Sri Lanka – often by overriding consciously any apprehension on the basis of what happens there – for example – the war and the Easter bombings. But the way I am read by a Sinhalese – is likely to be the parallel of the way a White Australian officer would read a white migrant.  Here in Australia, without my intellectual status – I became the Indigenous Australian – to these officers. Likewise to the Sinhalese officer who is out to eliminate the Tamil Tigers – the likes of Nades – would be their prey – especially now that they have openly accused the official forces. When we know our own Australian officers – we would identify with their parallels in the Sri Lankan armed forces. The apprehension would be much stronger if the Rajapaksa regime came back to power. When we fear – we invoke the desire in the opposition.

Every true victim of war – who is cured by Australia – becomes the true Terrorism Protection Force of Australia. If such opportunities are rejected – including through the process of law – where belief was needed – the decision makers would become limited to addressing known threats only. Belief is one’s early indicator.

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